1. (adhesive strip) 
a. la cinta (F) 
She used tape to seal up the package.Usó cinta para sellar el paquete.
Dad always uses so much tape when wrapping presents.Papá siempre usa un montón de cinta adhesiva para envolver regalos.
2. (audio and video) 
a. la cinta (F) 
I found a Madonna tape, but I don't have a cassette player to listen to it.Encontré una cinta de Madonna, pero no tengo reproductor de casetes para oírla.
b. el casete (M) 
My mom loves listening to her old tapes.A mi mamá le encanta escuchar sus casetes viejos.
transitive verb
3. (to stick) 
a. pegar 
She taped the photo to the wall.Pegó la foto en la pared.
4. (record) 
a. grabar 
He taped his son's first steps with my camera.Grabó los primeros pasos de su hijo con mi cámara.
1. (ribbon) 
a. la cinta (F) 
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
sticky) tapecinta adhesiva
3. (sport) 
a. no direct translation 
the (finishing) tapela (cinta de) meta
tape (measure)cinta métrica
4. (for recording, cassette) 
a. la cinta (magnetofónica) (F) 
tape headcabezal (de casete or cinta)
tape recordercasete m
tape recordinggrabación (magnetofónica)
transitive verb
5. (stick with tape) 
a. pegar con cinta adhesiva 
6. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
I've got him/it tapedlo tengo controlado or
7. (record) 
a. grabar 
tape [teɪp]
1 (made of cloth) cinta (f); (adhesive tape) cinta (f) adhesiva; Scotch (m);™ (Dep) meta (f); (ceremonial) cinta (f) simbólica;(also tape measure) cinta (f) métrica; metro (m)
I need a tape to measure this room Jean-Louis Bianco, the French transport minister, cut a tape to open a motorway interchange use the tapes that are sewn inside the tent flap to tie it back
2 (for recording) (magnetic strip) cinta (f) (magnetofónica)
tape is expensive and loses sound quality every time it is copied he was interviewed on tape
(cassette, recording) cinta (f)
why don't you put a tape on she still listens to the tapes I gave her
I'll do you a tape of it te lo grabaré (en cinta); a blank tape una cinta virgen; on tape grabado (en cinta)
transitive verb
1 (record) grabar (en cinta)
did you tape that film on TV last night? she's just taped an interview
2 (seal) (also tape up) cerrar con cinta; poner una cinta a
put the bottles into boxes and tape them up shopkeepers were taping up their windows the envelope has been taped shut
3 (fasten)
to tape sth to sth pegar algo a algo con cinta adhesiva
a series of electrodes were taped to his head I taped the base of the feather onto the velvet there are notes from years ago taped to the walls
to have sth/sb taped
I've got him taped ya le tengo calado (informal); I've got it taped ya le he cogido el tranquillo (informal); we've got it all taped lo tenemos todo organizado; todo funciona perfectamente
tape deck (n) pletina (f); unidad (f) de cinta
tape drive (n) (Comput) accionador (m) de cinta
tape machine (n) casete (m); magnetofón (m)
tape measure (n) cinta (f) métrica; metro (m)
tape recorder (n) casete (m); (Esp) grabadora (f); especially (LAm) (reel-to-reel) magnetofón (m); magnetófono (m)
tape recording (n) grabación (f) (en cinta)
tape streamer (n) (Comput) dispositivo (m) de copia de seguridad
The entire set of scanned drawings is occupying approximately 140 mbytes of storage in compressed form enabling entire back-up copies to be made on two tape streamer tapes
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