you see
Affirmative imperativeconjugation ofsee. There are other translations for this conjugation.


A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to perceive)
a. ver
We've seen a number of houses, but now we have to choose one.Hemos visto varias casas, pero ahora nos toca escoger una.
2. (to comprehend)
a. ver
I see your point; eating ice cream before working out is not a good idea.Veo lo que quieres decir; comer helado antes de hacer ejercicio no es buena idea.
b. entender
Do you see what I mean?¿Entiendes lo que te digo?
3. (to find out)
a. ver
Go see who is at the door.Ve a ver quién está en la puerta.
b. averiguar
I'm going to go see what all the commotion is.Voy a averiguar la causa del alboroto.
4. (to make sure)
a. asegurarse de que
I'll see you get an appointment as early as possible.Me aseguraré de que le den una cita lo antes posible.
5. (to visualize)
a. imaginar
I can already see myself on the beach. I can't wait for my vacation!Ya me imagino en la playa. ¡Qué ganas tengo de estar de vacaciones!
6. (to visit)
a. ver
I saw my parents just last weekend.Acabo de ver a mis padres el fin de semana pasado.
7. (to receive)
a. ver
If you want the lawyer to see you, you'll have to make an appointment.Si quieren que les vea el abogado, tendrán que pedir cita.
b. atender
Go into the waiting room, please. The doctor will see you right away.Pase a la sala de espera, por favor. El médico le atenderá enseguida.
8. (to date)
a. salir con
Did you know that Ana is seeing a coworker?¿Sabías que Ana sale con un compañero del trabajo?
9. (to accompany)
a. acompañar
I'll see you to the door.Te acompaño a la puerta.
10. (to regard)
a. ver
I see Jake as a friend more than a future partner.Yo veo a Jake como amigo más bien que una futura pareja.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
11. (to perceive)
a. ver
Cats can see in the dark.Los gatos pueden ver en la oscuridad.
12. (to understand)
a. ver
Right now I don't expect you to understand, but one day you'll see.Ahora mismo no espero que lo entiendas, pero un día lo verás.
13. (to find out)
a. averiguar
I'm going to go see if the food is ready.Voy a averiguar si está lista la comida.
14. (to consider)
a. ver
We'll just have to see how this all turns out.Tendremos que esperar a ver cómo terminará esta situación.
A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
15. (religion)
a. la sede
(f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
The Holy See is the central governing body of the Roman Catholic church.La Santa Sede es el gobierno central de la Iglesia católica romana.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (with eyes, perceive)
a. ver
to see somebody do or doing somethingver a alguien hacer algo
did you see that program last night?¿viste anoche ese programa?
now see what you've done!¡mira lo que has hecho!
to see the sightshacer turismo
see page 50ver or véase pág. 50
to be seeing thingsver visiones
it has to be seen to be believedhay que verlo para creerlo
I can't see a way out of this problemno le veo solución a este problema
could you see your way to lending me the money?¿crees que podrías prestarme el dinero?
to see sense or reasonatender a razones
these years saw many changesestos años fueron testigos de muchos cambios
I don't know what you see in herno sé qué ves en ella
it remains to be seen whether…está por ver si…
I can't see any or the sense in continuing this discussioncreo que no tiene sentido continuar esta discusión
this is how I see ityo lo veo así
2. (understand)
a. ver, entender
I see what you meanya veo lo que quieres decir
I don't see the need for…no veo qué necesidad hay de…
I don't see the pointno creo que tenga sentido
3. (envisage, imagine)
a. creer, imaginarse
what do you see happening next?¿qué crees que ocurrirá a continuación?
I can't see them accepting thisno creo que vayan a aceptar esto
I can't see you as a boxerno te imagino como or de boxeador
4. (investigate, inquire)
I'll see what I can doveré qué puedo hacer
let's see what happens if…veamos qué ocurre si…
5. (make sure)
I shall see (to it) that he comesme encargaré de que venga
see (to it) that you don't miss the train!¡asegúrate de no perder el tren!
6. (colloquial)
he'll see you (all) rightél te echará una mano
7. (meet; person)
a. ver
8. (doctor, solicitor)
a. ver, visitar
I'm seeing Bill tomorrowmañana voy a ver a Bill
see you soon!¡hasta pronto!
9. (escort, accompany)
a. acompañar
to see somebody home/to the dooracompañar a alguien a casa/a la puerta
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
10. (with eyes)
a. ver
as far as the eye can seehasta donde alcanza la vista
see for yourselfmíralo tú mismo
we shall seeya veremos
11. (understand)
a. entender, ver
as far as I can seea mi entender
ah, I see!¡ah, ya veo!
12. (examine, consider)
let me see, let's seeveamos
can we go to the beach? — we'll see¿podemos ir a la playa? — ya veremos
13. (find out)
I'll go and seevoy a ver
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see [siː] saw (past)seen (participle:past)
transitive verb
intransitive verb
1 (gen) ver
I saw him yesterday lo vi ayer; I can't see no veo nada; to see sb do or doing sth ver a algn hacer algo; I saw him coming lo vi venir; (go and) see who's at the door ve a ver quién llama (a la puerta); he was seen to fall se le vio caer; I saw it done in 1988 lo vi hacer en 1988
see page eight véase la página ocho
did you see that Queen Anne is dead? ¿has oído que ha muerto la reina Ana?
he's seen it all está de vuelta de todo
there was nobody to be seen no se veía ni nadie
there was not a house to be seen no se veía ni una sola casa
as you can see como ves
as far as the eye can see hasta donde alcanza la vista; from here you can see for miles desde aquí se ve muy lejos
I'll see him damned first antes le veré colgado
I never thought I'd see the day when ... nunca pensé ver el día en que ...
this car has seen better days este coche ha conocido mejores tiempos
this dress isn't fit to be seen este vestido no se puede ver
he's not fit to be seen in public no se le puede presentar a los ojos del público
see for yourself velo tú
I'll go and see voy a ver
now see here! (in anger) ¡mira!; ¡oiga!; ¡escuche!
I see nothing wrong in it no le encuentro nada malo
I don't know what she sees in him no sé lo que encuentra en él; I see in the paper that ... sale en el periódico que ...
let me seelet's see (show me/us) a ver; (let me/us think) vamos a ver
she's certainly seeing life es seguro que está viendo muchas cosas
we'll not see his like again no veremos otro como él
he's seen a lot of the world ha visto mucho mundo
so I see ya lo veo
I must be seeing things estoy viendo visiones
I can't see to read no veo lo suficiente para leer
can you see your way to helping us? ¿nos hace el favor de ayudarnos?
we'll see ya veremos; a ver
I'll see what I can do veré si puedo hacer algo
she won't see 40 again los 40 ya no los cumple
2 (visit, meet) ver; visitar; (have an interview with) tener una entrevista con; entrevistarse con
the minister saw the Queen yesterday el ministro se entrevistó or tuvo una entrevista con la Reina ayer; I'm afraid I can't see you tomorrow lamento no poder verle mañana
I want to see you about my daughter quiero hablar con usted acerca de mi hija
what did he want to see you about? ¿qué asunto quería discutir contigo?; ¿qué motivo tuvo su visita?
we'll be seeing them for dinner vamos a cenar con ellos
to see the doctor ir a ver al médico; consultar al médico
you need to see a doctor tienes que ir a ver or consultar a un médico
to go and see sb ir a ver a algn; (a friend) visitar a algn
we don't see much of them nowadays ahora les vemos bastante poco
see you! chau (informal)
see you on Sunday! ¡hasta el domingo!; see you tomorrow! ¡hasta mañana!; see you later! ¡hasta luego!; see you soon! ¡hasta pronto!
3 (understand, perceive) entender
I see lo veo; I see! ya entiendo; this is how I see it este es mi modo de entenderlo; yo lo entiendo así; I saw only too clearly that ... percibí claramente que ...; it's all over, see? se acabó, ¿entiendes?
I can't or don't see why/how etc ... no veo or entiendo por qué/cómo etc ...
I don't see why
I don't see it, myself yo no creo que sea posible; he's dead, don't you see? está muerto, ¿me entiendes?
the Russians see it differently los rusos lo miran desde otro punto de vista; el criterio de los rusos es distinto
I fail to see how no comprendo or entiendo cómo
as far as I can see por lo visto; por lo que yo veo
the way I see it a mi parecer
4 (accompany) acompañar
he was so drunk we had to see him to bed estaba tan borracho que tuvimos que llevarle a la cama
to see sb to the door acompañar a algn a la puerta
to see sb home acompañar a algn a casa
may I see you home? ¿puedo acompañarte a casa?
5 (try) procurar
see if ... ve a ver si ...; mira a ver si ...
6 (imagine) imaginarse
I can just see him as a teacher me lo imagino de profesor; I don't see her as a minister no la veo or no me la imagino de ministra; I can't see myself doing that no me imagino con capacidad para hacer eso; I can't really see myself being elected en realidad no creo que me vayan a elegir; I can't see him winning me parece imposible que gane
7 (ensure)
to see (to it) that procurar que; see that he has all he needs procura que tenga todo lo que necesita; to see that sth is done procurar que algo se haga; see that you have it ready for Monday procura tenerlo listo para el lunes; see that it does not happen again y que no vuelva a ocurrir
see [siː]
(Rel) sede (f); [of archbishop] arzobispado (m); [of bishop] obispado (m)
the Holy See la Santa Sede
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