1. (idea) 
a. el plan (M) 
There has been a change of plan, so we will meet at my place.Ha habido un cambio de planes, así que nos vemos en mi casa.
2. (diagram) 
a. el plano (M) 
The architect drew up the plan of our new house.El arquitecto nos hizo el plano de la casa nueva.
3. (scheme) 
a. el plan (M) 
The school is signing a five-year plan to promote the arts.El colegio va a firmar un plan quinquenal para promover las artes.
4. (outline) 
When the plan of the novel was finished, the writer started writing.Cuando acabó el esquema de la novela, el escritor empezó a escribir.
transitive verb
5. (to arrange) 
a. planear 
I am looking forward to planning our summer together.Estoy emocionada para planear nuestro verano juntos.
The bride planned the wedding all by herself.La novia planificó la boda ella sola.
6. (to intend) 
a. pensar 
I plan to have a dog when I live on my own.Pienso tener un perro cuando viva sola.
b. planear 
I've been planning to visit her for a couple of weeks.Llevo un par de semanas planeando visitarla.
7. (to draw) 
a. diseñar 
The architect is planning a building.El arquitecto está diseñando un edificio.
8. (to outline) 
The author planned her novel in two days, but took three months to write it.La autora hizo un esquema de su novela en dos días, pero tardó tres meses en escribirla.
intransitive verb
9. (to arrange) 
We have to plan for the future; I do not want to improvise.Hemos de hacer planes para el futuro, no quiero improvisar.
1. (proposal, intention) 
a. el plan (M) 
a change of planun cambio de planes
everything went according to plantodo fue según lo previsto
the best plan would be to…lo mejor sería…
what are your plans for the summer?¿qué planes tienes para el verano?
to have other planstener otras cosas que hacer
2. (of building, town) 
a. el plano (M) 
3. (of essay, novel) 
a. el esquema (M) 
transitive verb
4. (arrange) 
a. planear 
to plan to do somethingplanear hacer algo
it all went as plannedtodo fue según lo previsto
5. (design; building) 
a. proyectar 
6. (economy) 
a. planificar 
intransitive verb
7. (general) 
a. hacer planes 
to plan for the futurehacer planes para el futuro
plan [plæn]
1 (scheme) proyecto (m); plan (m)
the plan is aimed at easing traffic congestion the project is part of a United Nations plan for refugees the plan was accepted unanimously by the workforce her plan for union reform the Marshall Plan the president is trying to win support for his economic plan
plan of actionaction plan plan (m) de acción
a detailed plan of action for restructuring the group he unveiled the Government's action plan yesterday a 490-page action plan that describes 115 distinct programs designed to encourage environmentally sensitive development it is possible to develop a positive plan of action to reduce the misery of hay fever what's the plan of action then? he had no plan of action as such
plan of attack/campaign (Mil) also plan (m) de ataque/de campaña
his plan of attack for the war on the ground he can sum up the opposition's plan of attack in just a few words I'm proposing a new plan of attack which I hope will solve the problem once and for all the army began the war without a strategic appreciation or a plan of campaign we sat down together and came up with a plan of campaign to tackle her symptoms the [Divine] Plan he felt that he had been allotted an important part in the divine plan it seemed that her condition was justified by some divine plan
to draw up a plan elaborar un proyecto; hacer or redactar un plan
a plan was drawn up the conference drew up a five-point plan to revive the socialist cause I want us to draw up a plan that will guarantee the childrens' rights GATT organizers met today in Geneva to draw up a plan for the talks
an exercise plan una tabla or un programa de ejercicios
a five-year plan un plan quinquenal
to put a plan [into] action operation the committee is now attempting to put its plans into operation the plan had to be put into action as soon as possible to [make] plans
to make plans for the future hacer planes or planear para el futuro
I've already made plans for the weekend he was making plans to kill her even then the Bonn government is making plans to evacuate more than two hundred of its citizens from the troubled area it's no good making plans - things change he was always making grandiose plans to sell his house
a peace plan un proyecto or un plan de paz
campaign: plan of campaign >development: development plan
2 (idea, intention) plan (m)
do you have any plans for the weekend? ¿tienes planes para el fin de semana?; the plan is to come back later pensamos volver más tarde; there are plans to modernize the building tienen planeado modernizar el edificio
I've got plans for tonight what plans have you for the holiday? I haven't any particular plans what plans do you have for Jim? the government said it had no plans to increase VAT concern has been expressed about government plans to float the rouble their plan was to reach the town by nightfall he will press ahead with plans for greater European integration to go [according] to plan
if everything goes according to plan si todo sale como está previsto or planeado
everything went according to plan everything was going according to plan he maintains that everything is going according to plan
the best plan is to call first lo mejor es llamar primero
she decided the best plan was to keep quiet the best plan is to go via Leeds Anthony thought that perhaps the best plan would be to wait until the Allies crossed the Rhine
a change of plan un cambio de planes
there's been a change of plan /it would mean a change of plan/, but she could handle that
to change one's plans cambiar de planes
weekend gales forced him to change his plans the attack will not change his plans to stop over in Panama to [upset] [spoil] sb's plans losing him has not upset our plans too much he spoilt their plans by revealing the names to the press
3 (diagram, map) plano (m)
a plan of the city centre first draw a plan of the garden
4 (outline) [of story, essay] esquema (m)
writing an essay is much easier if you work to a plan before breakfast /I drew up a plan for my Sunday sermon/
5 (Archit) (Téc) (often pl) plano (m)
the plans must be approved by the council the spy stole the plans for the new submarine get an architect to draw up some plans based on your ideas the plan and overall design of the building
transitive verb
1 (organize) [+schedule, event, crime] planear; [+party, surprise] preparar; [+route] planificar; planear; [+essay] hacer un esquema de; planear; [+family] planificar
they've been planning the move for months the demonstration planned for today has been called off on Ted's ninth birthday, we planned a small party you may be planning a wedding in the exotic setting of the Caribbean people often plan their holidays around the festival at breakfast I planned my day that wasn't planned to plan the future of an industry if you plan what you're going to eat, you reduce your chances of overeating plan your route before you set off many crimes are planned well in advance to plan a robbery it is always better to plan an essay before you start writing couples can now plan their family
as planned según lo previsto; como estaba planeado
things didn't work out as planned las cosas no salieron según lo previsto or como estaban planeadas
/I met her, as planned/, on the corner of Princes Street the concert will go ahead as planned he will retire as planned at the end of this month
2 (intend)
I had been planning a trip to New York había estado pensando en or planeando un viaje a Nueva York
we had always planned a family but it was not to be I was planning a career in law to plan [to] do sth
how long do you plan to stay? ¿cuánto tiempo piensas quedarte?; what do you plan to do after college? ¿qué tienes pensado hacer después de la universidad?; ¿qué te has propuesto hacer después de la universidad?
we weren't planning to he is planning to fly to London at the end of next week she was planning to return to work after maternity leave how long do you plan to be away for? he planned to leave Baghdad on Monday
3 (design) diseñar
the art of planning a garden el arte de diseñar un jardín
it is no use trying to plan an 18-hole golf course on a 120-acre site if you have to ruin the environment to do it
intransitive verb
hacer planes
we'll just have to see what happens and plan accordingly it's impossible to plan with any degree of certainty
to plan ahead planear con antelación
one has to plan months ahead if you've not taken a bike abroad before, you'll need to plan ahead few families or individuals plan ahead systematically
to plan for sth
it is advisable to plan for retirement es aconsejable que se hagan planes para la jubilación; to plan for the future hacer planes or planear para el futuro; I hadn't planned for so many people no había contado con que viniese tanta gente
a commission was established in Tokyo to plan for the needs of the city we are planning for next April to plan for the [future] an important role of management is planning for the future it would now be difficult for schools to plan for the future
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