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Is "alumno" a college student and "estudiante" a student of any kind (secondary, junior high, high school, college, nursing, etc.)? Thanks a bunches!!

  • Posted May 10, 2011
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All alumnos are estudiantes. The inverse does not hold true. To be "alumno" you must be registered at an institution, or be someone's student. But you can be a student (estudiante) on your own, in which case you're no-one's "alumno". Eg. "Soy estudiante de las costumbres puertorriqueñas".

I'm that case you can't use "alumno"

  • Soy estudiante de la gente verde - JulianChivi May 10, 2011 flag
  • Exactly. You study truly fascinating people. Now, if you say: "soy alumno de una persona verde", them it's likely that you're one of my pupils. - Gekkosan May 10, 2011 flag
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From what I have found, they are interchangeable. Rosetta Stone teaches "alumno(a) de la universidad" as well as "alumno(a) de la escuela secundaria".

Estudiante does not have gender.

Él es un estudiante.

Ella es una estudiante.

  • Well, it does have gender, it just doesn't change depending on its gender. To say it doesn't have gender is to suggest that it is neuter, and Spanish does not have neuter nouns; but it does have a neuter form - "lo". - Azabache May 10, 2011 flag
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