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A to Z El Paletero

Cardiff's question about words we have pinched from Spanish got me thinking. Where I live everbody knows El Paletero.

alt textalt text

-El Paletero pushes a small cart selling paletas. Paletas are the most delicious popsicles in the whole wide world. They come in more than a hundred flavors, even including watermelon chile.

-When the jingling of el paletero is heard coming down the street, all the children, latinos, morenos, güeros, chinos, todos, they all rush to finish their chores, beg for a dollar and run to the street before he disappears. El paletero always flirts with the ladies.

-Be sure to listen to this music video Paletero Man by Chingo Bling. You will hear lots of slang, plays on words, Spanglish and chicano humor.

So the challenge is to think of as many paleta flavors as we can, or things related to paletas, like summer, sticky, etc.

For those who've never played this game before, it's pretty straight-forward - there are just the following rules:

-Your word must follow the alphabetical order

-Always click newest before posting to see the last letter posted.

-Make sure you put the English translation of your word.

-Make your posts as colourful and interesting as you can.

The most important rule Have fun!!! :-D

Also please be sure to tell us your favorite flavor and the most exotic flavor you have ever tried. Those do not have to be in order.

I'll start with the letter A

A ~ la Avenida ~ Avenue

El Paletero empuja su carrito por la avenida, tintineando sus cascabeles y gritando "¡Paleta! ¡Paleta!"

He probado muchos sabores exóticos, entre ellos sandía con chile, pero mi paleta favorita es la de mango. ¡Tan saborosa!

¿Y cuál es tu sabor favorito? ¿Has probado una paleta rara?

alt text

*The paleta man pushes his cart down the avenue, jingling his bells and shouting "Paleta! Paleta!"

I have tried many exotic flavors, including watermelon chile, but my favorite is mango. So delicious!

What's your favorite flavor? Have you tried an unusual one?*

  • Where do you live? Where in the Spanish speaking world can paletas be found? - JoyceM Aug 13, 2010 flag
  • I live in Milwaukee. I think they can be found in most US cities where there is a significant Mexican population. - sagiia Aug 13, 2010 flag
  • I was just talking with a paletero tonight who was from Mexico and he was telling me about all the really weird flavors they have down there. Hope I can bring the game around through the alphabet again so I can shore some of the really weird ones. - sagiia Aug 13, 2010 flag
  • Besides the US and Mexico, I don't know as I have not traveled to any of those places. My Boricua friends tell me in PR they sell pilaguas instead. - sagiia Aug 13, 2010 flag
  • Nestles now make paletas that are for sale in grocery stores. They are not quite as good as the ones available in the street from the paleteros, but if you don't live where there are paleteros or if it's winter and you are craving a taste of summer...... - sagiia Aug 13, 2010 flag

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R - rastro - trace

No habia ni rastro del paletero.

No sign of the icecream man. (I will see how far I can get with the cart!) lol

my paletero man Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Cuando el frío del otoño viene, no se poderá encontrar ni rastro del paletero y el sabor de la paleta será un rastro de una memoría en nuestras lenguas. - sagiia Aug 9, 2010 flag
  • It is sad when Autumn comes and the Paletero puts his cart away! - Brynleigh Aug 9, 2010 flag
  • ¡Que precioso! - sagiia Aug 9, 2010 flag
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V ~el Verano ~ Summer

Disfrutar de paletas en un día caluroso son algunos de los mejores recuerdos del verano.

alt text

Enjoying paletas on a hot day are some of the best memories of summer.

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W - Windsurfista - Windsurfer

On a hot day, the windsurfer enjoys a paleta at the beach.paletas!!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

.wind surfer Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Wow! I always admire when someone works hard enough to find a W word. - sagiia Aug 13, 2010 flag
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Nos saltamos Y. We skipped Y.

Y ~ Y ~ And

Compra una para mí, y una para tí, una para tu hermano y una para tu amigo, una para tu hermanita y una para el bebe, y no te olvides tu abuelita. Aquí, son siete dolares. ¡Apurrete! Antes de que se vaya.

alt textalt text

Buy one for me and one for you, one for your brother and one for your friend, one for your little sister and one for the baby, and don't forget your granny. Here, that's seven dollars. Hurry up! Before he leaves.

So, we have done w, y and z. A is next, unless someone can think of one for X.

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A - Azufaifa - jujube or the fruit of the Jujube treepaletas Pictures, Images and Photos

Jujube Pictures, Images and Photos

This would be a good flavour for a paleta. Has anyone had a jujube flavoured paleta?

  • Not me. I will ask about them next time I see a paletero. You will not believe some of wild flavors they told me about last night. - sagiia Aug 13, 2010 flag
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paleta de gamba - esto no existe, verdad? wink

shrimp-flavoured paleta - non-existent, right? wink

alt text

photo credit

  • No estoy segura. Tendré preguntar un paletero la proxima vez que compro una. - sagiia Aug 25, 2010 flag
  • Oops! Tendré que preguntarle a un paletero la proxima vez. - sagiia Aug 27, 2010 flag
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H ~ Horchata ~ Mexican Rice Milk

Horchata es una bebida, o agua fresca, y también un sabor de paleta.

Horchata is a beverage and also a flavor of paletas.

alt textDos grandes jarras de aguas frescas en una taquería. A la izquierda hay una jarra de jamaica y de la derecha es una jarra de horchata. Two large jars of aguas frescas in a taquería. On the left is a jar of jamaica and on the right is a jar of horchata.

Horchata o orxata es el nombre de varios tipos de bebida tradicional hecha de almendras molidas, semillas de sésamo, arroz, cebada o chufas (chufas). Horchata tiene sus orígenes en más de un país europeo y se hizo por primera vez a partir de cebada. En España ha evolucionado hasta convertirse en orxata de xufa (horchata de chufa), elaborada con chufas.

Horchata varía en el gusto de toda América Latina. Aunque las bebidas pueden compartir el mismo nombre, el sabor de cada una es única a su país de origen. En México y EE.UU., por lo general es a base de arroz, agua, azúcar, vainilla y canela, y servido muy frío con hielo. La horchata se encuentra en El Salvador es principalmente hecho de semillas de morro. En Nicaragua y Honduras, la horchata se hace de las semillas de jícaro molido con arroz y especias. En PuertoRico, horchata se elabora con semillas de sésamo ya sea con leche o agua. En Venezuela, la horchata es generalmente llamada Chicha, y la variante con alcohol se llama Chicha andina. Otros ingredientes comunes incluyen: cacao molido, canela, nuez moscada y vainilla. Los demás nueces de que también se pueden utilizar son semillas de calabaza, cacahuetes, almendras y castañas de cajú. También he tenido la horchata de avena, hecho en casa desde la avena, en la cocina de mi vecino mexicano. Muy deliciosa!

Las paletas de horchata son de la horchata al estilo mexicano.

Horchata or orxata is the name of several kinds of traditional beverage made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley or tigernuts (chufas). Horchata has its origins in more than one European country and was first made from barley. In Spain it has evolved to become orxata de xufa (horchata de chufa), made from tigernuts.

Horchata varies in taste across Latin America. Although the drinks may share the same name, the flavor of each is unique to its country of origin. In Mexico and the US, it is usually made with rice, water, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon, served ice cold. The horchata found in El Salvador is primarily made from morro seeds. In Nicaragua and Honduras, horchata, or semilla de jícaro, is made from calabash seeds ground up with rice and spices. In PuertoRico, horchata, is made with sesame seeds with either milk or water. In Venezuela, horchata is generally called Chicha, and the alcohol variant is called Chicha andina. Other common ingredients include; ground cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. Other nuts that may also be used include squash seeds, peanuts, almonds and cashews. I have also had horchata de avena, homemade from oats,in my Mexican neighbor's kitchen. Very delicious!

The horchata paletas are of the Mexican style horchata.

Receta de Horchata Mexicano~ Recipe for Mexican Style Horchata

If you would like to try making your own horchata, here is a link for a recipe: Mexican Horchata

alt text

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I ~ Isla Tropical ~ Tropical Island

La Isla Tropical es el nombre de una paletería en mi vecindario. Una paletería puede ser una fábrica donde se hacen las paletas, o puede ser una tienda que vende paletas. La Isla Tropical fabrica sus paletas en una paletería en Chicago, pero tiene una tienda que vende paletas en mi barrio, en Milwaukee. Todos los días hasta que el clima se vuelve frío, La Isla Tropical también envía muchos paleteros a vender en las calles. Los paleteros llegan muy temprano por la mañana y esperan en una fila para recibir sus carritos llenos de postres congelados. Ellos empujan sus carritos por las calles todo el día y no vuelven hasta el atardecer.

alt text

La Isla Tropical is the name of a paleteria in my neighborhood. A paleteria can be a factory where the paletas are made, or it can be a store that sells paletas. La Isla Tropical manufactures their paletas at a paleteria in Chicago, but it has a store that sells paletas in my neighborhood, in Milwaukee. Everyday until the weather turns cold, La Isla Tropical also sends out many paleteros to sell in the streets. The paleteros arrive early in the morning and wait in line to receive their carts full of frozen treats. They push their carts through the streets all day long and do not return until dusk.

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J ~ Jamaica ~ Hibiscus Flower

Jamaica es un sabor de la paleta y también una agua fresca hecha de flores de hibisco. alt textalt textalt text

Jamaica is a flavor of paleta and also a refreshing drink made from hibiscus flowers.

"Agua de Flor de Jamaica", también llamada agua de Jamaica y rosa de Jamaica, es muy popular en Jamaica, México, América Central y partes de Sudamérica, África, Asia y el Caribe. Es una de varias aguas frescas comunes, que son baratas bebidas típicamente hecho de zumos naturales o extractos. Jamaica ha sido demostrado médicamente ser excelente para reducir el colesterol y hipertensión.

"Agua de Flor de Jamaica" (Anglicized as /həˈmaɪkə/), also called agua de Jamaica and rosa de Jamaica, is popular in Jamaica, Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. It is one of several common aguas frescas, which are inexpensive beverages typically made from fresh juices or extracts. Jamaica has been medically proven to be excellent for reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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