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HI everybody, having seen the difficulties many people encounter with this verb, same as encantarwink, I am opening this thread in order to correct the posts accordingly.

The idea is to follow the a - z system using verbs. I would like you to make O N E sentence with a verb following the correct order. .

Game rules

1) Follow in alphabetical order.

2) Write a sentence in Spanish that includes gustar/encantar. Also provide the English translation for your sentence.

3) Don't forget to click on NEWEST to see the last letter played.

4) Use different persons, like your wife, your kids, plural forms, singular...

I will start with the letter A:


A mi marido le gusta arreglar el coche.

My husband likes mending his car.

Please read the instructions to do the thread correctly, any post that is not

following the instructions will be deleted!

  • Do you want photos, Heidita? - Brynleigh Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • yes, photos are great! - 00494d19 Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • I am sorry to have to be so drastic, but the last three posts showed that the members had not read the instructions at all. - 00494d19 Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • Not that it is incorrect, but in the USA it would be more common to "fix or repair" a car than "mend" it. - Yeser007 Sep 30, 2010 flag
  • "Mending" is used only for clothing in the U.S. - JoyceM Sep 30, 2010 flag

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D: Dormir

Los fines de semanas, me gusta ir a dormir después una semana muy dura en mi universidad donde se puede ver gente de toda condición pero mi gato se gusta dormir todo el tiempo. Sin embargo, prefiero ir a dar un paseo en el parque hermoso a cerca de mi casa para relajar.

On the weekends, I like to go to sleep after a very tough week in my university where one can see people from all walks of life but my cat likes to sleep all the time. However, I prefer to go for a walk in the beautiful park close to my house in order to relax.

  • sorry......I posted this recently, but was working on it before. Mistake!!! :/ - Seb79 Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • .....it's accidentally posted after 'E'!!! :/ - Seb79 Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • después de una semana ...mi gato le gusta dormir..hermoso cerca de mi casa para relajarme. - 00494d19 Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • Your first sentence would be considered too long in English, a run-on sentence. Putting a period after "life" and starting a new sentence about your cat would help. - JoyceM Sep 30, 2010 flag
  • muchas gracias por tu ayuda!!! - Seb79 Oct 1, 2010 flag
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B - Bailar

     Brynleigh likes to dance but her foot is broken.

Broken leg Pictures, Images and Photos

   A Brynleigh le gusta bailar pero su pie está roto.
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A mi hermana le gusta cocinar, pero a mí, ¡no me gusta!

My sister likes to cook, but I don't like to!

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No me gusta gritar a mis hijos.

I do not like to scream at my children. oh oh

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A mi me gusta dibujar, pero a mi hermano no le gusta.

I like to draw, but my brother doesn't like to.

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Estudiar: A mi me gusta estudiar español. I like to study spanish.

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¡Cuando conversa con alguien por primera vez, a Marco le gusta fingir que es un actor famoso de la tele!

When he meets someone for the first time, Marco likes to pretend he's a famous actor off the telly!

  • Cuando conversa ..tele..well done - 00494d19 Sep 29, 2010 flag
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H : Hablar

"Nos encanta hablar con nuestros amigos españoles."

"We love talking with our Spanish friends."

alt text

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R Reunir

A mí me gusta reunir con mis amigos en SD

I like to meet with my friends on SD

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X xapurcaralt text

A mí no me gusta xapurcar.

I do not like to stir up dirty water.

  • xapurcar- to stir up dirty water was the only X I could find and seems to be archaic - sanlee Sep 30, 2010 flag
  • I think it's great! - Yeser007 Sep 30, 2010 flag
  • Gracias, yesero! - sanlee Sep 30, 2010 flag
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¡Me encanta ir a Florida para visitar a mi hija!

I love to go to Florida to visit my daughter!

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alt textJ - A los niños les gusta jugar en la playa.

The children like to play on the beach.

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Juntar - Join in

A mí me gustaría juntarme con la gente en el chat de Skype, pero casi nunca estoy en casa a tiempo.

I would like to join in to the Skype chat, but I'm nearly never at home at the right time.

(participar is probably better but for the sake of 'J' I've gone with juntar, hopefully it works smile )

  • hmmm, para conservar la j, juntarme con la gente en el chat...;) - 00494d19 Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • so I would have two pronouns in the same phrase? me gustaría juntarme con la gente ...? - Kiwi-Girl Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • sí, and you can use a mí me gustaría juntarme con... - 00494d19 Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • gracias por tu ayuda :) - Kiwi-Girl Sep 29, 2010 flag
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K - Kiosk, newspaper/magazine stand

Me gusta ir al kiosk para comprar revistas y periódicos porque me encanta a leer.

I like going to the kiosk to buy magazines and newspapers because I love to read.

  • kiosk o kiosco, ¿Es lo mismo en los dos idiomas? - MattM Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • hmmm, en realidad es quisco, pero lo dejamos;) , me encanta leer. bien hecho matt;) - 00494d19 Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • oh nooooooooooo, sorry, matt, the idea is to have the V E R B in order, not any word....anyway, i am leaving the post so you can see the mistake - 00494d19 Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • WOw, I take a week off and can not follow the simplest instructions :( Hmmmm, I'm really in trouble now because I can not find a single gusta +verb that starts with K. Any verb that starts with K for that matter? - MattM Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • What about kilometrar (to measure in kilometers) :) or you could take a little liberty and say hacer karate lol :) - Kiwi-Girl Oct 1, 2010 flag
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L -- limpiar ...to clean

Me gusta limpiar mi casa.

I like to clean my house.

alt text

(This is not my house!!!!) jajaja

  • jejej, but amy, who likes doing that!!!! H O R R O R! - 00494d19 Sep 29, 2010 flag
  • Well you know, if I don't do it, no one will!! ;-( - amykay Sep 29, 2010 flag
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