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put down

put down(
A transitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and requires a direct object (e.g. Take out the trash.).
transitive verb phrase
1. (to place)
a. dejar
Can you put down your phone for a second? I want to talk to you.¿Puedes dejar tu celular tantito? Quiero hablar contigo.
I put the book down right here, and now it's gone.Dejé el libro aquí mismo, y ahora no está.
b. colgar (telephone)
I said goodbye to him and put the phone down.Me despedí de él y colgué el teléfono.
2. (to lay)
a. colocar
We put down mousetraps in the attic.Colocamos ratoneras en la buhardilla.
b. poner
We decided to put down a carpet because the floor was so cold in the wintertime.Decidimos poner una alfombra porque el suelo estaba muy frío en invierno.
3. (to lower)
a. bajar
Will you put the blinds down? I'm going to take a nap for a bit.¿Bajarías las persianas? Voy a echarme a dormir un rato.
4. (to write down)
a. anotar
Make sure you put this down; it's important.Asegúrense de anotar esto; es importante.
b. apuntar
Would you put your phone number down for me?¿Me apuntarías tu número de teléfono?
c. poner (name)
We'd like a table for four people. - What name can I put down?Nos gustaría una mesa para cuatro personas. - ¿Qué nombre pongo?
d. inscribir (name)
I've put us all down to run a marathon!¡Nos he inscrito para correr un maratón!
e. escribir
I'll put the appointment down in my calendar as a reminder.Escribiré la cita en mi agenda como recordatorio.
f. poner por escrito
The secretary put down everything her boss said.La secretaria puso por escrito todo lo que dijo su jefe.
5. (to put a stop to)
a. reprimir
The king's troops put down the rebellion in the north.Las tropas del rey reprimieron la rebelión en el norte.
b. sofocar
The captain put down the mutiny by throwing the boatswain overboard.El capitán sofocó el motín echando al contramaestre por la borda.
6. (to euthanize)
a. sacrificar (animal)
Our dog was old and and he was suffering, so we made the decision to have him put down.Nuestro perro era viejo y estaba sufriendo, así que tomamos la decisión de sacrificarlo.
b. poner a dormir (animal)
The vet said there was nothing else she could do, so we had to put our cat down.La veterinaria nos dijo que no había más nada que podía hacer para nuestro gato, así que lo pusimos a dormir.
7. (to allow to get down)
a. dejar (passenger)
The cab driver put us down on the corner.El taxista nos dejó en la esquina.
8. (to attribute)
a. atribuir
They put the events down to nothing more than a strange coincidence.Atribuyeron los eventos a nada más que una extraña casualidad.
9. (to criticize)
a. rebajar
Don't put your brother down. It's not very nice.No rebajes a tu hermano. No es muy agradable.
b. menospreciar
The professor put down his colleague's paper in front of the entire conference.El profesor menospreció la ponencia de su colega delante de todos los asistentes a la conferencia.
10. (to criticize; used with "oneself")
a. menospreciarse (reflexive)
Don't put yourself down just because you made a mistake.No te menosprecies tan solo por haber cometido un error.
11. (to make a partial payment)
a. dejar un depósito
We were able to put down $2000 on the car.Pudimos dejar un depósito de $2000 para el carro.
12. (to propose)
a. presentar (motion)
The councilman put down a motion to renovate the park.El concejal presentó una moción para renovar el parque.
An intransitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and does not require a direct object (e.g. Everybody please stand up.).
intransitive verb phrase
13. (to land)
a. aterrizar (plane)
The plane put down at ten o'clock.El avión aterrizó a las diez.
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put down
A transitive verb phrase is a phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or other particle and requires a direct object (e.g. Take out the trash.).
transitive verb phrase
1. (set down)
a. dejar
I couldn't p the book downno me podía despegar del libro
2. (revolt, opposition)
a. reprimir, ahogar
3. (write)
a. poner por escrito
to p something down in writingponer algo por escrito
to p one's name down for somethingapuntarse a or inscribirse en algo
4. (attribute)
to p something down to somethingachacar or atribuir algo a algo
5. (animal)
a. sacrificar
to have a cat/dog put downsacrificar a un gato/perro
6. (criticize)
to p somebody downdejar a alguien en mal lugar
to p oneself downmenospreciarse
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put down
transitive verb
1 [+object] (leave) dejar; (let go of) soltar; [+telephone] colgar; [+passenger] dejar (bajar); dejar (apearse)
she put her glass down and stood up dejó el vaso y se levantó
She mumbled a reply and put the phone down hurriedly the bus was stopping to put someone down the taxi put me down in the High Street he may stop to put down or pick up passengers
I'll put these bags down for a minute voy a dejar estas bolsas en el suelo un momento; put it down! ¡déjalo!; ¡suéltalo!
he put the suitcase down and rubbed his wrist
once I started the book I couldn't put it down una vez que empecé el libro no podía dejarlo or dejar de leerlo; put me down! ¡bájame!; the pilot wanted to put the plane down in Boston el piloto quería aterrizar en Boston
2 (lay) [+carpets, poison, trap] poner; colocar
before we move in we want to put carpets down the best way of getting rid of rats is to put down poison
3 (lower) [+blinds, hand] bajar
the thief told them not to put their hands down till he'd left the shop he put his face down and sniffed the rose
4 (close) [+umbrella, parasol] cerrar
5 (write down) [+ideas] anotar; apuntar; [+name on list] poner; inscribir
I've put down a few ideas he anotado or apuntado algunas ideas
I made a list of grievances and put down all the things that irritated me about her first put down a few ideas, then work out a plan for the essay I decided to put my name down on the housing list
I've put you down as unemployed lo he inscrito or apuntado como desempleado
put me down for £15 apúntame 15 libras
put me down for two, please por favor, apúntame dos; he's put his son down for Eton ha inscrito a su hijo en Eton internado privado; (internado privado) I'll put you down for the interview on Radio 4, ok? te apunto para la entrevista en Radio 4, ¿vale?; I've put myself down for the computer course me he inscrito para el curso de informática
to put sth down in writing or on paper poner algo por escrito
never put anything down on paper that might later be used in evidence against you
put it down on my account (Comm) cárguelo a mi cuenta
6 (suppress) [+revolt] reprimir; sofocar
soldiers were sent in to put down the rebellion the uprising was quickly put down
7 (reduce in rank) degradar; (Dep) etc pasar a una división inferior
8 (criticize, snub) hacer de menos; rebajar
he's always putting me down in front of my friends siempre me está haciendo de menos or rebajando delante de mis amigos
I know that I do put people down occasionally racist jokes come from wanting to put down people we feel threatened by we've been encouraged all our lives to put down women's talk I'm not going to make any more suggestions if all you can do is put my ideas down
to put o.s. down hacerse de menos; rebajarse; you must stop putting yourself down debes dejar de hacerte de menos or rebajarte
she learned to stop putting herself down and comparing herself to others
9 (pay)
to put down a deposit dejar un depósito
he bought the property for $100,000 and put $20,000 down
she put down £500 on the car dejó una señal or un anticipo de 500 libras para el coche
10 (Britain)
to have an animal put down sacrificar a un animal
we had to have our dog put down magistrates ordered his dog Samson to be put down immediately they believe that any legislation that involves putting down dogs is wrong the horse has broken its leg and had to be put down
11 (put to bed) [+baby] acostar; poner a dormir
After Ira had left, I fed Wendy and put her down for her nap ...a woman who had just put her baby down for a rest
12 (table) [+motion, amendment] presentar
The Tribune Group had put down a motion condemning the government's policy We could therefore expect hundreds of amendments to be put down by the Tories
13 (store in cellar) [+wine] poner en cava
if this wine is put down now it will be at its peak in 10 years time
(Aer) aterrizar
they will put down in Rome to refuel
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