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We all know ya que means since, like "Ya que tengo hambre, voy a comer algo ahora"

But Maria says if just use "Ya que" as an interjection like "Ya que" it's like "Que va" and "Ni modo" or similar to "Que más da" ........

What can be done, what does it matter, what can be said about it, it is what it is.

I had never heard it this way.


  • Posted Aug 12, 2011
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  • Maria is right, it can be used like that. - Silvia Aug 13, 2011 flag

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We, in Chile, don't use it just like "ya que".


Ya que vale ir, si vamos a llegar atrasados.

Ya que más da, si vamos a llegar atrasados.

Ya (,) que le vamos a hacer si vamos a llegar atrasado.

And we don't use "ni modo"

  • ¿No será "Ya, ¿qué vale ir?"? - lazarus1907 Aug 13, 2011 flag
  • Estaría mal así como lo puse? - chileno Aug 13, 2011 flag
  • ahora que lo veo y leo de nuevo, quizás "ya de que vale ir..."? - chileno Aug 13, 2011 flag
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"Ya qué" (with accent) strikes me as a very Mexican expression. To me it makes more sense, and sounds more natural, if used as "ya para qué" or if you wish, "ya pa' qué": too late, doesn't make any difference now. Don't bother.

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I never have either, but that'd be good to know! "Qué más da?" doesn't mean the same thing as "que va" though does it? "Qué más da?" quiere decir que "me da igual" y "que va" significa "no." Verdad?

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Qué más da - What difference does it make

me da igual - it's all the same to me (and nevermind, and other stuff given context)

que va - Come on! same as "Venga ya" (come on!) but I am pretty sure it can also mean whatcha gonna do, what can you do (maybe a native can verify) I have never heard it mean "no"

ni modo - whatcha gonna do, what can be done

ya que - same as above apparently (although her exact words were, well what can be said about it is what ya que means as an interjection but that it was similar to ni modo)

These are all based on how I have heard them which might be slightly off but is certainly not too far out of context at the very least.

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