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What are some Spanish language words?

Arab words began finding their way into the Spanish language up from the south of Spain around the 8th and 9th centuries. The region of Andalucía, once known as Al Andalus, was the center of Arab and Muslim culture in the Iberian Peninsula. When the Christian Reconquista (Reconquest) by the Kingdom of Castile occurred in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries, former Arab-speaking regions found themselves speaking Romance dialects and contributing many of their words to the various languages. Below you will find examples of this influence that are still in use today.

aceite: oil

aceituna: olive

alcohol: alcohol

alfombra: carpet; rug

álgebra: algebra

algodón: cotton

almohada: pillow

almuerzo: lunch

asesino: assassin

azar: luck; chance

azúcar: sugar

azul: blue

baño: bath

café: coffee

cero: zero

droga: drug

hasta: until

jarabe: syrup

jarra: pitcher or other pot with handle(s)

jirafa: giraffe

lima: lime

limón: lemon

loco: crazy

naranja: orange

ojalá: I hope; I wish that

rincón: corner

taza: cup

zanahoria: carrot

As you can see, the Spanish language is a diverse language that has influences from all over the world. Throughout your Spanish language-learning journey, see if you can spot other ways in which Spanish has been influenced by the world around it!