transitive verb
1. (to propose) 
a. sugerir 
My friend suggested meeting for lunch while he's in town.Mi amigo sugirió vernos para almorzar mientras está en la ciudad.
b. proponer 
I suggested a number of different ideas, but she didn't like any of them.Propuse varias ideas diferentes, pero a ella no le gustó ninguna.
2. (to advise) 
a. aconsejar 
I suggest visiting the Prado when you're in Madrid.Aconsejo visitar el Prado mientras estén en Madrid.
3. (to imply) 
a. insinuar 
Are you suggesting that this is my fault?¿Está insinuando que esto es mi culpa?
4. (to indicate) 
a. indicar 
The injuries suggest the killer attacked the victim from behind.Las heridas indican que el asesino atacó a la víctima desde atrás.
5. (to evoke) 
a. sugerir 
The smell of fresh bread suggests my grandmother's kitchen to me.El olor de pan fresco me sugiere la cocina de mi abuela.
transitive verb
1. (propose) 
a. sugerir 
to suggest (that)…sugerir que…
I suggest (that) we discuss it tomorrowsugiero que lo discutamos mañana
2. (insinuate, imply) 
a. sugerir, denotar 
her expression suggested a lack of interestsu expresión denotaba falta de interés
suggest [səˈdʒest]
transitive verb
1 (propose, put forward) [+plan, candidate, idea etc] sugerir; proponer
to suggest sth to sb sugerir algo a algn; proponer algo a algn
She suggested the idea to her friends at a lunch party
I suggested to him that we go out for a drink le sugerí or propuse ir a tomar algo; I suggested taking her out to dinner propuse llevarla a cenar; could you suggest someone to advise me? ¿se te ocurre alguien que me pueda aconsejar?
could you suggest someone to advise me how to do this?
an idea suggested itself (to me) se me ocurrió una idea; nothing suggests itself no se me ocurre nada
2 (advise) aconsejar
we suggest you contact him le aconsejamos que contacte con él; he suggested that they (should) go or that they went to London les aconsejó que fueran a Londres
He suggested that I call you Can you suggest somewhere for a short holiday?
to suggest doing sth aconsejar que se haga algo
maybe the shop will suggest sending it back to the manufacturer
3 (imply) insinuar
what are you trying to suggest? ¿qué insinúas?; I'm not suggesting that the accident was your fault no estoy insinuando que el accidente fuera culpa tuya; it has been suggested that ... se ha insinuado que ...
It has been suggested that one way to break the deadlock would be to
4 (evoke) sugerir; hacer pensar en
what does that smell suggest to you? ¿qué te sugiere ese olor?; ¿en qué te hace pensar ese olor?
5 (indicate) parecer indicar
this suggests that ... esto hace pensar que ...
the facts suggest he is guilty
the coins suggest a Roman settlement las monedas parecen indicar or nos hacen pensar que era una colonia romana; it doesn't exactly suggest a careful man no parece indicar que sea un hombre cauteloso
All the available [evidence] suggests a huge public appetite for sex Polls suggest that a majority of the electorate supports the death You'll learn how to use colour to suggest distance or contrast
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