reflexive verb
1. (to be concerned) 
Calm down! You worry too much.¡Cálmate! Te preocupas demasiado.
transitive verb
2. (to cause distress) 
a. preocupar 
The little things in life don't worry me.Las cosas pequeñas de la vida no me preocupan.
3. (to bother) 
a. molestar 
He didn't want to worry anyone with his problems, so he decided to see a therapist.No quiso molestar a nadie con sus problemas, así que decidió ver a un terapeuta.
4. (concern) 
I prefer to live the easy life, without any worries.Prefiero vivir la vida fácil, sin preocupaciones.
5. (anxiety) 
She is consumed with worry over the impending decision.Está consumida por la inquietud de la decisión inminente.
1. (general) 
a. la preocupación (F) 
it's causing me a lot of worryme tiene muy preocupado
that's the least of my worrieseso es lo que menos me preocupa
transitive verb
2. (cause anxiety to) 
a. preocupar 
it doesn't worry meno me preocupa
to worry oneself sick (about something)angustiarse (por algo)
intransitive verb
3. (general) 
a. preocuparse 
not to worry!¡no pasa nada!
don't (you) worry about meno te preocupes por mí
there's or it's nothing to worry aboutno hay de qué preocuparse
worry [ˈwʌrɪ]
1 (thing to worry about) preocupación (f)
he hasn't any worries no tiene ninguna preocupación; his worries were completely unfounded estaba preocupado sin razón
at the back of my mind there was a nagging worry the worry of having to find the money my biggest worry was that she would still be there
he may have damaged his spine, which is a worry puede que se haya dañado la columna, lo que es causa or motivo de preocupación; my son has always been a worry to me mi hijo siempre me ha causado preocupaciones; it's a great worry to us all es una gran preocupación para todos nosotros; nos preocupa mucho a todos
financial worries problemas (m) económicos; problemas (m) de dinero
he came from a family with few financial worries parents burdened by financial worries this would solve his financial worries
that's the least of my worries eso es lo que menos me preocupa; eso es lo de menos
cause of concern causa $ motivo $ de preocupación heating bills are often a worry for pensioners on low incomes he is a constant worry to his parents
2 (anxiety) preocupación (f); inquietud (f)
she has caused me a great deal or a lot of worry me ha tenido muy preocupado or inquieto; me ha dado muchas preocupaciones; to make o.s. sick with worry preocuparse muchísimo
to be frantic or out of one's mind or sick with worry estar preocupadísimo
I've been out of my mind with worry he'd knew he'd be sick with worry till he got it over with where have you been? - I've been sick with worry she became literally sick with worry
source of worry motivo (m) de preocupación
Pete's difficulties at school have been a constant source of worry to his parents to [cause] sb a lot of worry his disappearance is causing his wife a lot of worry her life had been blighted by constant worry this episode caused untold worry to my family
transitive verb
1 (cause concern to) preocupar
what's worrying you? ¿qué es lo que te preocupa?; that phone call has been worrying me all day esa llamada de teléfono me ha tenido preocupado todo el día; that doesn't worry me in the least eso no me preocupa en absoluto
to worry o.s. about sth preocuparse por algo
don't worry yourself about it to be worried [by] sth they were worried by the adverse publicity surrounding the case They said they were not worried by the recent drop in viewing figures
don't worry your head! ¡no le des muchas vueltas!; ¡no te calientes la cabeza! (informal)
to worry o.s. over sth preocuparse por algo
to worry o.s. sick about sth preocuparse muchísimo por algo
she worries herself sick about him the Duchess worried herself sick about making an important public speech Poor Donald's been worrying himself sick it worries me [that] he should believe I did it
2 (bother) molestar
the cold doesn't worry me el frío no me molesta
is this man worrying you, madam?
that doesn't worry me in the least eso me trae absolutamente sin cuidado
to worry sb with sth
I don't want to worry you with my problems but ... no te quiero cargar or molestar con mis problemas pero ...
don't worry yourself with the details no te preocupes por los detalles
3 (fear)
they worry that extremists might gain control temen que los extremistas se hagan con el control; los preocupa que los extremistas se hagan con el control
4 (play with, harry) [+dog] [+bone] mordisquear; juguetear con; [+sheep] acosar
the dog had to be put down because it kept worrying sheep the dog was in the garden worrying a bone
5 (fiddle with) [+object] juguetear con; [+problem] dar vueltas a
he kept worrying the loose tooth with his tongue no dejaba de toquetearse con la lengua el diente que tenía flojo
he sat silently, his teeth worrying his lower lip, his mind worrying the problem
intransitive verb
1 (be anxious) preocuparse
he worries a lot se preocupa mucho; don't worry! ¡no te preocupes!; I'll punish him if I catch him, don't you worry! ¡si lo pillo lo castigaré, que no te quepa duda!
to worry about sth/sb preocuparse por algo/algn
there's nothing to worry about no hay por qué preocuparse; that's nothing to worry about no hay que preocuparse por eso; don't worry about me no te preocupes por mí; I've got quite enough to worry about without that tengo ya bastantes problemas para preocuparme por eso; she worries about her health le preocupa su salud
not to worry! ¡no pasa nada!; ¡no te preocupes!
to worry over sth/sb preocuparse por algo/algn
2 (bother) molestarse
don't worry, I'll do it no te molestes, yo lo haré
to worry at sth [+dog] mordisquear algo; juguetear con algo
a pack of dogs was worrying at him from all sides I get crazy, like a dog worrying at a flea it can't scratch
[+person] (fiddle with) juguetear con algo
to worry at a problem dar vueltas a un problema
he worries at the problem until he has found a solution her fingers wouldn't let go of the ring, worrying at it they've got a problem to worry at there
worry beads (n) sarta de cuentas con la que se juguetea para calmar los nervios
he looked down at the worry beads twined around his fingers a string of Greek worry beads he sat there fingering/playing with his worry beads
worry lines (n) arrugas en la frente debidas a la preocupación
she had permanent worry lines between her eyebrows Karp's tight face, where the worry lines now seemed indelibly engraved Britt Ekland has developed a few worry lines
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