1. (physical faculty) 
Blind people compensate for their lack of sight by enhancing other senses.Los ciegos compensan la falta de vista desarrollando otros sentidos.
2. (feeling) 
Déjà vu is the sense of having been to a place before.El déjà vu es la sensación de haber estado anteriormente en un sitio.
3. (good judgment) 
He doesn't seem to have much sense.Parece que no tiene mucho sentido común.
4. (sanity) 
a. no direct translation 
Have they taken leave of their senses?¿Han perdido el juicio?
She finally came to her senses and signed the document.Al final entró en razón y firmó el documento.
5. (awareness) 
He has no sense of direction.No tiene ningún sentido de la orientación.
6. (point) 
There's no sense in waiting any longer.No tiene sentido esperar más tiempo.
7. (meaning) 
This word has many senses.Esta palabra tiene muchos sentidos.
That word has three senses in the dictionary.Esa palabra tiene tres significados en el diccionario.
8. (opinion) 
What is your sense of his progress to date?¿Cuál es tu opinión de sus progresos hasta ahora?
transitive verb
9. (to be aware of) 
a. sentir 
When I came home, I sensed something was wrong.Cuando llegué a casa, sentí que algo pasaba.
10. (to realize) 
He sensed that it was the best thing to do.Se dio cuenta de que era lo mejor que se podía hacer.
11. (to detect) 
a. detectar 
The device senses minute variations in temperature.El dispositivo detecta variaciones mínimas de temperatura.
1. (faculty) 
a. el sentido (M) 
to come to one's sensesrecobrar el conocimiento or sentido
sense of smell/hearingsentido del olfato/oído
to lose all sense of timeperder la noción del tiempo
sense of directionsentido de la orientación
sense of dutysentido del deber
sense of humorsentido del humor
2. (feeling) 
a. la sensación (F) 
a sense of achievementla sensación de haber logrado algo
3. (rationality, common sense) 
a. el sensatez f, buen juicio (M) 
good sensebuen juicio
there's no sense in stayingno tiene sentido quedarse
4. (meaning) 
a. el sentido (M) 
to make (no) sense(no) tener sentido
to make sense of somethingentender algo
in a senseen cierto sentido
in the sense that…en el sentido de que…
transitive verb
5. (perceive) 
a. notar, percibir 
to sense that…tener la sensación de que…
sense [sens]
1 (bodily) sentido (m)
All knowledge comes to us through our senses... She stared at him again, unable to believe the evidence of her senses
sense of hearing/smell/taste/touch sentido (m) del oído/olfato/gusto/tacto; sense of sight sentido (m) de la vista; to have a keen sense of smell tener un (sentido del) olfato muy agudo
These dogs have a keen sense of smell... dogs love to be patted, children to be cuddled - the sense of touch is important to all of us he was gradually losing his sense of taste
sixth sense sexto sentido
2 (feeling) sensación (f)
I was overcome by a sense of failure me invadió una sensación de fracaso
I felt a terrible sense of guilt me invadió un tremendo sentimiento de culpa or culpabilidad
I felt a terrible sense of loss sentí un tremendo vacío
have you no sense of shame? ¿es que no tienes vergüenza?
there is a sense of space in his paintings sus cuadros transmiten una sensación de espacio
I lost all sense of time perdí la noción del tiempo
Harriet's own flamboyant personality overshadowed his, and reinforced his basic sense of inadequacy Living away from home had given her \a sense of independence\ Many high-caste Hindus felt an acute sense of shame and guilt at the way their society had treated these people the letter from the prime minister expressed great shock and deep regret, coupled with a sense of loss after his years of sterling service The sense of loss associated with a lover's faithlessness is hard to bear sense of guilt she was trying to alleviate her own sense of guilt at what had happened he was overcome by a sense of guilt and remorse I was left with a sense of guilt that somehow I'd let my child down you feel a huge sense of guilt, as if you could have prevented it a false sense of security until December 1941 Amercians were lulled into a false sense of security by the mouthings of self-styled patriots who said: it can't happen here mammography gives women a false sense of security that they aren't at risk from breast cancer if they've had their mammogram
3 (good judgement) sentido (m) común
she has more sense than to go out on her own tiene el suficiente sentido común como para no salir sola; I thought you would have had more sense pensé que eras más sensato or tenías más sentido común; he has more money than sense le sobra dinero pero le falta sentido común; he had the sense to call the doctor tuvo bastante sentido común como para llamar al médico
She had the sense to realize that the plan would never work he should have had more sense than to ...
to make sb see sense hacer que algn entre en razón
to talk sense hablar con sentido común; hablar con juicio
sometimes children talk more sense than adults
to make sense (be advisable) ser conveniente; (be comprehensible, logical) tener sentido
it makes sense to eat a balanced diet es conveniente llevar una dieta equilibrada; it makes sense to me a mí me parece lógico; it doesn't make sense or it makes no sense no tiene sentido
it doesn't make economic sense to carry on subsidizing a loss-making industry it makes sense to look after yourself it all makes sense now
to make sense of sth
I could make no sense of what he was saying no entendía nada de lo que decía; no podía sacar nada en claro de lo que decía
the faculties human beings use to make sense of the world around them she sat there trying to make sense of the jumble of words on the page it provides a framework for making sense of his theories Provided you didn't try to make sense of it, it sounded beautiful we want to help her make sense of her past experiences
5 (point, use) sentido (m)
what's the sense of having another meeting? ¿qué sentido tiene celebrar otra reunión?; there's no sense in making people unhappy no tiene sentido disgustar a la gente
There would be little sense in analysing the reasons for our defeat I can't see much sense in what they're doing
6 senses (sanity)
I hope this warning will bring him to his senses espero que esta advertencia le haga entrar en razón
to come to one's senses entrar en razón
once he comes to his senses he'll realize he was wrong Iraq may still come to its senses and have the courage to withdraw
no-one in his right senses would do that nadie (que esté) en su sano juicio haría eso
have you taken leave of your senses? ¿has perdido el juicio?
to take leave of one's senses
7 (meaning) (gen) sentido (m); (in dictionary) acepción (f); significado (m)
it has several senses tiene varias acepciones or varios significados; in what sense are you using the word? ¿qué significado le das a la palabra?
He didn't understand every word, but he got the sense of it. a noun which has two senses
in a sense en cierto modo
in a sense, we have achieved what we wanted already In one sense, certainly, Professor Ferguson is quite right Today the global climate system is, in one sense, a common resource In one sense Bohm's interpretation is similar to Lorenz's
in every sense (of the word) en todos los sentidos (de la palabra)
in the full sense of that word en toda la extensión de la palabra
in no sense can it be said that ... de ninguna manera se puede decir que ...
in one sense en cierto modo
in the strict/true sense of the word en el sentido estricto/en el verdadero sentido de la palabra
8 (awareness) sentido (m)
she has very good business sense tiene muy buen ojo para los negocios
he hasn't got much dress sense
sense of direction sentido (m) de la orientación
she has a strong sense of duty tiene un arraigado sentido del deber
sense of humour sentido (m) del humor
they have an exaggerated sense of their own importance se creen bastante más importantes de lo que son
where's your sense of occasion? tienes que estar a la altura de las circunstancias or la ocasión
we must keep a sense of proportion about this no debemos darle a esto más importancia de la que tiene
one must have some sense of right and wrong uno tiene que tener cierta noción de lo que está bien y lo que está mal
sense of self (señas (f) de) identidad (f)
Hester found it a constant challenge to retain her sense of self and control within her household Evening classes, if you have someone who could watch the children while you are out, are ideal for keeping alive your own interests and maintaining a sense of self
he has no sense of timing es de lo más inoportuno
a good sense of timing is important for an actor
she needs to regain a sense of her own worth necesita recuperar la confianza en sí misma
9 (opinion) opinión (f)
what is your sense of the mood of the electorate? ¿qué opinión le merece el clima que se respira entre el electorado?
what's the sense from the people after his resignation?
transitive verb
1 (suspect, intuit) presentir
he looked about him, sensing danger miró a su alrededor, presintiendo peligro
the workers, sensing a crisis, were tense sensing a good story I decided to follow it up he was at last beginning to sense what the trouble was
to sense that notar que; he sensed that he wasn't wanted notó que estaba de más
he sensed that she did not want to talk to him A school teacher, sensing that problems at home were affecting him adversely, suggested during a parent/teacher conference that they go for family counseling sensing that this was the right moment, he asked her out
2 (be conscious of) percibir
the horse can sense your fear el caballo percibe si tienes miedo
he sensed a gun aimed at the back of his head
3 (realize) darse cuenta de
She probably sensed that I wasn't telling her the whole story
sense organ (n) órgano (m) sensorial
the nostrils are the most discriminating of the sense organs
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