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1) la toalla 2) el desodorante 3) el jabón 4) el cepillo de dientes


can someone help me please

  • Posted Dec 23, 2011
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  • Hello, Co-Co, welcome to the forum. What exactly do you need? - Gekkosan Dec 23, 2011 flag
  • We can help you check your answers, if that's what you are asking (this one is correct) - but please keep in mind that is forum's policy that we do not do homework for our members. Let us know exactly what you need, and someone will be happy to help. - Gekkosan Dec 23, 2011 flag
  • Co_c018, your answer is correct. Just make sure you put a space between "la" and "toalla" - Goldie_Miel Dec 23, 2011 flag

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Welcome, again. Check out my answer to your question on levantarse, only substitute secarse.

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En la noche me lavo la cara y me seco con la toalla. At night I wash my face and dry with a towel

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