1. (outer part or layer) 
The surface of the lake was as smooth as glass this morning.La superficie del lago estaba tan lisa como el vidrio esta mañana.
b. la cara (F) (side) 
The lower surface of the prism measures nine square centimeters.La cara inferior del prisma mide nueve centímetros cuadrados.
2. (top layer of a road) 
The surface was very uneven and full of potholes.El pavimento estaba muy desigual y lleno de baches.
b. el firme (M) (Spain) 
This surface withstands temperature fluctuations very well.Este firme resiste muy bien las fluctuaciones de temperatura.
3. (area) 
The patio has a surface of 75 square feet.El patio tiene una superficie de 75 pies cuadrados.
b. el área (F) 
The mural covers a surface of 24 square meters.El mural cubre un área de 24 metros cuadrados.
4. (on the upper part) 
It's nothing to worry about. It's just a surface wound.No es de preocuparse. Es solo una herida superficial.
transitive verb
5. (to cover) 
a. revestir 
The walls were surfaced with marble tiles.Las paredes estaban revestidas de azulejos de mármol.
b. asfaltar 
The city plans to surface this road next month.El ayuntamiento tiene programado asfaltar este camino el mes que viene.
They are going to surface this road with cement.Van a pavimentar este camino con cemento.
intransitive verb
6. (to come to the surface) 
A whale surfaced only meters from the boat.Una ballena salió a la superficie a unos pocos metros del barco.
b. emerger (submarine) 
A nuclear submarine can circumnavigate the world without having to surface.Un submarino nuclear puede circumnavegar el globo sin tener que emerger.
7. (to appear) 
a. surgir (problem, rumor) 
The problem with the plan surfaced after the meeting with the governor.El problema con el plan surgió después de la reunión con el gobernador.
b. aparecer 
He fled the country, but eventually surfaced in Canada.Huyó del país, pero al final apareció en Canadá.
c. aflorar 
As time passed, differences of opinion surfaced between them.Con el tiempo afloraron las divergencias entre los dos.
8. (colloquial) (to get out of bed) 
Samuel doesn't surface until after noon on Sundays.Samuel no sale de la cama hasta después del mediodía los domingos.
1. (exterior, face) 
a. la superficie (F) 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
on the surfacea primera vista
by surface mailpor correo terrestre
surface areaárea f, superficie f
3. (physics) 
a. no direct translation 
surface tensiontensión superficial
surface wateraguas superficiales
4. (area) 
a. la área f, superficie (F) 
transitive verb
5. (road) 
a. pavimentar, revestir 
intransitive verb
6. (submarine, whale) 
a. salir a la superficie 
7. (fig) 
a. surgir, aparecer (person, emotion) 
surface [ˈsɜːfɪs]
1 [of table, skin, lake, sun] superficie (f); [of road] firme (m)
stain must be able to penetrate the surface of the wood to achieve a uniform colouring the surface of the rock-face behind her felt ice-cold against her head and shoulders the surface of the eyeball blood vessels near the surface of the skin ripples across the surface of the lake tiny little waves on the surface of the water the glimmering icy surface of the lake use a sheet of glass, melamine, perspex, or anything with a smooth surface for a palette try sleeping on a hard surface pastel does not work well on shiny surfaces the Earth's surface his back is as pitted and rough as the surface of the moon ozone forms a protective layer between 12 and 30 miles above the Earth's surface This electromagnetic energy comes from a gigantic flare on the surface of the sun
beneath or below or under the surface
Lurking just beneath the surface are dangerous rocks the body was buried just 18 inches below the surface at the very bottom of the garde
the box was buried two metres beneath or below the surface la caja estaba enterrada a dos metros por debajo de la superficie; the tensions that simmer beneath or below the surface in our society las tensiones que bullen por debajo de la superficie en nuestra sociedad
Julie was a clown, but Ann suspected there was something deeper simmering below the surface and felt protective of her but beneath the surface Garfunkel fumed at being the junior partner you don't have to look far to encounter the tensions beneath the surface the tensions that had been simmering beneath the surface were too powerful to hold back we always thought that they were so easy-going and well-balanced. Who could have imagined all that jealousy and rage simmering beneath the surface? she took it calmly at first but under the surface was she seething his eyes hinted at the pain and rage that may be bubbling under the surface It's what was going on under the surface that I'm trying to bring out under the surface very little changed
she appeared calm, but beneath or below the surface she was seething with rage parecía estar tranquila pero en el fondo or por dentro hervía de rabia
to break the surface romper la superficie
a furry head suddenly broke the surface of the water
to be close to the surface estar cerca de la superficie
the bedrock was too close to the surface a porpoise swimming close to the surface the box was buried quite close to the surface
her grief was still close to the surface su dolor estaba todavía a flor de piel
those feelings are not as close to the surface any more to dig beneath the surface it is also worth digging beneath the surface of the problem to see if there is another more fundamental issue at stake
ethnic tensions are never far from the surface las tensiones étnicas siempre parece que están a punto de estallar
simmering ethnic tensions are never far from the surface in the Transcaucasus region social unrest, never far from the surface in Brazil a [flat] surface una superficie llana lisa place the fish on a flat surface and sprinkle the flesh with lemon juice and pepper lie down on a flat surface [on] the surface his job was not as enviable as it appeared on the surface
on the surface it seems that ... a primera vista parece que ...
outer surface capa (f) exterior or externa
the outer surface of the skin is made up of dead cells
to come or rise to the surface salir a la superficie
air-bubbles rise to the surface in a continuous, soothing stream
aflorar (a la superficie)
years of pent-up frustration suddenly came to the surface try to express the feelings that come to the surface during the exercise
these feelings may come or rise to the surface estos sentimientos pueden aflorar (a la superficie)
some topics will doubtless rise to the surface and others sink
upper surface superficie (f) de la parte superior
the upper surface of the leaf
to scratch or touch the surface (of sth) arañar la superficie (de algo)
this book only scratches the surface of philosophical thought este libro aborda el pensamiento filosófico solo por encima; este libro solo araña la superficie del pensamiento filosófico
we've barely scratched or touched the surface we've only scratched the surface
2 (Mat) (Geom) (also surface area) superficie (f); (side) [of solid] cara (f)
its three-sided surfaces
transitive verb
[+road] revestir; asfaltar
the newly surfaced road from Malawi
intransitive verb
1 [+swimmer, diver, whale] salir a la superficie; [+submarine] emerger
he surfaced, gasping for air
2 [+information, news] salir a la luz; [+feeling] salir; aflorar; [+issue] salir a relucir; [+problem] presentarse; surgir; [+person] (in place) dejarse ver; (get up) salir de la cama
the evidence, when it surfaces, is certain to cause an uproar the emotions will surface at some point in life similar sentiments surfaced in Transjordan that's why this issue has surfaced again the issue surfaced again on Sunday, when ... the same old problems would surface again he surfaced in Moscow he surfaces in London occasionally
what time did you surface? ¿a qué hora saliste de la cama?
surface area (n) área (f) (de la superficie)
surface fleet (n) flota (f) de superficie
surface force (n) (Mil) fuerza (f) de superficie
surface mail (n)
by surface mail por vía terrestre
on record player
surface temperature (n) temperatura (f) en la superficie
the planet Venus has a surface temperature that would melt lead sea surface temperature
surface tension (n) (Fís) tensión (f) superficial
surface water (n) agua (f) de la superficie
cholera spreads when dirty surface water seeps into wells down there it was much colder than the surface water drivers were warned to take care because of large amounts of surface water on all roads
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on the surface
en la superficie, en apariencia
surface area
el área de superficie
flat surface
la superficie plana
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