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"Es bueno ayudar a alguien a ganarse sus chelitos" This is a sentence from a book I finished reading about a family that lived in the Dominican Republic. There have been a number of words that were hard for me to find anywhere. The sentence above suggests that he is earning his money, his keep, something like that, but I'm not sure. I appreciate your help with this word. Thank you in advance.

  • Posted Jun 22, 2010
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4 Answers

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Hi Nildda, look

3.Chele Moneda equivalente a un centavo. En República Dominicana se usa en sentido figurativo porque no tieme valor.

  • Thank you Heidita, but how would I translate the sentence? - Nilda-Ballar Jun 23, 2010 flag
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Es una cantidad de dinero determinada, generalmente no tan alta pero no necesariamente significa una cantidad pequena, a veces uno dice chelitos refiriendose a los ahorros o a lo que uno esta a costumbrado a producir. Eso fue que encontre en el internet.

Yo normalmente lo uso siempre en una manera despectiva cuando hablo de chelitos, por ejemplo: Y que crees que te puedes comprar con esos chelitos? O sea, es tan poco lo que uno tiene en la mano que ni da para un helado o chicles.. y cuando yo lo uso, solo hablo de monedas, nunca de billetes.. espero que te pude ayudar un poco aunque muy tardesmile

  • ah y para la traduccion: It's good to help somebody in doing some extra money? in doing a low additional income? in doing a small amount of pocket money? I'm not a native speaker, so I'm not really sure though - LaRubiaSPM Mar 24, 2014 flag
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It is just slang for money! I think that it is from the east side of the island. You could also say "cuartos" en lugar de "chelitos". If you were to pronounce both of these words in DonRep you would cut off the "s" at the end of the word.

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its talking about money

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