1. (purchasing of goods) 
Shopping is one of her favorite activities.Ir de compras es una de sus actividades favoritas.
2. (grocery shopping) 
a. la compra (F) 
We usually do the weekly shopping at a supermarket outside of town.Solemos hacer la compra de la semana en un supermercado que queda fuera de la ciudad.
3. (purchased groceries) (United Kingdom) 
I've left the shopping in the kitchen.He dejado las compras en la cocina.
4. (used for shopping) 
Do you have your shopping list with you?¿Llevas la lista de la compra?
1. (activity) 
a. la compra (F) 
b. la compras (F) (Latin America) 
2. (purchases) 
a. la compras (F) 
to do the shoppinghacer la compra or
shopping bagbolsa de la compra
cartcesta f de la compra
shopping centercentro comercial
shopping channelcanal de compras, teletienda f
shopping listlista de la compra
shopping mallparque comercial
shopping precinctárea comercial
shopping [ˈʃɒpɪŋ]
(act of buying) compra (f)
I need to do some shopping - I'm out of tea they always did the shopping together
(goods bought) compras (f)
she came home with three bags of shopping
I like shopping me gusta ir de tiendas; to do the shopping hacer la compra; to go shopping ir de tiendas or de compras
shopping bag (n) bolsa (f) de compras
shopping basket (n) cesta (f); canasta (f); (LAm)
shopping cart (n) (US)
shopping trolley See culture box in entry shopping.
shopping centre shopping center (US) (n) (US) centro (m) comercial
shopping channel (n) canal (m) de televentas
shopping list (n) lista (f) de compras
shopping mall (n) especially (US) centro (m) comercial
shopping precinct (n) (Britain) centro (m) comercial
shopping spree (n)
to go on a shopping spree salir de compras gastando mucho dinero; (gastando mucho dinero)
shopping trip (n) viaje (m) de compras
shopping trolley (n) (Britain) carrito (m) de la compra
masculine noun
1. (large retail complex) (River Plate) 
a. mall (United States) 
Estoy aburrido, ¿qué hacemos? - Podríamos ir al shopping a ver vitrinas.I'm bored. What can we do? - We could go window shopping in the mall.
b. shopping mall (United States) 
¿Sabías que abrieron un nuevo shopping en las afueras de la ciudad?Did you know they opened a new shopping mall in the outskirts of the city?
c. shopping center (United States) 
Las tiendas de ese shopping me gustan mucho, pero son muy caras.I really like the stores in that shopping center, but they're very expensive.
d. shopping centre (United Kingdom) 
Este sábado iremos al shopping porque yo necesito unas botas y Eva necesita un abrigo.We'll go to the shopping centre this Saturday because I need a pair of boots, and Eva needs a coat.
1. (general) 
a. shopping center (River Plate) 
b. shopping mall (United States) 
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