1. (quest) 
The search for the Titanic lasted 73 years.La búsqueda del Titanic duró 73 años.
b. la busca (F) 
We went in search of a pharmacy.Fuimos en busca de una farmacia.
2. (inspection of a building or a vehicle) 
The captain arrived and ordered a search of the house.Llegó el comisario y ordenó el registro de la casa.
b. el cateo (M) (Mexico) 
The police conducted a search of the entire building.La policía efectuó un cateo de todo el edificio.
c. el allanamiento (M) (Latin America) 
It is unclear whether the police had a warrant for a house search.No ha quedado claro si la policía tenía una orden de allanamiento domiciliario.
3. (inspection of a person) 
The drug was discovered during a routine passenger search.La droga fue descubierta durante un registro rutinario de pasajeros.
b. el cacheo (M) 
An officer conducted a search of the man under arrest.Un agente llevó a cabo el cacheo del detenido.
c. el cateo (M) (Mexico) 
The concert attendees were subjected to a search before entering.Los asistentes al concierto fueron sometidos a un cateo antes de entrar.
4. (inspection of luggage or pockets) 
a. registro 
They conducted a pocket search looking for drugs.Efectuaron un registro de sus bolsillos en busca de drogas.
5. (computing) 
I did a search online for companies providing those services.Hice una búsqueda en línea de empresas que ofrecen esos servicios.
intransitive verb
6. (to try to find) 
a. buscar 
They searched everywhere for their lost puppy.Buscaron por todas partes el cachorro que se les había perdido.
b. mirar 
It has to be somewhere. Have you searched through your toys?Tiene que estar en algún sitio. ¿Has mirado entre tus juguetes?
transitive verb
7. (to inspect a building or a vehicle) 
a. registrar 
The police thoroughly searched the car for evidence.La policía registró minuciosamente el carro en busca de pruebas.
b. catear (Mexico) 
The thieves searched the house for anything valuable.Los ladrones catearon la casa tratando de encontrar cualquier cosa de valor.
8. (to inspect a person) 
a. registrar 
They searched everyone before entering the courthouse.Registraron a todo el mundo antes de entrar en el juzgado.
b. cachear 
The way they were searching them was dehumanizing.La forma en que los cacheaban era deshumanizante.
c. catear (Mexico) 
She searched her son to make sure he wasn't carrying drugs.Cateó a su hijo para asegurarse de que no llevaba drogas.
9. (to inspect luggage or pockets) 
a. registrar 
They searched my suitcase for half an hour.Se pasaron media hora registrando mi maleta.
b. revisar 
We had our luggage searched twice during the trip.En el viaje nos revisaron el equipaje dos veces.
10. (to inspect data) 
a. examinar 
I searched all her letters but could find nothing relevant for my book.Examiné todas sus cartas pero no encontré nada de interés para mi libro.
You can search our online archive for back issues of the magazine.Encontrarás números atrasados de la revista en nuestro archivo en línea.
11. (computing) 
a. buscar en 
You can search the Internet and find a restaurant in a matter of minutes.Puedes buscar en Internet y encontrar un restaurante en cuestión de minutos.
1. (general) 
a. la búsqueda (F) 
to be in search ofir en búsqueda or
to make a search ofrastrear
2. (computers) 
a. no direct translation 
to do a searchhacer una búsqueda
3. (computers) 
a. no direct translation 
search enginemotor de búsqueda
search partyequipo de búsqueda
4. (law) 
a. no direct translation 
search warrantorden de registro
transitive verb
5. (person, place) 
a. registrar 
6. (computers) 
a. buscar en (file, directory) 
7. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
search me!¡ni idea!, ¡yo qué sé!
intransitive verb
8. (general) 
a. buscar 
to search after or for somethingbuscar algo
9. (computers) 
a. no direct translation 
search and replacebuscar y reemplazar
search [sɜːtʃ]
1 (hunt) búsqueda (f);for de
for lost object, missing person
after a long search I found the key después de mucho buscar, encontré la llave; police launched a massive search for the killer la policía ha emprendido una enorme operación de búsqueda para encontrar al asesino; the search for peace la búsqueda de la paz
We eventually found the keys after a long search He spent another long evening looking through his books in the study. a painstaking search The search was called off when the child herself telephoned the police the search was abandoned the natural adolescent search for a personal identity we are united in our search for balance and harmony
in search of en busca de
they come to the city in search of work vienen a la ciudad en busca de trabajo; we went in search of a restaurant fuimos a buscar un restaurante
I wandered off the freeway in search of a gas station This postwar era brought million of blacks from the rural South to the industrial North in search of jobs
to make or conduct a search llevar a cabo una búsqueda
a 26-member team of inspectors will go to Baghdad Saturday to conduct another search for concealed weapons Security officials conducted a search throughout the complex but found no bombs the weapon could have been removed before we made our search Make a search immediately.Report back to me at once! A huge search for the missing child was mounted
search and rescue búsqueda y rescate
An alpine search and rescue team found Lancaster the day after he disappeared special operations forces carried out the search and rescue mission
2 (inspection) [of building, place] registro (m); [of records] inspección (f)
I have ordered a search of the house for security reasons A search of Brady's house revealed nothing that could connect him with the robberies The exhaustive search of the crime scene had failed to turn up a weapon after weekend leave, prisoners re-entering the prison had \to undergo a strip search\ The troops are to have powers of arrest and search normally exercised only by the police the bank couldn't press me for the funds until they had conducted a search an extensive search through existing literature revealed that ...
she had to submit to a body search tuvo que dejar que la registraran or cachearan
police made a thorough search of the premises la policía registró todo el local
3 (Comput) búsqueda (f)
The best way to navigate your way around the Internet is to carry out a search using a name or keyword to [do] [make] a computer search Describe the subject you are researching and the librarian will do the computer search for you I had this vision of you doing a computer search and writing the word `revenge" in and seeing how many stories came up He made his computer search methodically, aware of the limitations, for first he had to get permissions
4 (Britain) (Jur) comprobación de datos de un inmueble en el registro de la propiedad
to get a (local authority) search done sacar una nota simple en el registro de la propiedad; (Esp)
One of the biggest problems many house-buyers will face is the four to eight week delay in getting a local authority search done. As an alternative, talk to your solicitor about conducting a personal search we're waiting for the search to be completed before we exchange contracts of sale
transitive verb
1 [+building, luggage, pockets] registrar; catear; (Méx) [+person] registrar; cachear; catear; (Méx)
to search sth/sb (for sth/sb)
he searched his pockets for change se miró los bolsillos en busca de monedas; she searched the kitchen drawers for her keys buscó las llaves en los cajones de la cocina; I searched the whole house for food he revuelto toda la casa en busca de comida; we searched the entire office but the file didn't turn up registramos la oficina de arriba abajo pero no encontramos el archivo
the police are searching the woods
they were searched for weapons as they left los registraron or cachearon or catearon a la salida para ver si llevaban armas; (Méx)
Volunteers are searching the whole area trying to find possible survivors customs officials searched his luggage for drugs They seized the bag he was holding, searched him and handcuffed him People were always searched for weapons and drugs as they entered the club
to search high and low (for sth/sb) remover el cielo y la tierra (en busca de algo/algn)
search me! ¡yo qué sé!; ¡ni idea!
2 (scan) [+documents, records] examinar
his eyes searched the sky for the approaching helicopter escudriñó el cielo en busca del helicóptero que se acercaba; his eyes searched my face for any sign of guilt sus ojos escudriñaban mi rostro en busca de algún rastro de culpabilidad
I searched his face for some sign of emotion I searched our records to locate his home address he has ordered embassies in Europe to search their files for records of Bill Clinton's travel They searched the literature and found that nothing had been written on this subject before she searched the adverts for a suitable car I searched his eyes for a clue to his thoughts
to search one's conscience examinar (uno) su conciencia
to search one's memory hacer memoria
she searched her memory for anything she might have said to upset him She continued what she was doing, searching her mind for the reply she should make I searched my heart for one good thing she had done for me He searched his soul for signs of remorse or guilt
3 (Comput) buscar en
The program was set up so as to search the database for surnames or for addresses the computer will search its memory to find compatible men to introduce you to
intransitive verb
to search [after] sth
to search after truth/happiness buscar la verdad/la felicidad
I eagerly embraced Christianity for it seemed to me to be what I had been obscurely searching after
to search for sth/sb buscar algo/a algn
we searched everywhere for the missing keys buscamos las llaves que faltaban en todas partes; they are searching for a solution to the crisis están buscando una solución a la crisis
to search through sth (for sth)
rescuers searched through the rubble for survivors los del equipo de rescate buscaron supervivientes entre los escombros; he searched through our passports examinó nuestros pasaportes
she searched through the pile of forms on her desk I searched through my things for a clean pair of socks "search and replace"
search engine (n) (Internet) buscador (m); motor (m) de búsqueda
search party (n) pelotón (m) de búsqueda
search warrant (n) orden (f) de registro
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