SpanishDict aims to cultivate a fun and active community where members can ask and answer questions, practice with each other, and experience the joy of using a new language. We have developed these rules for all of us to follow so that the forum can provide everyone with a great experience.

Ten Simple Guidelines

  • Be nice. Treat everyone on the forum with respect.
  • Focus on learning. Only post topics that help with language learning. No social chatting.
  • Search first. Ask second. Search the dictionary and forum for answers before posting.
  • Be detailed. Include the topic clearly in the title. Provide context for the question, including the phrase in both languages if you're looking for help with a translation.
  • Keep the language family-friendly. No profane, lewd, or obscene language or photos.
  • Stay on topic. Start a new thread to discuss a separate topic.
  • Use correct capitalization, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We are a language site.
  • No advertising or promotional activity. Our forum is for learning.
  • Do your own homework. Homework questions will only receive help if you try to answer first.
  • Help make SpanishDict great. Make sure you follow the rules and help others do the same.

Our moderators help us follow these simple rules. They will use their judgment to decide which posts should be closed or deleted for violating the rules, and which users will be banned for infractions. Please respect and work with the moderators.

If you have any feedback or questions for the SpanishDict team, please click the feedback tab on the right side of the screen. Good luck with your language learning!

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