transitive verb
1. (to move quickly) 
a. batir 
Now, beat the ingredients until they form a batter.Ahora, bate los ingredientes hasta que formen una pasta.
The baby bird beat its wings until it finally lifted off the ground.El pajarito batió las alas hasta que por fin se levantó del suelo.
2. (to hit repeatedly) 
a. golpear 
She beat the pillow with her hand until it softened up.Ella golpeó la almohada con la mano hasta que se ablandó.
b. pegar 
In many states, it is prohibited for parents to beat their children.En muchos estados, es prohibido que los padres peguen a sus hijos.
3. (to defeat) 
a. vencer 
The Mexicans beat the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.Los mexicanos vencieron a los franceses en la Batalla de Puebla el 5 de mayo del 1862.
b. ganar 
I can't believe that team beat us.No puedo creer que ese equipo nos haya ganado.
c. derrotar 
Germany beat Argentina in the 2014 World Cup finals.Alemania derrotó Argentina en el final de la copa mundial de 2014.
intransitive verb
4. (to pulsate) 
a. latir 
The average heart beats 70 times a minute.El corazón medio late 70 veces por minuto.
5. (rhythm) 
a. el ritmo (M) 
The dancers moved their hips to the beat of the music.Los bailarines movían las caderas al ritmo de la música.
6. (measurable musical unit) 
a. el pulso (M) 
If a piece is in three-four time, that means there are three beats per measure.Si una pieza está en tres por cuatro, eso quiere decir que hay tres pulsos por compás.
7. (allocated area) 
a. la ronda (F) 
One of the party's electoral promises is to have more police officers on the beat.Una de las promesas electorales del partido es de tener a más policías haciendo sus rondas.
1. (of heart) 
a. el latido (M) 
2. (in music; rhythm) 
a. el ritmo (M) 
3. (in bar) 
a. el tiempo (M) 
4. (of policeman) (United Kingdom) 
a. la ronda (F) 
on the beatde ronda
5. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (exhausted) 
to be dead beatestar hecho(a) polvo
transitive verb
6. (hit; person) 
a. golpear (repetidamente) 
7. (eggs) 
a. batir 
to beat a drumtocar el tambor
to beat the retreatbatirse en retirada
to beat a path through the crowdabrirse camino entre la multitud
8. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
beat it!¡largo!, ¡esfúmate! ¡bórrate!
the bird beat its wingsel pájaro batió las alas
9. (defeat) 
a. ganar 
we beat them easilyles ganamos sin dificultad
that will take some beatingeso va a ser difícil de mejorar
I got up early to beat the trafficme levanté temprano para adelantarme a la hora punta, pico
he beat me to itse me adelantó
you can't beat a good bookno hay nada mejor que un buen libro
10. (prov) 
a. no direct translation 
if you can't beat them, join themsi no puedes vencer al enemigo, únete a él
11. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
that beats everything!¡es lo mejor que he oído en mi vida!
12. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
it beats me why he did itno tengo ni idea de por qué lo hizo
intransitive verb
13. (heart) 
a. latir 
to beat about or around the bushandarse por las ramas
beat [biːt] beat (past)beaten (participle:past)
1 (stroke, blow) [of drum] redoble (m)
they stomped their right feet on the ground at each beat of the bass drum the beat of their drums matched the beat of Blake's thumping heart
[of heart] latido (m)
the beat of his heart grew faster flies move their wings at speeds up to 1000 beats per second
her heart missed or skipped a beat le dio un vuelco el corazón; he replied without missing a beat contestó sin alterarse
he's a man of many talents: writer,director, producer actor - without missing a beat, he can become, in a moment, a politician he can change roles without missing a beat "not yet," he answered, without missing a beat on his computer he questioned how a president who had organised anti-war demonstrations could ever send young men and women to war. Clinton didn't miss a beat. Turning to Bush he demolished him
2 (beating) [of drums] redoble (m); [of waves, rain] batir (m)
they could hear the beat of the surf on the beach the constant beat of the rain on the tin roof of the shack the insistent beat of rain on the roof
the beat of wings el batir de alas
he kept up the muffled beat on the window-pane they danced to the beat of a drum to march to the beat of the drum
3 (Mús) (rhythm) compás (m); ritmo (m)
the flute had lost the beat altogether Sinatra has this way of singing off the beat a funky dance beat the most basic 4/4 beat wait for the conductor to give the beat
(rhythmic unit) tiempo (m)
you don't come in till the third beat (of the bar) there was something off, a beat or a note missing [of conductor] his beat is not very clear no marca el compás con mucha claridad
4 (route) [of policeman] ronda (f)
he had spent 20 years on the beat había hecho la ronda durante 20 años
like other policemen on the beat, Bob is unarmed
we need more officers on the beat deberíamos tener más agentes haciendo la ronda
we could see the sentinel walking his beat Broadway was this man's beat
that's rather off my beat no es lo mío
5 (also beatnik) beatnik (m)
transitive verb
1 (strike, thrash) [+surface] golpear; dar golpes en; [+drum] tocar; [+carpet] sacudir; [+metal] batir
the car door had to be beaten into shape after the accident (Cookery)
[+eggs, cream] batir; (Hunting) (to raise game) batir
brush the pie with beaten egg beat the egg whites until stiff
they beat the whole area to bring the pheasant into the open police were beating the countryside in search of the lost child over the years a path had been beaten along the river
to beat sth flat aplanar algo a golpes; I had Latin beaten into me at school en el colegio me enseñaron latín a fuerza de golpes; he beat his fists on the table aporreó la mesa con los puños; dio golpes con los puños en la mesa
he beat the water [with] his hands
they had to beat a path through the jungle tuvieron que abrirse paso a través de la jungla
2 (beat up) [+person] pegar
he was badly beaten le habían dado una buena paliza; to beat sb's brains out (informal) partir la crisma a algn (informal); partir la cabeza a algn
they stood over him with clubs raised as if to beat his brains out they shot my pet cat with a bow and arrow, then beat its brains out
to beat sb to death matar a algn a golpes or de una paliza
3 (flap) [+wings] batir
the bird beat its wings
4 (Mús)
to beat time marcar el compás
he was beating time with his hand a drummer beats time while 20 men row the boat
5 (defeat) [+team, adversary] ganar a; [+problem] superar
he beat Smith by five seconds le ganó a Smith por cinco segundos; Arsenal beat Leeds 5-1 el Arsenal ganó 5-1 contra el Leeds; el Arsenal derrotó al Leeds 5-1; she was easily beaten into third place fue fácil ganarla haciéndola quedar en el tercer puesto; she doesn't know when she's beaten no sabe reconocer que ha perdido; our prices cannot be beaten nuestros precios son insuperables or imbatibles; we've got to beat inflation tenemos que superar la inflación; "how did he escape?" — "(it) beats me!" (informal) —¿cómo escapó? —¡no me lo explico! or —¡(no tengo) ni idea!
she has finally beaten breast cancer he's spent all his life trying to beat the system it beats me how she gets away with it how you can be so insensitive absolutely beats me! he's going to be a tough candidate to beat it was only hope for beating inflation to beat sb [hands] down
if you can't beat them, join them si no puedes con ellos, únete a ellos
6 (better) [+record] batir
he beat his own previous best time batió su propio récord; it beats sitting at home doing nothing es mejor que estar en casa sin hacer nada; you can't beat a nice cup of tea no hay nada mejor que una buena taza de té; coffee beats tea any day el café da cien vueltas al té
being your own boss certainly beats selling insurance
that beats everything! ¡eso es el colmo!; can you beat it or that? ¿has visto cosa igual?; beat it! (informal) ¡lárgate! (informal)
7 (pre-empt) adelantarse
if we leave early, we can beat the rush hour si salimos temprano, nos evitamos la hora punta
buy your petrol now and beat the budget! they were rushing to beat the deadline to beat sb [to] sth
I'll beat you to that tree ¿a que llego antes que tú a aquel árbol?; te echo una carrera hasta aquel árbol
I beat him to it
they determined to be the first to get there but the other team beat them to it (by 36 hours) estaban decididos a llegar los primeros pero el otro equipo les ganó or se les adelantó (en 36 horas); I could see she was about to object but I beat her to it me di cuenta de que iba a poner objeciones pero me adelanté
the Italians beat them to it by about 36 hours I could see Janet was about to object but I beat her to it [ie, I objected before she got round to it]
intransitive verb
1 (hit)
to beat on or against or at sth [+rain, waves] azotar algo; [+person] dar golpes en algo; golpear algo; the waves beat against the harbour wall las olas azotaban el muro del puerto; someone was beating on the door alguien estaba dando golpes en or golpeando or aporreando la puerta; she began beating at the flames with a pillow empezó a apagar las llamas a golpes con una almohada
she beat on the floor with her fists the rain was beating against at the windows
2 (sound rhythmically) [+heart] latir; [+drum] redoblar; [+wings] batir
he felt his heart beating faster drums beating and pipes playing the humming bird's wings beat thousands of times a second the poor bird's wings beat faster and faster as it tried to escape
3 (Hunting) (to raise game) batir
to beat about the bush andarse con rodeos
let's not beat about the bush no nos andemos con rodeos; stop beating about the bush! ¡deja de andarte con rodeos!
don't beat about the bush
1 (exhausted) rendido; molido (informal)
2 (defeated)
the problem has me beat me doy por vencido con este problema; Gerald had him beat on the practical side of things Gerald le daba mil vueltas en el aspecto práctico de las cosas
Honestly, Mr Kenworthy - you've got me beat
beat box (n) caja (f) de ritmos
it was just Stephen and me, sitting at a piano or playing with a synthesizer and a beat box
beat generation (n) generación (f) beat
members of the generation that came to maturity in the 1950s, whose rejection of the social and politicalsystems of the West was expressed through contempt for regular work, possessions, traditional dress etc
grupo rock de los cincuenta y sesenta they were one of the most popular beat groups of the early sixties
beat music (n) música rock de las décadas de los cincuenta y sesenta
any poet of the beat generation
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