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Hola todos, espero que este hilo les sirva smile Listening Lab

Hay ejercicios de los niveles fácil, medio y difícil con preguntas para verificar su comprensión. ¡Disfruten y escuchen bien!

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This is very helpful as usual Kiwi girl, gracias smile

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Thank you for thinking up these very useful posts , what a clever girl you are .

I am all ears! wink cool smile

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  • Typical Kiwi listening for the Rugby score. You lost ! - ray76 Aug 29, 2011 flag
  • hey don't rub it in!!!! Hey Ray, I thought you were pretty good with the old parlez vous ingles - perhaps you'll find my thread about Spanish listening exercises better? - Kiwi-Girl Aug 29, 2011 flag
  • - Kiwi-Girl Aug 29, 2011 flag
  • PS about the rugby - you do realize that we're saving ourselves for the world cup :) - it's all tactics my friend, tactics! :P - Kiwi-Girl Aug 29, 2011 flag
  • I have no illusions about our chances , neither do I think for one moment that the might of the "All Blacks " are to be belittled , they are a power in the world. - ray76 Aug 29, 2011 flag
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Just bumping this in case the time zone made anyone miss out smile

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Oh my god this is awesome, thank you so much Kiwi, btw, I miss Interactive Audio Threads. wink

  • Thanx Dakie, hey guess what - one coming up this week, I promise! :) - Kiwi-Girl Aug 29, 2011 flag
  • Great! I'm still working my way through the old ones, but like to know there are other challenges ahead! - territurtle Aug 30, 2011 flag
  • Great!! ;) - Dakie Aug 30, 2011 flag
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This is absolutely fantastic. I have been spending most of my time now as an intermediate trying to tune my ears to the language by listening to news clips and radio. This is really helpful, especially as it allows you to choose the everyday scenarios that one would encounter.

Thanks much Kiwi. grin

  • You're welcome Croberts, you may find this link better with the Spanish version :) - Kiwi-Girl Aug 29, 2011 flag
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Oooh I just found this too Las 10 mejores webs para aprender inglés smile

I haven't had time to check them all out so if anyone does, please let everyone know how you go!

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