intransitive verb
1. (to hold on) 
a. esperar 
I'm waiting for him to get out of his meeting so we can eat.Estoy esperando que salga de su reunión para que podamos comer.
2. (to postpone) 
a. esperar 
That can wait. This is more important.Eso puede esperar. Esto es más importante.
3. (delay) 
a. la espera (F) 
Bowling is fun but the wait to get a lane is unbearable.Los bolos son divertidos, pero la espera para conseguir una pista es insoportable.
1. (general) 
a. la espera (F) 
we had a long waitesperamos mucho
it was worth the waitmereció la pena esperar
to lie in wait for somebodyacechar a alguien
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
you must wait your turndebes esperar tu turno
intransitive verb
3. (in general) 
a. esperar 
to wait for something/somebodyesperar algo/a alguien
to wait for something to happenesperar a que ocurra algo
to keep somebody waitingtener a alguien esperando
I can't wait to see herestoy impaciente por verla
repairs while you waitarreglos en el acto
we must wait and seetendremos que esperar a ver (qué pasa)
4. (serve) 
a. no direct translation 
to wait at tableservir mesas
wait [weɪt]
intransitive verb
1 (hold on) [+person] esperar
I don't mind waiting crowds of fans were waiting outside I had to wait another thirty years before I met her again I waited a moment before I replied
just wait a moment while I fetch you a chair espere un momento que voy a traerle una silla
repairs while you wait reparaciones en el acto
reporters were waiting to interview her los reporteros estaban esperando para entrevistarla
huge crowds were waiting to welcome him as his plane touched down everyone was waiting to hear what the President would say a number of Europeans are still waiting to be evacuated
I can't wait to see his face estoy deseando ver su cara
I can't wait to read what he has to say I can't wait to see her in that dress Shaun couldn't wait to be a father they couldn't wait to get the children out of the house
they can't wait for us to go están deseando que nos vayamos
to wait for sth/sb esperar algo/a algn
I'll wait for you outside te espero fuera; what are you waiting for? (hurry up) ¡a qué esperas!; ¡venga ya!
the result was well [worth] waiting for
the best things in life are worth waiting for en esta vida las cosas buenas merecen la espera; to wait for sb to do sth esperar (a) que algn haga algo; they waited for him to finish esperaron (a) que terminara; I'm waiting for them to make a decision estoy esperando (a) que tomen una decisión; estoy pendiente de que tomen una decisión
the President is not prepared to wait indefinitely for sanctions to work wait for it!
I can hardly wait! ¡me muero de impaciencia!
to keep sb waiting hacer esperar a algn
sorry to keep you waiting sorry to have kept you waiting siento haberle hecho esperar
the organisers kept him waiting outside I didn't want to keep anybody waiting I'm sorry to have kept you waiting
wait a minute! ¡un momento!; ¡momentito!; especially (LAm) ¡aguarde!; (LAm)
now wait a minute, Dave, you never told me that eh, un momento, Dave, tú nunca me dijiste eso
"wait a minute," he countered "if you're so good, why haven't you got a job? some people say well, wait a minute: it wasn't just young people who voted for him
wait and see! ¡espera, ya verás!
I waited till two o'clock esperé hasta las dos
wait till you're asked espera a que te inviten
let's wait till until we've talked to Miles, then decide he waited till until Mary had gone out before opening the letter I've waited till until now to ask you because ... just you wait until till you're a mother; you'll see!
just you wait till your father finds out! ¡ya verás cuando se entere tu padre!
wait till until you're older
to be waiting in the wings esperar entre bastidores
ever since then, Mr Hesletine has waited in the wings ready to re-enter the fray There are now more than 20 big companies waiting in the wings to take over some of its business
the dishes can wait los platos pueden esperar
shopping can wait; we've got to talk all that can wait until tomorrow
there's a parcel waiting to be collected hay un paquete que hay que recoger; there is a big market just waiting to be opened up hay un mercado grande para abrir
it's a disaster waiting to happen
the ferry tragedy was a disaster waiting to happen la tragedia del ferry se veía venir
the prison breakout was a disaster waiting to happen the central government hasn't had any money to spend on any sewage system or clean water system, and so the cholera epidemic was a disaster waiting to happen he's a timebomb waiting to go off
2 (as servant)
to wait at table servir a or atender la mesa
transitive verb
1 (await)
to wait one's chance esperar la oportunidad
can't you wait your turn like everyone else? ¿no puedes esperar a que llegue tu turno como los demás?
Frustrated, we waited our turn you'll just have to wait your turn. you'll get promotion eventually a queue of women waiting their turn to get into the toilets he was waiting his chance to slide in behind the wheel and take over
2 (delay) [+dinner, lunch etc]
don't wait dinner for me no me esperen para cenar
3 (serve)
to wait table (US) servir a la mesa; atender la mesa
espera (f)
it was a long wait for the train fue una larga espera hasta la llegada del tren
the average wait to see a consultant privately is three weeks
patients face a 28-week wait for operations los pacientes tienen que esperar 28 semanas a que les operen
/he now faces an anxious wait/ to see if he has done himself any permanent damage the 24-year-old faces a wait of six weeks for a work permit
to lie in wait (for sb) andar or estar al acecho (de algn)
to be [worth] the wait merecer la espera the event, when it came on February 19th, was worth the wait
you may have quite a wait puede que tengas que esperar bastante
dinner was worth the wait la cena mereció la espera
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