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what is a 15th birthday celebration called

  • Posted Apr 5, 2010
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

This is called a "Quinceañera."

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You asked about the celebration. I am used to the celebration being called "fiesta de quince años" or "fiesta de quinceañera". The birthday girl is "la quinceañera".

  • In Mexico the celebration itself is called "la quinceañera." Also, I hear that it's not such a popular thing in Spain. - --Mariana-- Apr 5, 2010 flag
  • So in Mexico you receive an invitation to "una quinceañera"? Interesting. - Gekkosan Apr 5, 2010 flag
  • Yes, that's the name of the party. - --Mariana-- Apr 5, 2010 flag
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Its only celebrated for girls at their "quinceanera." This is when the girl turns into a woman. I've been to many quinces. I'm mexican so thats why i know so much.

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Thank you. I appreciate your help. grin

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