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How do you say "cool" in Spanish? I'm mostly interested in Spain, Mexico and Columbia, so I would like to know how it is said in those countries.

How exactly are these words used? In English, we cool to describe a lot of things. "He's a cool guy" "Those are cool shoes."

Sometimes we use it as a generic phrase meaning "that's good." For example: "I don't have any homework today." "Oh, cool."

Gracias para la ayuda

  • Posted Oct 29, 2009
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You could also use "padre" = "cool" for all these;

  • "Es un padre tipo. (He's a cool guy)
  • "Esos son los zapatos padre." (Those are cool shoes.)
  • "Hoy no tengo ninguna tarea. Que padre." (I don't have any homework today. Oh, cool.)

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In Spain

That's really cool - Qué guay o qué mola

  • Thanks, but do they use it in the very broad way that Americans do? - greenpeppers Oct 29, 2009 flag
  • You may have to ask Heidi. - Eddy Oct 29, 2009 flag
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He oido decir, "nitido," usado en este contexto.

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en el norte de México nosotros usamos ''Que Padre"'

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In Mexico I hear:

Que Padre

Que Chido



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Chévere here in Venezuela.

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En España, guay, mola o alucinante.

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In Colombia, they say chévere. Mexico, they say orale.

  • Does chévere also mean "great" - ian-hill Oct 29, 2009 flag
  • 'orale is more like the English expression "right on" and is not an adjetive... - AngelinaG Dec 27, 2010 flag
  • And 'orale' is written with tilde = órale :) - cristalino Apr 7, 2011 flag
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I think one that is pretty common is:

alt text

In Chile, according to this thread they sometimes use:

alt text

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As well as chévere, in Colombia they also say vacano (sometimes written bacano).

You can also describe something as 'una chimba'.

I say chévere a lot, I'm told that it's not much used now by the younger generation, vacano is more used.

Interestingly, the supermarket chain Carrefour has as a slogan on the sides of its shops: alt text

I can't imagine Walmart - cool appearing anywhere any time soon...

Other expressions that need to be used with caution are del putas and la verga. Some may take offence to these expressions, verga being vulgar slang for penis and puta being a derisive term for prostitute. That aside, amongst young(ish) lads, including my 30 yr old Colombian business partners, you'd hear:

Ese man es la verga, o, ese man es del putas.

I'm told that although buena onda is Mexican slang, it is used here as well...

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In Spain, we would say: guay.

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Chido is used frequently in Mexico; watch out for 'guay' because in Mexico it is VERY different from the use in Spain...in Mexico it is a term that is slightly vulgar used in a similar fashion as 'dude' and specifically is calling someone an ox

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