Past progressiveconjugation oflose. There are other translations for this conjugation.


A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to not find)
a. perder
I lost my cellphone at work.Perdí mi celular en el trabajo.
2. (to not win)
a. perder
She lost the race despite all the training she'd done.Perdió la carrera, a pesar de haber entrenado tanto.
3. (to be deprived of)
a. perder (rights, sight, a loved one)
She lost her parents when she was 12.Perdió a sus padres cuando tenía 12.
4. (to get rid of)
a. perder
He has already lost three pounds!¡Ya perdió tres libras!
b. bajar
You lost ten pounds in a week? That seems dangerous to me.¿Bajaste diez libras en una semana? Eso me parece peligroso.
c. deshacerse de (a pursuer)
I managed to lose him by dodging down a side alley.Conseguí deshacerme de él entrando en un callejón lateral.
5. (to waste)
a. perder (time or an opportunity)
I've lost a lot of sleep thinking about this.He perdido muchas horas de sueño pensando en esto.
6. (to cause the loss of)
a. costar
Arguing with him lost me my job.Discutir con él me costó mi trabajo.
7. (to confuse)
a. confundir
She lost me when she started explaining fractions.Me confundió cuando empezó a explicar fracciones.
8. (to become slower)
a. atrasarse
The kitchen clock loses two minutes every day.El reloj de la cocina se atrasa dos minutos cada día.
9. (to miss)
a. perder
We lost our connection in Madrid.Perdimos nuestra conexión en Madrid.
10. (to fail to keep)
a. perder
She lost some clients over the past weeks.Ha perdido algunos clientes durante las últimas semanas.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
11. (to fail to win)
a. perder
We lost by two goals.Perdimos por dos goles.
12. (to have a loss)
a. salir perdiendo
I’m losing on the rental of my house.Salgo perdiendo en el alquiler de la casa.
13. (to be absorbed)
a. perderse
I lost myself reading such a good book.Me perdí en la lectura de tan buen libro.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (accidentally)
a. perder
you have nothing to loseno tienes nada que perder
to lose one's voicequedarse afónico(a)
he had lost interest in his workhabía perdido el interés por su trabajo
it loses something in translational traducirlo, pierde algo
to be lost at seadesaparecer or morir en el mar
the joke/the irony was lost on himno entendió el chiste/la ironía
my watch loses five minutes a daymi reloj se atrasa cinco minutos al día
that mistake lost him the matchese error hizo que perdiera el partido
to lose one's way, to get lostperderse
2. (colloquial)
get lost!¡lárgate!, ¡piérdete!
to lose one's balanceperder el equilibrio
to lose sight of something/somebodyperder algo/a alguien de vista
3. (fam fig)
you've lost me!no te sigo
4. (deliberately)
to lose weightadelgazar, perder peso
we lost him in the crowdle dimos esquinazo entre la multitud
she had lost herself in a book/in her workse quedó absorta en la lectura de un libro/en su trabajo
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
5. (in contest)
a. perder
to lose in valueperder valor
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lose [luːz] lost (past)
transitive verb
1 (mislay, fail to find) perder
he's always losing things siempre está perdiendo las cosas; I've lost my pen he perdido el bolígrafo; I lost him in the crowd lo perdí entre la muchedumbre
2 (be deprived of) perder
you've got nothing to lose no tienes nada que perder; you've nothing to lose by helping him no vas a perder nada ayudándole; what have you got to lose? ¿qué tienes tú que perder?; ¿qué vas a perder?; he lost £1,000 on that deal perdió 1.000 libras en ese trato; I lost my father when I was ten perdí a mi padre cuando tenía diez años; I don't want to lose you no quiero perderte
he's lost his licence le han retirado el carnet
to lose one's life perder la vida
to lose a patient no lograr salvar a un paciente
to lose the use of an arm perder el uso de un brazo
to lose one's [voice] I can't sing - I've lost my voice because of this sore throat
3 (fail to keep) perder
the poem lost a lot in the translation el poema perdió mucho en la traducción
she's lost her figure/her looks ha perdido la línea/su belleza
to lose it perder los papeles; perder el control
In a recent interview he talked about life in the spotlight of celebrity, complaining: `I've lost it, really. I throw things round the room. I might get to the stage where I actually smash up hotel rooms." For the moment the protesters seem to have lost it. They no longer have a direct line to a nation whose short-term attention has flitted off elsewhere French chic? Has Dior completely lost it? Lyle's game slumped like a pricked balloon. 'The bubble burst," he said yesterday. `I just lost it. I don't know whether it was the strain of playing high-level golf for long periods but I just couldn't play any more." to lose one's [temper]
4 (fail to win) [+game, war, election] perder
they lost the match
5 (miss)
to lose one's way perderse; perder el rumbo
English cricket has lost its way Why has the White House lost its way on tax and budget policy? the management appears to have lost its way and profit expectations have plunged SIMON FREEMAN draws an alarming picture of a Royal Family that has lost its way a little boy who lost his way in the forest I finally reached it (having lost my way three times)
6 (waste) perder
there was not a moment to lose no había ni un momento que perder
he didn't lose any [sleep] over it
I wouldn't lose any sleep over it! ¡no pierdas el sueño por ello!; ¡no te preocupes por ello!
to lose no [time]
to lose no time in doing sth
she lost no time in making up her mind se decidió enseguida; no le costó nada decidirse; I lost no time in telling him exactly what I thought of him no vacilé en decirle exactamente lo que pensaba de él
the Governor lost no time in coming to the point Byelorussians didn't exactly love Poles and lost no time in turning them over to the police
7 (get rid of) [+unwanted companion] deshacerse de; [+pursuers] zafarse de
try to lose him before you come to see us he managed to lose the detective who was following him
to lose weight perder peso; adelgazar
I lost two kilos perdí or adelgacé dos kilos
8 (fall behind) [+watch, clock] atrasarse
this watch loses five minutes every day este reloj se atrasa cinco minutos cada día
9 (cause loss of)
it lost him the job/the match le costó el puesto/el partido; le hizo perder el puesto/el partido; that deal lost me £5,000 ese negocio me costó or me hizo perder 5.000 libras
that lost us the war that mistake lost us the game his `drinking and bad ways" lost him his marriage and his job as a mechanic in Tampa
10 (confuse) confundir
you've lost me there ahora sí que me has confundido; ahora sí que no te entiendo
proceeded to blind Jim with complex formulae which lost him completely "the 'bailes' are totally different to the 'Passarela do Samba'" - "You've lost me already," he interrupted I think we lost him somewhere along the way
to lose o.s. in sth (a book, music, memories) ensimismarse en algo
to lose o.s. in thought she would lose herself in the music I lost myself in a book they lose themselves in drink and drugs she just loses herself in the past/in her memories For almost a quarter of a minute /Clayton lost himself in reverie, then blinked and said ... He fished the snapshot out between thumb and forefinger and then lost himself in contemplation of those faded features of a man and a boy
intransitive verb
1 [+player, team] perder
he's losing (by) two sets to one va perdiendo (por) dos sets a uno; they lost (by) three goals to two perdieron (por) tres goles a dos; to lose to sb perder contra algn
they lost to the new team Chuck mckinley lost to Rod Laver of Australia in the men's singles finals the U.S. team lost to Australia 4-3 "how did you get on?" - "we lost"
you can't lose no tienes pérdida; tienes que forzosamente salir ganando
he lost on the deal salió perdiendo en el negocio
the story did not lose in the telling el cuento no perdió en la narración
it loses in translation pierde en la traducción
2 [+watch, clock] atrasarse
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