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I see 'ya' a lot latetly and I wonder what it means. Most of the times it's in the beginning of a sentence and I've seen it being translated as 'I', so it should be the same as 'yo'. Is this right?

  • Posted Apr 7, 2010
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7 Answers

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Ya no fumo. I dont smoke anymore.

Ya me voy. I am leaving now.

¿Ya comiste? Did you eat already?

Also just using the would by itself can be done. For example, if someone is bothering you just saying ¡Ya! can mean along the lines of Enough!, Stop!, or Quit it!

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"Already." ¿Ya comiste? Have you already eaten?

or "Right now." Ya voy. I'm coming [now].

  • and it's used too , for answer a person with some sarcasm . For example , one person says you " The elephants can fly" , and you answer "ya" , it's a way to show him that you¡re not believing that he's saying - Bunbury Apr 7, 2010 flag
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It's used in many ways, but for the most part, it means "Already" in a positive sentence and "Anymore" in a negative sentence. It has nothing to do with "Yo."

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Hi Hanne

Good question. Ya is a very interesting word.

Try putting "ya" in the dictionary above and see what you get.

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Ya sometimes is used to give added emphasis to something, which doesn't always translate at least not directly.

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Ya means already. cheese raspberry

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"Ya" means in almost all the cases = ahora mismo = already, right now "Ya" could mean = alto, pare de hacer algo = stop "ya" could mean= al fin = finally "ya" has many meanings , but you just have to understand in the context you are reading, it depends. If you could give me an example , perfect!

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