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Here we go again....today's is a little different!

Category: Something in the room

So, for this one, you have to put something that is in the room that you are currently in. smile Which will make it very interesting. If you become desperate because you can't find anything in the room, then I suppose you can just put something that could be in a room, but only if your desperate tongue wink

I will say the first word that begins with "A", the next person will post a word that starts with "B", then "C" and so on. Please put your answer in Spanish, and provide an English translation.

My Word:

Alfombra - carpet

Have fun!

Note: Please click the "Newest" tab to see the last entry so that we do not repeat or confuse the order of letters. Thanks!

  • Posted Jan 27, 2010
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  • great threads, bookworm, good job:-) - 00494d19 Jan 27, 2010 flag

27 Answers

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mi nariz - my nose smile

  • jeje, I would hope that would be in the same room as you!! ;-) - hlsbookworm Jan 27, 2010 flag
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diván (= asiento) divan,

También (=de psiquiatra) couch

Pero el diván en mi estancia es un asientosmile

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bolígrafo - pen

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cocina(la) =stove

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el espejo - mirror

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el faldón = dust ruffle

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el gatogrin

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El ropero

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el horno - oven

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el impermeable - raincoat

La verdad, no hay un impermeable aquí, solamente un paraguas y está en el cuarto próximo. ¡Pero estaba desesperada!

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el jarrón

  • For those who, like me, don't know what el jarrón is, it is a vase. - Lrtward Jan 27, 2010 flag
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la lámpara -lamp

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mecedora - rocking chair

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negligé - negligee

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oso de peluche - teddy bear

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