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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to move downwards)
a. bajar
The sun is hitting me right in the eyes. I'm going to lower the blinds.El sol me está pegando justo en los ojos. Voy a bajar las persianas.
b. echar al agua (vessel)
They lowered the dinghy from the yacht so they could go ashore.Echaron la lancha al agua desde el yate para poder ir a tierra.
c. arriar (flag or sail)
The nation lowered their flags to half staff in mourning.La nación arrió las banderas a media asta en señal de duelo.
2. (to reduce)
a. bajar
The librarian asked Jonathan to lower his voice.La bibliotecaria le pidió a Jonathan que bajara la voz.
b. rebajar
We lowered all of the prices in the store for our big fall sale.Rebajamos todos los precios de la tienda para la gran venta de otoño.
3. (to degrade)
a. rebajar
I refuse to lower myself to using her unscrupulous tactics.Me niego a rebajarme a usar sus tácticas sin escrúpulos.
4. (to relax)
a. bajar
We can't afford to lower our guard when we're so close to victory.No nos podemos permitir bajar la guardia cuando estamos tan cerca de la victoria.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
5. (to decline)
a. bajar
Temperatures are forecast to continue to lower throughout the week.Se prevé que las temperaturas sigan bajando durante la semana.
6. (to scowl)
a. fruncir el ceño
Bert likes you. - Are you kidding me? Did you see the way he lowered at me?Le caes bien a Bert. - ¿Me estás vacilando? ¿Viste la forma en que me frunció el ceño?
7. (to darken)
a. encapotarse
The sky lowered in anguish over the self destruction of the people in the civil war below.El cielo se encapotó de angustia por la autodestrucción de la gente de abajo con su guerra civil.
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An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
1. (person)
a. mirar amenazadoramente
2. (sky)
a. estar tormentoso(a)
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lower [ˈləʊəʳ]
1 (bottom) [+part, section, floors, windows] de abajo; inferior; [+slopes] inferior; bajo
of two things
the lower of the two el de más abajo de los dos
the lower bunk la litera de abajo
the lower left corner la esquina inferior izquierda
in the lower left corner you can just make out a faint signature
the lower half/part of la mitad/parte inferior de; la mitad/parte de abajo de
2 (less important) [+level, rank, caste] inferior
the lower chamber (Parl) la cámara baja
...the party that holds two-thirds of the seats in the Parliament's lower chamber, the Assembly of Deputies
the lower court (Jur) los tribunales inferiores
He could argue his case in the lower court
the lower middle class(es) la clase media baja
Candidates were generally drawn from the lower middle class Basque nationalism was fundamentally a movement of the middle and lower middle classes USED AS MOD
a lower middle-class family una familia de clase media baja
soldiers in the lower ranks soldados (m) de menor rango or de rango inferior
the lower school el segundo ciclo
3 (Anat) inferior
the lower abdomen/back la parte inferior del abdomen/de la espalda
she suffered severe cuts on her lower leg sufrió cortes de gravedad en la parte inferior de la pierna
the lower limbs los miembros inferiores
4 (Zool) inferior
5 (Geog) (in names)
Lower Egypt el Bajo Egipto
The Pharaoh wore the crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt
the Lower Rhine el Bajo Rin
They began to shift a large part of their army from Switzerland to the lower Rhine ...the lower Thames basin
lower Manhattan el sur de Manhattan
transitive verb
(gen) bajar; [+boat] echar al agua; [+flag, sail] arriar; (reduce) [+price] bajar; rebajar
to lower o.s. rebajarse; I wouldn't lower myself to do such a thing no me rebajaría a hacer algo así
to lower one's guard bajar la guardia
to lower one's headlights (US) poner las luces de cruce
to lower one's voice bajar la voz
intransitive verb
oil prices have lowered in the past few months
lower case (n) (Tip) minúsculas (f)
..a mixture of upper case and lower case
in lower case en minúsculas
All the letters are in lower case
lower class (n)
the lower class or classes la clase baja
lower deck (n) [of bus] piso (m) de abajo; (Náut) (part of ship) cubierta (f) inferior
the lower deck (personnel) los marineros
the Lower House (n) (Parl) la Cámara Baja
...the Speaker of the lower house
lower vertebrates (n) vertebrados (m) inferiores
lower [ˈlaʊəʳ]
intransitive verb
[+person] fruncir el entrecejo; fruncir el ceño; [+sky] encapotarse;
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