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How would I order an egg "sunny side up" and "over easy" ?

  • Posted Mar 9, 2011
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I say "Huevos poco cocido."

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There doesn't seem to be set phrases for these things.

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"Huevos tiernos" for "sunny side up". my favorite.

" Huevos revueltos" for scrambled.

Y no me acuerdo por "over easy".

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Nice link, lorenzo, very funny this post:

Sunny side up: huevos fritos con la yema cruda y la clara cocida sólo por debajo

Over easy: huevos fritos con la yema cruda y la clara ligeramente cocida por arriba

Over medium: huevos fritos con la yema cruda y la clara bien cocida

Over hard: huevos fritos con la yema y la clara bien cocidas

You say this in Spain and they will look at you like a martian! lol

We just say: huevos fritos (poco hechos, muy hechos) , we do not specify...

By the way, is that only an American thing or do you also do that in England?

  • Martian, I know I've been there!! - aocroc Mar 9, 2011 flag
  • grr, martian of course, thanks aoc, jeje - 00494d19 Mar 11, 2011 flag
  • really?? jejeje, so you did it, funny, I am sure they were looking at you like...whaaaaaaaaaat??? lol - 00494d19 Mar 11, 2011 flag
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In Peru, for a fried or boiled egg which has a soft yolk we say "huevos a la inglesa" - English-style eggs.


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Desde alguna pregunto, en America, eso está "sunny side up", or "over easy", or just plain ol' "fried egg":

alt text

  • Over easy is flipped and cooked on the other side for a short time too. This is just sunny side up. - morphine Mar 9, 2011 flag
  • True, altho my family doesn't like it like that! I personally like them "revueltos". - amykay Mar 9, 2011 flag
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As Heidita pointed out, you don't. Unless the style of preparation is common in a certain country, they will have no simple word/phrase so you will have to explain the method of preparation. Unless you are in a large hotel that caters to Americans, the cook may have never encountered someone who wanted eggs "over easy".

Imagine yourself in the place of such a cook, How would you react to being asked for "poached", "coddled", "shirred" eggs. Can you distinguish among all of these preparations or would you need further explanation. "huevos revueltos" (scrambled eggs) is common in many societies. "Fried eggs" is also fairly common but the distinctions among "runny","sunny side up", over easy" and "over hard" may not be common. In such cases, your only recourse is to do as Heidita suggested, and describe the manner of preparation.

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