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  • Posted Dec 5, 2009
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Give me it. (or give it to me).

It is the familiar, singular command of dar with the object pronouns me and lo attached to it.

It is spelled dámelo.

Whether this is considered a Spanish sentence or a word is an interesting question.

  • It's an imperative sentence, and also a compound word, I believe. - mikeburnfire Jun 10, 2010 flag
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it means give it to me. it's a command

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My Spanish teacher told it was a command phrase, da (some form of dar, can't remember the name)-me (me)- lo (it)

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Hehe Reminds me of this song .


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It's also the name of a Juanes song.

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it means "give it to me"

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It certainly is a word!

Damelo is kind of like 3 words made into 1. Da means "give" in a commanding tone. me is an indirect object pronoun and means "me" Lo is a direct object pronoun and means "it"

Altogether it says: Give it to me.

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It can be used when ordering: Damelo un helado de fresa. Or Quiero un helado de fresa.

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It can be used when ordering: Dámelo un helado de fresa, por favor, or Quiero un helado de fresa.

  • I don't think one would say 'Dámelo un helado de fresa' but rather 'Dame un helado de fresa' since the pronoun 'lo' would take the place of 'un helado' - sinsonte Jun 2, 2012 flag
  • Thanks for correcting me. Your right! - Em Jun 6, 2012 flag
  • *You're right - lizarey Feb 21, 2013 flag
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