1. (examination) 
a. el examen (M) 
She is very nervous about the test in her biology class.Está muy nerviosa por el examen en su clase de biología.
b. la prueba (F) 
The job interview will also include a test.La entrevista para el puesto incluirá también una prueba.
c. el test (M) 
I have to take an aptitude test before entering the program.Tengo que pasar un test de aptitud antes de entrar al programa
2. (medical analysis) 
a. la prueba (F) 
The doctor ran a series of tests to try to find the problem.El doctor hizo una serie de pruebas para tratar de encontrar el problema.
The blood tests revealed iron and calcium deficiencies.Los análisis de sangre revelaron deficiencias de hierro y calcio.
c. el examen (M) 
Her illness remains a mystery, as her tests were inconclusive.Su enfermedad sigue siendo un misterio ya que los exámenes no fueron concluyentes.
transitive verb
3. (to examine) 
a. examinar 
The researchers have to test every product for comprehensive results.Los investigadores tienen que examinar todos los productos para obtener resultados completos.
b. evaluar 
At the end of the year, the professor tested the knowledge of the students.Al fin del año, el profesor evaluó los conocimientos de los estudiantes.
c. revisar (medical) 
I'm getting my ears tested because I can't hear very well.Me van a revisar los oídos porque no escucho bien.
d. probar 
We have to test the safety of the vehicle before renting it out again.Tenemos que probar la seguridad del vehículo antes de rentarlo de nuevo.
4. (to try out) 
a. probar 
I advise you to test the water before jumping in.Te aconsejo que pruebes el agua antes de saltar.
5. (to put to the test) 
Running a marathon tests not only physical, but also mental strength.Correr un maratón pone a prueba tanta la fortaleza física como la mental.
intransitive verb
6. (to take a test) 
I test much better if I eat a good breakfast.Me examino mejor si desayuno bien.
1. (trial, check) 
a. la prueba (F) 
to put something/somebody to the testponer algo/a alguien a prueba
to pass the testsuperar la prueba
to stand the test of timeresistir la prueba del tiempo
test bansuspensión de pruebas nucleares
2. (law) 
a. no direct translation 
test caseresolución judicial que sienta jurisprudencia
test driveprueba de carretera
test flightvuelo de prueba
test pilotpiloto de pruebas
test runprueba f, ensayo m
test tubeprobeta f
test tube babyniño(a) probeta
3. (examination) 
a. el examen (M) 
(driving) testexamen de conducir, manejar
eye testrevisión de la vista
blood testanálisis de sangre
French testprueba or control de francés
4. (in cricket) 
a. no direct translation 
test (match)encuentro internacional de cinco días
transitive verb
5. (examine; pupil) 
a. examinar 
6. (sight, hearing) 
a. revisar 
to test somebody's knowledgeponer a prueba los conocimientos de alguien
to test somebody for drugs/Aidshacer a alguien la prueba antidoping/del sida
7. (try out; object, system) 
a. probar 
intransitive verb
8. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to test for Aidshacerse la prueba del sida
to test positive/negativedar positivo/negativo
test [test]
1 (Educ) (Univ) examen (m); (multiple-choice) test (m); (esp for job) prueba (f)
we've got a maths test tomorrow mañana tenemos (un) examen de matemáticas
a weekly French test many employers use written tests to determine whether a prospective employee will lie, cheat or steal they are trying to devise a test to find suitable security staff it wasn't a fair test of her linguistic abilities aural comprehension test
to do a test (Educ) (Univ) hacer un examen; (multiple choice) hacer un test; (for job) hacer una prueba
to fail a test (Educ) (Univ) suspender un examen; (multiple choice) suspender un test; (for job) no pasar una prueba
to give sb a test (in sth) examinar a algn (de algo); poner a algn un examen (de algo)
a teacher may give the children a test to determine their levels of ability
an oral test un examen oral
to pass a test (Educ) (Univ) aprobar un examen; (multiple choice) aprobar un test; (for job) pasar una prueba
to take a test (Educ) (Univ) hacer un examen; (multiple choice) hacer un test; (for job) hacer una prueba
a written test un examen oral/escrito
to [sit] a test presentarse a un examen
2 (Aut) (also driving test) examen (m) de conducir
when are you taking your test? I've got my test on Thursday my test is on Thursday I failed my driving test six times
to fail one's test suspender el examen de conducir
to pass one's test aprobar el examen de conducir
to take one's test hacer el examen de conducir
3 (Med) [of organs, functioning] prueba (f); [of sample, substance] análisis (m)
AIDS test prueba (f) del sida
blood test análisis (m) de sangre
eye test revisión (f) de la vista
it was sent to the laboratory for tests lo mandaron al laboratorio para que lo analizaran
they did a test for diphtheria
hearing test revisión (f) del oído
kidney function test
medical test examen (m) médico
he has been undergoing medical tests in hospital medical tests revealed no physical problem
pregnancy test prueba (f) del embarazo
urine test análisis (m) de orina
to have take an [AIDS] test to do a [pregnancy] test doctors do pregnancy tests free of charge to [run] a test the hospital is running tests and we are waiting for the results
4 (trial) [of aircraft, new product, drug] prueba (f)
nuclear test prueba (f) nuclear
they want to ban cosmetics tests on animals quieren prohibir las pruebas de cosméticos en animales
they are proven to be carcinogenic in tests on laboratory animals to [do] [carry out] a test on sth it was only this week that the FBI released the results of the tests carried out on the box He planned to carry out tests on a suspect water heater flue vent and check for a build up of killer carbon monoxide they did tests on the water to see whether there was bacteria in it
5 prueba (f)
he now faces the toughest test of his leadership ahora se enfrenta a la prueba más difícil durante su periodo como líder; holidays are a major test of any relationship irse de vacaciones es una de las pruebas más difíciles a la que se somete cualquier relación
these elections are expected to be the first real test of the strength of the Italian Communist Party the election is a test of public opinion
to put sth to the test poner or someter algo a prueba
to stand the test of time resistir el paso del tiempo
if this romance is real, it can stand the test of time it has stood the test of time
6 (Cricket) (Rugby) (also test match) partido (m) internacional
Brit, Aus, NZ
England won the test series against Australia Inglaterra ganó la serie de partidos internacionales contra Australia
transitive verb
1 [+student, pupil] examinar; [+candidate] (for job) hacer una prueba a; [+knowledge] evaluar; [+understanding] poner a prueba
there was a time when a teacher spent one hour a week testing pupils in every subject an exercise to test your understanding of the balance sheet
to test sb on sth (Educ) (Univ) examinar a algn de algo; (esp for job) hacer una prueba de algo a algn; (for revision) hacer preguntas de algo a algn (para repasar)
she was tested on her computer skills le hicieron una prueba de informática; can you test me on my French/spelling? ¿me haces preguntas de francés/ortografía?
children should be tested on their knowledge of historical facts would you like me to test you on your chemistry equations? let me test you on your ABC would you like me to test you on your German vocabulary?
2 (Med) [+blood, urine, sample] analizar
it costs £50 to test each blood sample
to have one's eyes tested hacerse una revisión de la vista
to test sb/sth for sth
to test sb for AIDS hacer la prueba del SIDA a algn; to test sb for drugs (gen) realizar pruebas a algn para comprobar si ha consumido drogas; [+athlete, sportsperson] realizar el control antidoping a algn; my doctor wants me to be tested for diabetes mi médico quiere que me haga un análisis para ver or (formal) determinar si tengo diabetes
to test sb for diabetes to test sb for drugs he had not been tested for HIV or hepatitis to test sth [for] sth
the urine is tested for protein se hace un análisis de orina para determinar el contenido de proteínas
blood stocks will have to be tested for the presence of infected prions you will also have your blood tested for German Measles kidney damage is detected by testing your urine for protein to test metal for impurities they tested the material for resistance to heat
3 (conduct trials on) [+aircraft, weapon, new product, drug] probar
the drug was tested in clinical trials se sometió el medicamento a pruebas clínicas
the new weapon is being tested guidelines for testing new products
all our products are tested for quality probamos la calidad de todos nuestros productos
to test sth on sth/sb probar algo con or en algo/algn
none of our products are tested on animals ninguno de nuestros productos se prueba con or en animales; test the cream on an unaffected area of skin pruebe la crema sobre una zona cutánea no afectada
why do you test your products on animals?
4 (check) probar
test the water temperature with your elbow pruebe la temperatura del agua con el codo; he tested the ice with a stick usó un palo para comprobar la solidez del hielo
either measure the temperature with a bath thermometer or test the water with your wrist he gingerly tested the ice with his foot before putting all of his weight onto it
to test the water(s) tantear el terreno
the government wanted to test the waters and see how the press would react
5 (put to the test) [+person, courage] poner a prueba
his resolve will be tested to the limits this week su resolución se pondrá a prueba al máximo esta semana
from the first day Rudolph was testing me, seeing if I would make him tea he may have been testing US resolve the coming elections will test the strength of support for the nationalists it was a bleak enough place to test the courage of any bride
to test sb's patience poner a prueba la paciencia de algn
intransitive verb
(conduct a test)
to test [for] sth
testing, testing ... (Telec) probando, probando ...
it is a method used to test for allergies es un método utilizado en pruebas de alergia
they will be testing for discrimination against women they use psychometric testing to test for sociability, team spirit and so on they'll also be testing for discrimination against pregnant women, people with disabilities, and gays and lesbians this is one of several methods of testing for HIV We would like to start testing for steroids the screening service tests for high blood pressure Methods of testing for vitamin and mineral deficiency or excess are fraught with all sorts of difficulties if you are worried, then your doctor will easily be able to test for antibodies the only certain way of testing for the presence of Down's Syndrome in an unborn child is by taking a sample of foetal cells
just testing! ¡por si acaso pregunto!
"Have you done that washing up yet?" "You know I have!" "Just testing!"
to test negative/positive (for sth) dar negativo/positivo (en la prueba de algo)
to test [positive] [negative] On December 23 only three drivers tested positive out of 192 athletes who test positive for steroids tested positive for drugs in Barcelona the hospital's policy does not discriminate against staff who test positive for the AIDS virus the woman making the charges has tested negative for HIV to test for they've been testing for gas in the North Sea again They are testing for variation in flavour
(nuclear) test ban (n) prohibición (f) de pruebas nucleares
test bed (n) banco (m) de pruebas
test card (n) (TV) carta (f) de ajuste
test case (n) (Jur) juicio (m) que sienta jurisprudencia
test cricket (n) críquet (m) a nivel internacional
test data (n) resultados (m) de prueba
instruments for recording test data the Food and Drug Administration is holding a safety review after four US manufacturers submitted inadequate test data for the first time the agency will accept other countries' test data for some drugs, rather than insisting on useless duplication
test drive (n) (by potential buyer) prueba (f) en carretera; (by mechanic, technician) prueba (f) de rodaje
to take sth for a test drive probar algo en carretera
test flight (n) vuelo (m) de prueba; vuelo (m) de ensayo
test marketing (n) pruebas de un producto nuevo en el mercado
test marketing has already shown the product to be a great success las pruebas realizadas en el mercado ya han mostrado que el producto tiene un éxito tremendo
Sierra executives say their test marketing in California has drawn an enthusiastic response
test match (n) (Cricket) (Rugby) partido (m) internacional
test paper (n) (Educ) (Univ) examen (m); (multiple-choice) test (m); (Chem) papel (m) reactivo
test pattern (n) (US) (TV)
test card See culture box in entry test.
test piece (n) (Mús) pieza (f) elegida para un certamen de piano
test pilot (n) piloto (m) de pruebas
test run (n) vuelta (f) de prueba; prueba (f)
these initial test runs ended when I narrowly missed a cyclist who wobbled into my path
puesta (f) a prueba
The plan was approved by the Berkeley city council yesterday. It will go through a test run from June to November The vote was seen as a test run for elections to come
test tube (n) probeta (f); tubo (m) de ensayo
test tube baby (n) bebé (m) probeta
masculine noun
1. (exam) 
a. test 
Antes de ponerte en una clase, te haremos un test para determinar tu nivel de francés.Before placing you in a class, we'll give you a test to determine your level in French.
2. (questionnaire) 
a. test 
¿Hiciste el test de la revista para saber si eres una persona romántica o no?Did you do the magazine test to find out whether you're a romantic person or not?
1. (general) 
a. test 
hacer un testto do o take a test
hacer un test a alguiento give somebody a test
tipo testmultiple-choice
test de embarazopregnancy test
test de inteligenciaintelligence test
test [tes]
tests (plural) [tes] test
examen tipo test multiple-choice exam
test de comprensión comprehension test
test de embarazo pregnancy test
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