1. (snare) 
a. la trampa (F) 
The exterminator set a trap to catch the skunks living under the house.El exterminador usó una trampa para atrapar los zorrillos viviendo debajo de la casa.
2. (trick) 
a. la trampa (F) 
Don't buy insurance from that guy; it's definitely a trap.No le compres seguro a ese hombre; seguro que es trampa.
3. (slang) (mouth) 
a. la boca (F) 
I'm tired of your complaining. Shut your trap already!Estoy harto de tus quejas. ¡Cierra la boca ya!
b. el pico (M) (colloquial) 
Your brother never seems to shut his trap!¡Parece que tu hermano nunca cierra su pico!
4. (greyhound racing) 
The dogs are in the traps, ready for the race to begin.Los perros están en los boxes de salida, listos para comenzar la carrera.
5. (clay pigeon shooting) 
There are 15 traps in an Olympic-style competition.Hay 15 lanzaplatos en una competencia estilo olímpica.
6. (golf) 
Darn! I hit another one into the trap!¡Caray! ¡Golpeé otra al búnker!
7. (plumbing) 
a. el sifón (M) 
I dropped my ring down the drain, but it should be in the trap.Se me cayó el anillo por el desagüe, pero debe estar en el sifón.
8. (door) 
The criminal escaped through a trap in the floor.El criminal se escapó por una trampilla en el piso.
b. el escotillón (M) (theater) 
The magician used smoke as a distraction to disappear through the trap in the stage.El mago utilizó el humo como una distracción para desaparecer por el escotillón en el escenario.
9. (small, two-wheeled carriage) 
We took a tour of Mijas in a trap pulled by a donkey.Hicimos una excursión de Mijas en un carrito tirado por un burro.
transitive verb
10. (to snare) 
a. atrapar 
We trapped some lobster when we went to Maine.Atrapamos unas langostas cuando fuimos a Maine.
Saul trapped a rabbit for dinner.Saúl cazó un conejo con una trampa para la cena.
11. (to trick) 
a. engañar 
The hustler trapped the buyer and sold him a broken-down car.El estafador engañó al comprador y le vendió un carro descompuesto.
He trapped her into signing over her house to him, and then he disappeared.Le tendió una trampa para que le entregara la casa, y luego desapareció.
12. (to be immobilized) 
The divers were trapped in a sea cave with only an hour of air in their tanks.Los buceadores quedaron atrapados en una cueva marina con solo una hora de aire en los tanques.
b. pillarse 
The little boy screamed when he trapped his finger in the car door.El niñito gritó cuando se pilló el dedo en la puerta del coche.
c. cogerse (Spain) 
The cook trapped her finger in the oven door.La cocinera se cogió el dedo en la puerta del horno.
13. (to retain) 
a. retener 
The excess carbon dioxide traps heat in the upper atmosphere.El exceso de dióxido de carbono retiene calor en la atmósfera superior.
14. (soccer) 
Messi trapped the ball and scored.Messi paró el balón con el pie y anotó.
intransitive verb
15. (to hunt with a trap) 
a. atrapar 
We spent our summer vacation fishing and trapping in Alaska.Pasamos las vacaciones de verano pescando y cazando con trampas en Alaska.
1. (in hunting) 
a. la trampa (F) (& fig) 
to set a traptender or poner una trampa
to walk or fall straight into the trapcaer en la trampa
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (mouth) 
shut your trap!¡cierra el pico!
transitive verb
3. (animal, person) 
a. atrapar 
to trap somebody into saying/doing somethingengañar a alguien para que diga/haga algo
trap [træp]
1 trampa (f)
it's a trap! ¡es una trampa!; he was caught in his own trap cayó en su propia trampa; we were caught like rats in a trap estábamos atrapados como en una ratonera
to be [caught] in a trap he failed to keep a rendezvous after sensing a police trap he was trying to decide whether the question was some sort of trap I knew perfectly well it was a trap I couldn't help feeling my job was a trap they had rigged up a ring of trip-wired booby-traps all round them They walked right into a booby-trap and got blown to smithereens
that car is a death trap ese coche es una bomba or tiene mucho peligro
he described the Jordan to Baghdad highway as a death trap
curtains are a natural dust trap en las cortinas se suele acumular mucho el polvo
to fall into a trap caer en una trampa
many people fall into the trap of believing that... the government has found it has fallen into a trap of its own making to fall into [the] trap of (doing sth)
to lay a trap (for sb) tender una trampa (a algn)
to lure sb into a trap hacer que algn caiga en una trampa
Had someone deliberately fed them the information to lure them into a trap? a student was lured into a trap and raped by two youths
to set a trap (for sb) tender una trampa (a algn)
the farmer was glad that he had set the traps snake catchers had to set traps for 16 pet snakes abandoned by their owner Gorbachev had laid a trap to lure the unprepared Americans into a sweeping renegotiation Anti-terrorist officers decided to set a trap. They replaced the Semtex with dummy explosives
they walked straight into our trap cayeron de lleno en nuestra trampa
2 (mouth) boca (f)
shut your trap! ¡cierra el pico! (informal); ¡cállate la boca! (informal)
to keep one's trap shut cerrar el pico (informal); callar la boca (informal); you keep your trap shut about this de esto no digas ni pío (informal)
now get moving and keep your trap shut the lawyer might well succeed in convincing his client that he would be wise to keep his trap shut
3 (carriage) coche ligero de dos ruedas
the farmer went ahead in his trap
4 (in greyhound racing) caseta (f) de salida
5 (for clay pigeon shooting) lanzaplatos (m)
6 (Golf) búnker (m)
the no. 3 dog was quickest out of the traps
7 (Téc) sifón (m); bombillo (m)
8 (also trapdoor) trampilla (f); (Teat) escotillón (m)
transitive verb
1 (snare) [+animal] atrapar; cazar con trampa; [+criminal] atrapar; coger; agarrar; (LAm)
my father doesn't like the idea of trapping otters he began to trap animals, setting the traps by night and emptying them the next day witnesses could provide the clue that helps trap the killer
2 (dupe) hacer caer en la trampa; engañar
you're not going to trap me like that con esas no me vas a hacer caer en la trampa; con esas no me vas a engañar
she had trapped him so neatly that he wanted to slap her
to trap sb into sth tender una trampa a algn para que haga algo; he felt he had been trapped into marriage le parecía que le habían cazado al casarse; le parecía que le habían tendido una trampa para que se casara; they trapped her into confessing le tendieron una trampa y confesó
to trap sb into saying sth to trap sb into an admission she had trapped him into marriage by getting pregnant to trap sb into [doing] sth
3 (hold fast, confine) atrapar
survivors are trapped in the rubble los supervivientes están enterrados or atrapados bajo los escombros; the miners are trapped underground los mineros están atrapados bajo tierra; heavy snowfalls had trapped us in the village las fuertes nevadas nos habían dejado incomunicados or aislados en el pueblo; they tied a rope around his body, trapping his arms le ataron una cuerda alrededor del cuerpo, inmovilizándole los brazos
we were trapped in the snow the delegates were trapped by bad weather and cancelled trains \several hundred thousand people have been trapped by the fighting\ with very little food and no power many people trapped in buildings died before they could be rescued
to trap one's finger in sth pillarse or cogerse or atraparse el dedo con algo; (LAm)
I trapped my fingers in the piano lid
to trap a nerve pillar or coger un nervio; (Esp)
he thought that the whiplash might have trapped a nerve
4 (retain) [+heat, gas, water] retener
greenhouse gases which are capable of trapping heat in the lower atmosphere \wool traps your body heat\, keeping the chill at bay the gas is trapped by the layer of rock above moisturisers trap water present in the skin a structure that traps solar energy
5 (Dep) [+ball] parar (con el pie)
he trapped the ball with his stick and passed it back to a defender
trap door (n) trampilla (f); (Teat) escotillón (m)
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