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i just want to know what this word means mija and what is it in english

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mija is short for mi hija which means my daughter....but it can be used with any young girl...even if she is not actually your daughter. Its just a sweet word to call someone.

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We've had previous threads on this topic and I believe that it has other meanings besides being an abbreviated form of "mi hija." You might wish to search for previous discussions.

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clipped from previous discussion:

'Mija is a term of endearment. People call their children that too. Mijo for boys, mija for girls.

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[1]: I'm trying to find out what this means?

darn. one of my links wrote over the other one. Just Search previous topics for mija.

  • It seems to me that "mija" is just the product of the i's of "mi" y "hija" sliding together when said quickly. - Nick-Cortina Aug 29, 2009 flag
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Rachel, please do not repost the same question, you must be patient to get an answer.

Please read your PM.

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