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  • Posted Oct 22, 2009
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que pregunta es esta??

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Veo Law and Order (regular + criminal intent, mi favorito), Dexter, LOST, y muchas más... Olvido, también el maravilloso Dr Who, las series nuevos y las series de 1960s-80s.... smile

Tipo favorito es misterio y de suspense. ¡Son apasionante!

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Southpark, That 70's Show, Malcom in the Middle, and pretty much everything on Disney Channel, which is why I was wondering whether or not this is Selena Gomez.

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Despierta America, Iron Chef, Anthony Bourdain's show, Andrew Zimmern's show, Gilmore Girls re-runs, West-wing re-runs. Ace of Cakes, VMe television, MTV tres, I-carly, Go Diego Go (Span/Eng both versions), Dora The Explorer(Span/Eng both versions), and sadly "Say yes to the dress." smile

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