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Just wondering about the word tiempo- is there a logical reason for it meaning both Time and Weather? It can be pretty confusing sometimes (see, there it is again! The word Pretty with two meanings!) question

  • Posted Oct 6, 2009
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8 Answers

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The same in English - bear (n) and bear (v), close (adj) and close (v).

  • Issabela - you are certainly right about that - it is a bigger problem in English - have a vot - ian-hill Oct 6, 2009 flag
  • Good one. For every complaint I've seen lodged about Spanish, the same can be said about English. So far there are no exceptions to that. - Goyo Oct 6, 2009 flag
  • I suppose I'll just have to bear it! - EJClaire Oct 6, 2009 flag
  • Hi Issabela, I'm trying to learn Spanish, I love your answer here. Thank you!! - Billmar May 10, 2012 flag
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theres many words in spanish thats have several meanings to them. and yes tiempo is weather and time

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How did you know to use the word pretty in that context? Wasn't even confusing at all was it?

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I don´t know why you´re saying this is confusing, because you understand the meaning from the content used, so we have: 1.El tiempo probable y 2. Es tiempo de irme.

Good luck!

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This is rather confusing for Spanish students of English:

Tomorrow we are going to have good time.

this is what I often getwink One should think, ok, the "a" (good time) is missing, well no, they mean weatherwink

  • That sounds like a statemnet someone from Belarus might say, but I have never heard anyone say it like that. - Seitheach Oct 6, 2009 flag
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Getting used to the context is certainly hard. It just takes practice. At first I was extremely confused when I heard the word se, because sometimes it is part of reflexive verbs and sometimes it is a conjugation of the verb saber.

The funny thing is, I can't even tell you when that stopped being a problem. The meaning just gradually became more obvious as I listened to more and more Spanish.

The word that really drives me nuts is mañana. It has two meanings, both time related. I often have to think about that one for a moment before I understand when they mean. However, that's still just a matter of context, so I'm sure that will become clearer too.

  • Si, manana manana como el desayuno - EJClaire Oct 6, 2009 flag
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Both. Use this word in the context of the conversation/sentence. Context shouldn't be a major difficulty in this situation. I have to be careful when speaking/writing more than understanding (with this word) (vis: 'hora' versus 'tiempo').

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