amount to
amount to
transitive verb phrase
1. (add up to) 
a. ascender a 
her debts a to £700sus deudas ascienden a 700 libras
2. (mean) 
a. no direct translation 
it amounts to the same thingviene a ser lo mismo, equivale a lo mismo
he'll never a to muchnunca llegará a nada
amount to
intransitive verb
1 (add up to) [+sums, figures, debts] sumar; ascender a
Your husband's debts amount to quite a sum Taxes on expenditure, including VAT, amount to 33 per cent of the total In a regular 28-day cycle, this would amount to around 10 days each month
2 (be equivalent to) equivaler a; significar
it amounts to the same thing es igual; viene a ser lo mismo; this amounts to a refusal esto equivale a una negativa
3 (be worth)
it doesn't amount to much apenas es significativo; viene a ser poca cosa; he'll never amount to much nunca dejará de ser nadie
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