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I am really wanting to learn Spanish. How do I say, yellow, orange, purple and pink?

  • Posted Feb 12, 2012
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  • Keep asking our excellent people, mechanical translations are done by machines, they are not good enough, thank goodness! - annierats Feb 12, 2012 flag
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I am very glad you want to learn Spanish!

You can find those translations by doing a dictionary search or in this Flashcard set.

Custom Glitter Text Graphics - http://www.glittertextgraphics.com

  • I love that flashcard set. It even goes over shades, like "light blue." - arocoun Feb 12, 2012 flag
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I agree with what the others have posted. However, I offer a word of caution about the "double-click for a quick translation" thing. In this situation, as many others, you have a word which in English means more than one thing. The quick translation here can be misleading. Reading the full translation for each word, will clear up the issue.

"orange" (the fruit) = "la naranja"

"orange" (the color) = "anaranjado-(a)"

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Oranges are not the only fruit..

The colour purple. .

As for pink it is the colour of breast cancer awareness as well as that of little girls..

I hope you're not turning yellow now?

  • oh Annie, Livvie is not yet known with your wonderful sense of humor. ;-) - 00434ec3 Feb 12, 2012 flag
  • It was just to show that people are still needed on this forum, mi6, because the simplest question sometimes means many things.. - annierats Feb 13, 2012 flag
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This is a perfect question for using the dictionary.

Just type each word into the box at the top of the page.

You can also double-click these English words to see a quick pop-up translation.

  • Yes and no, pesta. I think people have their uyses, machines can only supply words. - annierats Feb 12, 2012 flag
  • In principle, I agree. Based on the question's author being a complete beginner, word-translation is a good first step. Nuances too early are too overwhelming, no? - pesta Feb 12, 2012 flag
  • Yes, that is true as well, pesta, well put. - annierats Feb 13, 2012 flag
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Hola Livvie,

yellow = amarillo

orange = naranja

purple = morado

pink = rosa

but, Livvie, always be aware of the different rules with adjectives. I suggest you also take a look at the reference section and search for adjectives. Good luck with learning Spanish and meeting all the wonderful people at SpanishDict (SD).

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