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Me da cosa - It gives me the creeps.

Me dan ñañaras - it gives me the creeps.

Cual expresión usas para describir (por ejemplo) el sentido que te da una película de horror (is that the name for horror movie in Spanish?).

¿Que es la differencia entre las dos expresiones?

¿Y cual es la origen de la palabra "ñañaras"?

Esta es una expresión de México.

  • Posted Aug 21, 2011
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2 Answers

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If you do a google search you will find a more detailed and unpleasant explanation of "ñañaras" that relates to worry or fear affecting one's digestive tract from "butterflies in one's stomach" and progressing from there.

  • Thanks Joyce, now I remember better. I learned this phrase in Mexico and it was specifically that, our "butterflies in the stomach", having to do with anxiety about an approaching event. - Jeremias Aug 22, 2011 flag
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Well the way I understand it ñañaras is more of like "I want to wet my pants" (obviously there's much less nice ways of saying this). I personally haven't heard "me da cosa" but I have heard "me da sustos" and also "películas de sustos" as opposed to "películas de horror." I don't believe there's anything wrong with saying "películas de horror" and have even heard "de terror."

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