intransitive verb
1. (to swagger) 
The haughty restauranteur strutted about the dining room while his staff sweated away.El altanero dueño se pavoneaba por el comedor mientras los empleados sudaban la gota gorda.
The gorgeous woman strutted with her head held aloft.La mujer hermosa se daba aires con la cabeza en alto.
2. (swagger) 
There comes Sandy with her proud strut; she walks like a beauty queen.Ahí viene Sandy con su pavoneo orgulloso; camina como una reina de belleza.
3. (construction) 
Don't worry; we put enough struts to adequately distribute the weight of the roof.No se preocupe; pusimos suficientes riostras para distribuir bien el peso del techo.
b. el puntal (M) 
We'll need these struts to set up the scaffolding.Necesitaremos estos puntales para montar el andamiaje.
intransitive verb
1. (general) 
a. pavonearse 
to strut in/outentrar/salir pavoneándose
strut [strʌt]
intransitive verb
(also strut about) (also strut along) pavonearse; contonearse
to strut into a room entrar dándose aires or pavoneándose en una habitación; to strut past sb pasar delante de algn pavoneándose
transitive verb
to strut one's stuff pavonearse; darse pisto (informal)
He got up to strut his stuff on the dance floor Now strut your stuff! Stick your chest out and enjoy displaying your body I even agreed a few days ago to take part in a fashion show and strutted my stuff beaming and feeling marvellous
strut [strʌt]
(beam) puntal (m); riostra (f)
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