plural noun
1. (mental or emotional state) 
a. el ánimo (M) 
There was nothing we could do to lift their spirits.No había nada que se pudiera hacer para levantarles el ánimo.
b. la moral (F) 
Everyone was in good spirits, despite the bad weather.Todos tenían la moral alta, a pesar del mal tiempo.
2. (drink) 
This is our list of beer, wine, and spirits.Esta es nuestra carta de cervezas, vinos y licores.
I prefer drinking wine to spirits.Prefiero tomar vino más que las bebidas alcohólicas fuertes.
3. (soul) 
We want to keep his spirit alive in everything we do.Queremos mantener vivo su espíritu en todo lo que hacemos.
4. (supernatural being) 
Garlic was worn to ward off evil spirits.La gente llevaba ajo para prevenirse contra los espíritus malignos.
5. (underlying meaning) 
This law clearly goes against the spirit of our constitution.Está claro que esta ley va en contra del espíritu de nuestra constitución.
6. (vigor) 
Everyone marveled at her spirit and fearlessness.Todos se maravillaron de su espíritu e intrepidez.
b. el ánimo (M) 
They started the second half with more spirit.Empezaron el segundo tiempo con más ánimo.
7. (person) 
a. el alma (F) 
Those two have always been kindred spirits.Esos dos siempre han sido almas gemelas.
8. (mood) 
Everyone pulled together in a spirit of goodwill and cooperation.Todos trabajaron codo con codo, en un espíritu de buena voluntad y colaboración.
9. (chemistry) 
As the spirit burns, the liquid in the test tube gets hot.Mientras se quema el alcohol, se calienta el líquido en la probeta.
transitive verb
10. (to whisk away; used with "away") 
The president was spirited away before any journalists could speak to him.Hicieron desaparecer al presidente antes de que le pudieran hablar los periodistas.
1. (ghost, person) 
a. el espíritu (M) 
the Holy Spiritel Espíritu Santo
2. (mood, attitude) 
a. el espíritu (M) 
that was not the spirit of the agreementese no era el espíritu del acuerdo
she entered into the spirit of the occasionse puso a tono con la ocasión, participó del acontecimiento
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
that's the spirit!¡eso es!
4. (courage) 
a. el valor m, coraje (M) 
5. (energy) 
a. el brío (M) 
to show spiritmostrar valor or coraje
to break somebody's spiritdesmoralizar a alguien
to be in good/poor spiritstener la moral alta/baja
to say something with spiritdecir algo con arrestos
spiritslicores mpl
spirit lamplámpara de alcohol
spirit levelnivel m de burbuja
spirit [ˈspɪrɪt]
1 (soul, inner force) espíritu (m)
They believe that his spirit lives on The human spirit is virtually indestructible
I'll be with you in spirit estaré contigo en espíritu
young in spirit joven de espíritu; the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak las intenciones son buenas pero la carne es débil
She flirted with the cameraman, and she was then in her eighties! I remember putting her into a car after the show and she said "Oh, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is disgustingly weak"
2 (ghost, supernatural being) espíritu (m)
I cried out "Go, spirit, and haunt me no more!" The Chinese believed that the shape of the gables protected the house against spirits
evil spirit espíritu (m) maligno
pear trees, according to tradition, ward off evil spirits when planted close to a house It is necessary that they should be converted from the worship of evil spirits to the service of the true God the [Holy] Spirit
the spirit world el mundo de los espíritus
priests who went into a trance to communicate with the spirit world
3 (courage) espíritu (m); (liveliness) ímpetu (m); energía (f)
to break sb's spirit quebrantar el espíritu a algn
they lack spirit les falta espíritu
he owes his survival to the love, resourcefulness and indomitable spirit of his parents
a woman of spirit una mujer con espíritu or brío
their spirit was unbroken a policy of covert terror designed to break their spirit. He has emerged with his dignity intact and his spirit unbroken to [show] some spirit
show some spirit! ¡anímate!
the team soon began to show their spirit el equipo pronto empezó a animarse
they did not pull off the rugby league shock of the century, but they did show some spirit and can look back on their endeavours with pride the players feel they let the fans down. It's important we get ourselves going again and show our spirit
to do sth with spirit hacer algo con energía
to sing with spirit cantar con brío
the rousing chorus was sung with great spirit he sets himself clear objectives and then goes about them with spirit and goodwill Keel could execute a backward somersault with dash and reel off polysyllabic repartee with spirit, while managing to look good in a beard and sherbet-colored costumes Kusoom still recalls with spirit her personal stand for her heroine, Captain Lakxmi
4 (attitude, mood) espíritu (m)
a spirit of adventure un espíritu aventurero
it depends on the spirit in which it is done But the girls shared the same independent spirit and thirst for adventure. an independent spirit Glastonbury hasn't been completely spoiled by the drugs dealing: there are still plenty of people who've still got the true festival spirit the entrepreneurial spirit of the industrial revolution
community spirit civismo (m)
the President has appealed to the Brazilian people for patriotism and community spirit
they wish to solve their problems in a spirit of cooperation quieren resolver sus problemas con espíritu de cooperación
he refused to enter into the spirit of things se negó a entrar en ambiente
He hopes people will enter into the spirit of the thing and give a donation We thought we might as well enter into the spirit of the thing, so my wife bought some confetti
festive spirit espíritu (m) festivo
Even though there was a war on, a kind of holiday spirit prevailed on the front line for the first few weeks
in a spirit of friendship con espíritu de amistad
generosity of spirit bondad (f) de espíritu
children often have a wisdom far beyond their years and a generosity of spirit that allows them to forgive us our inability to cure them Where we possess an instinctive generosity of spirit, we are usually prepared to give unstintingly of ourselves to sort out the mutual difficulties in the relationship
a spirit of optimism un espíritu optimista
public spirit civismo (m)
to take sth in the right/wrong spirit interpretar bien/mal algo
if she had only taken what I said in the right spirit, we might still be friends I can't help it if he took my criticism in the wrong spirit
that's the spirit! ¡así me gusta!; ¡ánimo!
5 (essence) [of agreement, law] espíritu (m)
the film captures the spirit of the book The real spirit of the occasion was captured in a photograph by Mr Ian Long the requirement for work permits violates the spirit of the 1950 Treaty
the spirit of the age/the times el espíritu de la época/de los tiempos
He was out of touch with the spirit of the age The organisation no longer reflects the spirit of the times. he claimed that he had fulfilled the agreement [in] spirit if not in letter The judges agreed that the law had been observed in spirit if not in letter It was an agreement honored more in letter than in spirit The law must be obeyed both in spirit and in letter
the spirit of the law el espíritu de la ley
6 (person) alma (f)
of movement, party
the leading or moving spirit in the party el alma del partido; la figura más destacada del partido
she was a free spirit era una persona sin convencionalismos
he was the guiding spirit of the peace movement she was a leading spirit in the Labour movement I'm a bit of a restless spirit and always wanted to travel
7 spirits (state of mind)
to be in good spirits tener la moral alta
the hostages seemed tired but in good spirits
to be in high spirits estar animadísimo; estar muy alegre
it was just a case of youthful high spirits no fue más que una demostración típica del comportamiento impetuoso de la juventud
Young men about to be sent to the front took refuge, as their successors still do, in rowdy high spirits It is a refreshingly ebullient show, packed with high spirits and good humour At supper, everyone was in high spirits The success of the performance went straight to my head and I was in pretty high spirits to [keep] sb's/one's spirits [up]
I tried to keep his spirits up intenté animarlo or darle ánimos
we kept our spirits up by singing mantuvimos la moral alta cantando
to lift or raise sb's spirits levantar el ánimo or la moral a algn
the news did nothing to raise her spirits the sun on our backs soon lifted our spirits An interest rate cut should lift our spirits her visits did a lot to raise his spirits while he was ill he remembered spending some time with herdsmen, which raised his spirits
to be in low spirits tener la moral baja; estar bajo de moral
although the rest of the family were enjoying themselves Sophie seemed in low spirits
my spirits rose somewhat se me levantó un poco el ánimo or la moral
(alcohol) licores (m)
I keep off spirits no bebo licores; a measure of spirits un (vasito de) licor
a glass of wine or a small measure of spirits pub measures of spirits are not very generous
spirits of wine espíritu (m) de vino
8 (Chem) alcohol (m)
methylated spirit surgical spirit If the stain does not come off with water, try a little petrol or spirit spirits of ammonia spirits of salt a solution of hydrochloric acid in water spirits of turpentine Bourbon has to age for at least two years in new oak barrels which have been charred on the inside to let the raw spirit permeate the wood
transitive verb
to spirit sth away llevarse algo como por arte de magia; hacer desaparecer algo
VENICE: Spirit your lover away to this magnificent city for an exclusive 2nt break at the 5th-Century Palazzo Vendramin to spirit sb/sth [off] He was spirited off to Israel to spirit sb [into] a place They had worked out a way to spirit the assassin and his gun into the conference hall
he was spirited out of the country lo sacaron del país clandestinamente or de forma clandestina
desperate New York parents tried to spirit their children out of town to get away from the epidemic they spirited her out of the hotel and into a waiting car
spirit duplicator (n) copiadora (f) al alcohol
spirit gum (n) cola (f) de maquillaje
wigs are normally attached using spirit gum
spirit lamp (n) lamparilla (f) de alcohol
spirit level (n) nivel (m) de burbuja
spirit stove (n) infernillo (m) de alcohol
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