1. (of mammals) 
a. la manada (F) 
Nowadays it is hard to see a pack of wolves.Hoy en día es difícil ver una manada de lobos.
b. la jauría (F) (dogs) 
A pack of dogs was chasing the poor rabbit.Una jauría de perros perseguía al pobre conejo.
2. (set of goods) 
They sold me a pack of toothbrushes.Me vendieron un paquete de cepillos de dientes.
b. la cajetilla (F) (cigarettes) 
Tell her not to carry a pack of cigarettes around if she wants to quit smoking.Dile que no vaya con una cajetilla de cigarrillos encima si quiere dejar de fumar.
c. la baraja (F) (playing cards) 
I brought a deck of cards for the trip.Traje una baraja para el viaje.
3. (backpack) 
Do not bring heavy packs for the expedition.No se traigan mochilas pesadas para la expedición.
intransitive verb
4. (to fill a suitcase) 
a. empacar (Latin America) 
The train is leaving in an hour, and I still have to pack.El tren sale dentro de una hora, y yo todavía tengo que empacar.
It takes me ages to finish packing.Me cuesta un siglo acabar de hacer la maleta.
c. hacer la valija (River Plate) 
As I'm leaving very early in the morning, I already packed.Como me voy muy temprano por la mañana, ya hice la valija.
When we go on vacation, it's my mother who packs.Cuando nos vamos de vacaciones, es mi madre quien hace las maletas.
e. hacer las valijas (River Plate) 
Why did you take so long to pack? - Because I'm taking many things.¿Por qué tardaste tanto en hacer las valijas? - Porque llevo muchas cosas.
transitive verb
5. (to wrap for shipment) 
a. embalar 
We had to pack the glasses very carefully to send them to you.Tuvimos que embalar los vasos con mucho cuidado para enviártelos.
6. (to cram) 
a. embutir 
You can't pack six people into a taxi.No puedes embutir a seis personas dentro de un taxi.
7. (to put in a suitcase) 
a. empacar (Latin America) 
Did you pack your woolen hat and scarf? It's going to be cold.¿Empacaste tu gorro y tu bufanda de lana? Va a hacer frío.
I usually pack more than I need.Suelo empacar más de lo que necesito.
Once you've packed everything, close your suitcase.Cuando lo hayas metido todo en la maleta, ciérrala.
c. meter en la valija (River Plate) 
What did you pack? Why is your suitcase so heavy?¿Qué metiste en la valija? ¿Por qué pesa tanto?
d. llevar 
If you're going to scuba dive, you'll have to pack your flippers.Si vas a bucear, tendrás que llevar tus aletas.
1. (rucksack) 
a. la mochila (F) 
pack animalbestia de carga
2. (small box; of cigarettes) 
a. el paquete (M) 
3. (of playing cards) (United Kingdom) 
a. la baraja (F) 
4. (group; of thieves, photographers) 
a. la pandilla (F) 
5. (of runners, cyclists) 
a. el pelotón (M) 
6. (in rugby) 
a. el delanteros (M) 
7. (of wolves) 
a. la manada (F) 
a pack of liesuna sarta de mentiras
pack icebanco de hielo
transitive verb
8. (put into box) 
a. empaquetar 
9. (items for sale) 
a. envasar 
10. (in cotton wool, newspaper) 
a. envolver 
did you pack my toothbrush?¿metiste mi cepillo de dientes (en la maleta)?
11. (cram; earth into hole) 
a. meter 
12. (passengers into bus, train) 
a. apiñar 
we were packed in like sardinesestábamos como sardinas en lata
13. (fill; hole, box) 
a. llenar 
to pack one's suitcasehacer la maleta or
14. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to pack one's bagshacer las maletas or
to pack a punchpegar duro
intransitive verb
15. (prepare luggage) 
a. hacer el equipaje 
16. (fam fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to send somebody packingmandar a alguien a paseo
17. (cram) 
a. no direct translation 
to pack into a roomapiñarse en una habitación
pack [pæk]
1 (packet) (gen) paquete (m); especially (US) [of cigarettes] paquete (m); cajetilla (f); (wrapping) envase (m)
in packs of four
a six-pack of beer un paquete de seis cervezas
you can buy the yoghurt in packs of four he opened a new pack of A4 paper for the printer
she smokes a pack and a half a day fuma un paquete y medio or una cajetilla y media de tabaco al día
he took a cigarette from the pack and offered Jill one
for sell-by date see back of pack para la fecha de caducidad ver el reverso del envase
a gift pack containing mopisturiser, shower gel and hand cream for a free information pack on the courses we offer, please call 0673 45213
2 (traveller's) (also backpack) mochila (f); (on animal) fardo (m)
I stop and slip off my pack to get out the water bottle she stuck her thumbs through her pack straps the donkeys were loaded down with huge packs of firewood
3 [of cards] baraja (f)
a pack of cards una baraja de cartas
[like] a pack of cards
the roof collapsed like a pack of cards el tejado se derrumbó como una baraja de cartas
A stand holding 9,800 people fell like a pack of cards, trapping hundreds a pack of [lies]
he told me a pack of lies me contó una sarta or bola de mentiras; (LAm)
it's a pack of lies! ¡es una sarta or bola de mentiras!; (LAm) ¡son todo mentiras!
Jones's version of these events is nothing but a pack of lies
4 (dressing) (Med) compresa (f)
normally the pack can be kept on for at least three hours
cold pack compresa (f) fría
the application of cold packs can ease the discomfort cleanse the pores of the skin with a face pack her perfect complexion is due to regular steam baths and mud packs
5 [of hounds, dogs] jauría (f); [of wolves] manada (f)
the huntsmen were hot on the heels of the pack as they ran the fox to earth a pack of [dogs] to be attacked by a pack of rabid dogs he walks like a pack of dogs was worrying at him from all sides
a pack of hounds una jauría (de perros)
a pack of wolves una manada de lobos
6 [of people] (bunch) [of tourists, reporters] manada (f); [of idiots, fools] hatajo (m)
with a pack of cameramen in hot pursuit con una manada de cámaras pisándoles los talones
they're a pack of fools
they're like a pack of kids son como un hatajo de críos (informal)
the high street of Molivos, where a pack of German tourists had already set forth
[of brownies, cubs] patrulla (f)
the 5th Sutton Brownie Pack
[of runners, cyclists] pelotón (m)
she put on a final spurt to pull ahead of the pack and come in to win in the final straight to be [ahead] of/[leading] the pack ir a la cabeza del pelotón to stay ahead of the pack mantenerse a la cabeza del pelotón.
they are way ahead of the pack in electronic gadgetry están muy a la cabeza del pelotón en materia de aparatos electrónicos
/how does TRS stay ahead of the pack?/ as you might expect, the company has a service record second to none the world's fastest racing car, leading the pack in the challenge for the world championship [leader] of the pack of runners, cyclists Sal was the leader of the pack the leader of the pack so far is former vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro
7 (Rugby)
the pack (forwards) los delanteros
Scotland's pack were performing well on Saturday
(scrum) el pack
transitive verb
1 (put in container) [+possessions] (in case, bag etc)
I decided to pack a few things and go to my mum's
I decided to pack a few things decidí meter algunas cosas en la maleta
remember to pack some sticking plaster remember to pack your swimming trunks
have you packed the salt and pepper for the picnic? ¿has metido or puesto la sal y la pimienta para el picnic?
to pack sth [into] sth to pack one's things I'm going home to pack my things
pack your things and get out! ¡coge tus cosas or haz la maleta (con tus cosas) y lárgate de aquí! (informal)
[+goods, products for transport] (in package) empaquetar; (in crate, container) embalar; empacar; especially (LAm)
pack fragile objects in wood shavings to pack a vase in straw the heroin was found packed in shampoo bottles
he was packing plates and wine glasses into or in boxes estaba metiendo or empaquetando platos y copas en cajas
(Comm) (in individual packaging) envasar
machines now exist which pack olives in jars
she spent the summer packing apricots se pasó el verano envasando albaricoques
it comes packed in polythene
they come packed in dozens vienen en cajas de una docena
sardines packed in oil ...a delayed flight of five to six hours will ruin the produce, if it's not packed correctly
2 (fill) [+box, crate] llenar
he has a job packing boxes in a warehouse trabaja en un almacén llenando cajas
the boxes were to be packed with tins of fruit
to pack one's bags hacer las maletas
I didn't have much time to pack my bags
to pack one's bags (and go or leave) coger sus cosas e irse; coger sus cosas y largarse (informal)
after only two days in the job he was told to pack his bags and leave when I was 17, I packed my bags and left home
to pack one's/a (suit)case hacer la maleta
Eleanor was packing her trunk Eleanor estaba metiendo sus cosas en el baúl
she hadn't packed her trunk yet
a crate packed with books una caja llena de libros
our luggage included a big wooden crate packed with his books /pack the jars with the fruit/, fill with syrup and seal to pack sth [with] sth
pack your shoes with paper so they don't lose their shape mete papel en los zapatos para que no pierdan la forma
soldiers were told to pack their empty holsters with paper to make it look as though they were armed
3 (fill tightly) [+hall, stadium] llenar a rebosar
they packed the hall to see him llenaron la sala a rebosar para verlo
seventy thousand people will pack the stadium
a fun-packed holiday unas vacaciones llenas or repletas de diversión
to pack a jury formar un jurado con personas que simpatizan con el interesado
to pack a [meeting] opposition parties have boycotted the proceedings, saying the government has packed the conference with its own supporters
a thrill-packed evening una tarde muy emocionante
4 (press tightly)
to pack sth/sb into sth
we packed the children into the car apretujamos a los niños en el coche
the prisoners were unceremoniously packed into cattle trucks and driven off they've packed an enormous amount of information into this guide
they've packed enough information into this guide to satisfy every need han incluído suficiente información en esta guía como para satisfacer las necesidades de todo el mundo
to pack sth round sth encajar algo alrededor de algo
to pack earth round a plant acollar una planta
she had packed the pillows round the patient to support him
5 (carry)
he packs a gun lleva un revólver
eight bodyguards, at least one of them packing a pistol
he packs a powerful punch pega duro
Jones packs a powerful punch and his opponent will be hard put to beat him
this play packs a powerful punch esta es una obra con mucho impacto emocional
W. Somerset Maugham's novel still packs an emotional punch
drinks that pack quite a punch bebidas (f) que pegan fuerte
this machine packs plenty of power
intransitive verb
1 (do one's packing) hacer la(s) maleta(s)
I packed and said goodbye to Charlie have you packed? I must go and pack you can pack later
to send sb packing [+visitor, caller] echar a algn con cajas destempladas; (from job) despedir a algn sin contemplaciones
those friends of yours came round again but I sent them packing I decided I wanted to live alone and I sent him packing when I discovered that he'd been stealing food I sent him packing
(fit) caber
these books will pack easily into that box estos libros cabrán bien en esa caja
do you think all this will pack into one suitcase? ¿crees que todo esto cabrá or se podrá meter en una maleta?
2 (cram) [+people]
to pack into a room/theatre apiñarse or apretujarse en una habitación/un teatro
they packed into the hall to see him hundreds of thousands of people packed into the mosque to pack into a [car]
the five of us packed into her Mini los cinco nos apiñamos or apretujamos en su Mini; los cinco nos metimos apretujados en su Mini
they packed round the speaker se apiñaron or se apretujaron en torno al orador
3 (compact) [+snow] hacerse una masa compacta
the snow had packed against the door
pack animal (n) bestia (f) or animal (m) de carga
the llamas were used as pack animals, transporting crops to the village
pack ice (n) banco (m) de hielo; masa (f) flotante de hielo
they told of ships locked in pack ice for years on end the dark sea soon gave way to solid pack ice
pack leader (n) (Rugby) delanteroadelantera (m) (f) principal;a delantera
I am pack leader and I make the final decisions on the pitch
líder (m) de la panda or del grupo
at nine, he was big enough to back up his claim to be pack leader in the school yard
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