put up

put up(
A transitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and requires a direct object (e.g. Take out the trash.).
transitive verb phrase
1. (to erect)
a. levantar
The construction crews are putting up a lot of new apartment buildings.Los equipos de construcción están levantando muchos edificios de apartamentos.
b. poner
Somebody from the cable company came to take down the antenna our dad had put up years before.Alguien de la compañía de cable vino a desmontar la antena que nuestro padre había puesto hace años.
c. armar
The campers put up their tent and unpacked their backpacks.Los campistas armaron su tienda y desempacaron sus mochilas.
d. erigir
The townspeople paid to put up a monument in honor of the famous author.Los vecinos pagaron por erigir un monumento para honrar al famoso autor.
2. (to hang)
a. colgar
We put up Christmas decorations all over the house.Colgamos adornos navideños por toda la casa.
b. poner
Can you help me put up these large curtains in front of the windows?¿Puedes ayudarme a poner estas grandes cortinas delante de las ventanas?
3. (to give accommodation to)
a. alojar
It's too late to drive tonight. We have an extra room and can put you up.Es demasiado tarde para conducir esta noche, tenemos un cuarto extra y podemos alojarte.
b. hospedar
Every other hotel in the city is full, but I found one that was able to put me up.Todos los demás hoteles de la ciudad están llenos, pero encontré uno en el que pude hospedarme.
4. (to present)
a. presentar
We put up a new plan for resolving the budgetary crisis before the city council.Presentamos ante el ayuntamiento un nuevo plan para resolver la crisis presupuestaria.
b. proponer
The party put up the senator as their presidential candidate.El partido propuso al senador como su candidato presidencial.
5. (to provide)
a. poner
The investors put up a lot of money for our company's overhead.Los inversionistas pusieron mucho dinero para los gastos generales de nuestra empresa.
b. aportar
They put up their house as collateral for the loan.Aportaron su casa como garantía prendaria.
6. (to offer)
a. ofrecer
The family has put up a $10,000 reward in the hope of catching the thieves.La familia ofreció una recompensa de $10,000 con la esperanza de atrapar a los ladrones.
b. oponer
The patient put up a great deal of resistance and had to be sedated.El paciente opuso un montón de resistencia y tuvo que ser sedado.
7. (to raise)
a. levantar
All of the children put up their hands when the magician asked for a volunteer.Todos los niños levantaron la mano cuando el mago pidió un voluntario.
b. subirse
He put up his collar against the wind.Se subió el cuello para protegerse del viento.
8. (to open)
a. abrir
The spectators were putting their umbrellas up because it was starting to rain.Los espectadores abrían sus paraguas porque estaba empezando a llover.
9. (to increase) (United Kingdom)
a. aumentar
The transit authority had to put fares up this month to pay for renovations.Las autoridades de tránsito tuvieron que aumentar las tarifas este mes para pagar las renovaciones.
b. subir
Retailers have been putting prices up due to a world shortage of coffee.Las tiendas han estado subiendo los precios porque hay escasez de café en todo el mundo.
An intransitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and does not require a direct object (e.g. Everybody please stand up.).
intransitive verb phrase
10. (to stay)
a. alojarse
The couple put up in the bridal suite of the hotel.La pareja se alojó en la suite nupcial del hotel.
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put up
A transitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and requires a direct object (e.g. Take out the trash.).
transitive verb phrase
1. (ladder)
a. situar
2. (tent)
a. montar
3. (building, barricade, fence)
a. levantar, construir
4. (painting, notice)
a. colocar, poner
5. (statue)
a. erigir, poner
6. (umbrella)
a. abrir
to p up one's handlevantar la mano
to p one's hair uprecogerse el pelo
7. (increase)
a. elevar, subir
8. (provide accommodation for)
a. alojar
9. (provide; money)
a. aportar
10. (candidate)
a. presentar
to p something up for saleponer algo a la venta
to p up a fight or struggleofrecer resistencia
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put up
transitive verb
1 (raise, lift up) [+window, blinds] subir; [+hand] levantar; [+flag, sail] izar; [+collar] subirse
he put his hands up over his face and started crying he put up the collar of his jacket I put the window up to hear his speech = subir I got a ladder and put it up against the wall
if you have any questions, put your hand up quien tenga alguna pregunta que levante la mano
put 'em up! [+hands] (in surrender) ¡manos arriba!; [+fists] ¡pelea!
2 (hang up) [+picture, decorations] colgar
they helped me put up the Christmas decorations
[+notice, sign] poner
they're putting new street signs up the college put up a plaque to its founder she put up hundreds of notices bearing his picture and name
3 (erect) [+building, wall] construir; levantar; [+statue, monument] erigir; levantar; [+fence, barrier] poner; [+tent] montar; [+umbrella] abrir; [+ladder] montar; poner
they plan to put up a new shopping centre where the lake now stands
to put one's hair up recogerse el pelo; (stylishly) hacerse un peinado alto
4 (send up) [+satellite] lanzar; mandar
they have now put a total of 15 men up in space
5 (increase) [+price, tax, sb's temperature, blood pressure] aumentar; subir
just before Christmas they always put the prices up the government warned it might have to put up taxes again avoid arguments — they will only put your blood pressure up
that puts the total up to over 1,000 con eso el total asciende a más de 1.000
6 (offer) [+reward, prize, prayer] ofrecer; [+resistance] oponer
In the end the Kurds surrendered without putting up any resistance
the horse put up an excellent performance in today's race el caballo hizo un papel excelente en la carrera de hoy
he didn't put up much of a fight or struggle no se resistió mucho; no opuso mucha resistencia
they put up a struggle fight
to put sth up for sale/auction poner algo a la venta/a subasta; vender/subastar algo
to put a child up for adoption ofrecer un niño en adopción
in those days it was quite common to put a child up for adoption if you couldn't afford to keep it
7 (provide) [+money] poner; dar
An anonymous donor put up half the cash needed how much are you able to put up?
to put up the money for sth poner or dar el dinero para algo
8 (give accommodation to) alojar; hospedar
we need volunteers to put up the visitors se necesitan voluntarios para alojar or hospedar a los visitantes; can you put me up for the night? ¿me puedo quedar (en tu casa) esta noche?
I'll ring Keith and ask him if he can put me up for a couple of days we can put up two people here and Shirley can put up another two
9 (present, put forward) [+plan, petition] presentar; [+proposal, suggestion] hacer; [+argument, case, defence] presentar; [+candidate] proponer;for para
he put up a spirited defence of the bill in Parliament hizo una vehemente defensa del proyecto de ley en el parlamento
He wouldn't have put up such a good case for himself why not check and then we'll put it up to the others ...the argument that the Vatican is putting up all the time she was put up by her local branch
we put him up for chairman lo propusimos para presidente
10 (preserve) [+fruit] conservar
1 (stay) hospedarse; alojarse
we put up for the night at a hotel esa noche nos alojamos or hospedamos en un hotel
2 (Pol) (offer o.s.)
to put up for president presentarse a presidente; to put up for the Greens presentarse como candidato de los Verdes
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