1. (result) 
a. la puntuación (F) (in a competition or test) 
Which score system do they use?¿Qué sistema de puntuación utilizan?
b. el puntaje (M) (in a competition or test) (Latin America) 
I don't yet know the score of my test.Todavía no sé el puntaje del examen.
c. el resultado (M) (in sports) 
What was the final score in yesterday's game?¿Cuál fue el resultado final en el partido de ayer?
d. el marcador (M) (in sports) 
What's the score?¿Cómo va el marcador?
2. (point) 
a. el tanto (M) 
Our team won by 25 scores.Nuestro equipo ganó por 25 tantos.
b. el gol (M) (in soccer) 
Our last score was a penalty.Nuestro último gol fue de penalti.
3. (respect) 
On that score the school's location is excellent.En ese sentido, la ubicación de la escuela es excelente.
4. (informal) (situation) 
We both know the score, so why waste time arguing?Los dos conocemos la situación, así que ¿para qué perder el tiempo discutiendo?
5. (music) 
Can you read the score or did you learn the piece by heart?¿Sabes leer la partitura o te aprendiste la pieza de memoria?
b. la banda sonora (F) (of a movie) 
The film's score is by Bernstein.La banda sonora de la película es de Bernstein.
c. la música (F) (of a show) 
The play's score was as good as the rest of the production.La música de la obra era tan buena como el resto de la producción.
6. (scratch) 
I accidentally made a score on my car with the key.Sin querer, le hice un arañazo al coche con la llave.
7. (notch) 
a. la muesca (F) 
The bullets left scores on the wall.Había muescas en la pared debidas al impacto de las balas.
8. (group of twenty) 
A score of cars were parked outside.Había una veintena de coches aparcados fuera.
transitive verb
9. (to earn points) 
a. marcar 
The team scored four goals.El equipo marcó cuatro goles.
b. anotarse 
They scored 75 points in one game and 85 in the other.Se anotaron 75 tantos en un partido y 85 en el otro.
c. anotar 
The Chivas scored another goal.Las Chivas anotaron otro gol.
10. (informal) (to achieve) 
a. lograr 
He scored an immediate hit with American audiences.Logró un éxito inmediato entre el público norteamericano.
b. conseguir 
I'm sure they'll score a victory next week.No tengo dudas de que conseguirán la victoria la semana próxima.
11. (music) 
a. orquestar 
Tchaikovsky scored several ballets.Tchaikovsky orquestó varios ballets.
12. (to cut) 
Score the eggplant with a knife.Haz cortes en la berenjena con un cuchillo.
13. (to scratch) 
The bear's claws had scored the snow slightly.Las garras del oso habían dejado ligeras marcas en la nieve.
14. (slang) (to obtain) 
a. conseguir 
There are lots of posts on "How to score dope" on the Internet.Hay muchísimas publicaciones sobre "Cómo conseguir droga" en Internet.
intransitive verb
15. (to get points) 
a. marcar (in a game) 
If our team keeps scoring, we are going to win.Si nuestro equipo sigue marcando, vamos a ganar.
b. sacar (on a test) 
I didn't score enough to pass.No saqué nota suficiente para aprobar.
16. (slang) (to have sex with) 
They went to the club hoping to score that night.Fueron a la disco con las esperanzas de acostarse con alguien esa noche.
17. (slang) (to obtain drugs) 
I'm looking to score. Know any dealers?Estoy intentando conseguir drogas. ¿Conoces algún traficante?
1. (total; in sport) 
a. el resultado (M) 
2. (in quiz) 
a. la puntuación (F) 
there was still no scoreno se había movido el marcador
what's the score?¿cómo van?
to keep the scorellevar el tanteo
3. (fam fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to know the scoreconocer el percal
score drawempate m con goles
4. (line) 
a. el arañazo (M) 
5. (quarrel) 
a. no direct translation 
to have a score to settle with somebodytener una cuenta que saldar con alguien
6. (reason, grounds) 
a. no direct translation 
don't worry on that scoreno te preocupes en ese aspecto
on that score alonesólo por eso
7. (music) 
a. la partitura (F) 
8. (for film) 
a. la banda sonora original (F) 
9. (old-fashioned) 
a. no direct translation (twenty) 
a scoreuna veintena
10. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
scoresmontones mpl
transitive verb
11. (in sport; goal) 
a. marcar 
12. (point, run) 
a. anotar 
13. (fig) 
a. apuntarse (success, victory) 
to score a hithacer blanco
14. (fig) 
a. no direct translation (person, film) 
15. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to score points off somebodyanotarse puntos a costa de alguien
16. (cut line in) 
a. marcar con una raya or estría 
she scored her name on a treegrabó su nombre en un árbol
17. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation (buy) 
to score drugsconseguir or
intransitive verb
18. (get a goal) 
a. marcar 
19. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
her proposal scores on costel punto fuerte de su propuesta son los costes
20. (colloquial) 
a. ligar (sexually) 
21. (buy drugs) 
a. conseguir or 
b. pillar droga (Spain) 
score [skɔːʳ]
1 (in game, match) (result) resultado (m); (goal) gol (m); tanto (m)
number of goals number of points
(at cards, in test, competition) puntuación (f); puntaje (m); (LAm)
there's no score yet están a cero; (in commentary) no se ha abierto el marcador todavía; there was no score at half-time en el primer tiempo no hubo goles; what's the score? ¿cómo van?; ¿cómo va el marcador?; the final score was 4-1 el resultado final fue 4 a 1; we give each entry a score out of ten damos una puntuación or un puntaje de uno a diez a cada participante; (LAm) he missed a chance to make the score 1-1 perdió la oportunidad de empatar a 1 or de igualar el marcador a 1; with the score at 40-0 she has three match points con 40-0 a su favor, tiene tres bolas de partido
there was no score in the match a wonderful score by Cantona Even in Zurich he kept up with the county cricket scores Robin Smith made 167, the highest score by an England batsman in this form of cricket There was a strong link between children's low maths scores and parents' numeracy problems
to keep (the) score (Dep) llevar la cuenta
he keeps score of his sexual conquests nobody's keeping the score of how many mistakes you make
(Cards) sumar los puntos
I'll play darts with Jim and you can keep the score When we play cards, you always keep the score on a piece of paper
the score (situation)
what's the score? ¿qué pasa?; ¿qué hubo?; (Méx) (Chile)
to know the score
you know the score ya estás al cabo de la calle or de lo que pasa (informal); ya estás al tanto
all right, just so long as you know the score we all know what the score is I should have thought you had been married long enough to understand the score by now If you want to know whether you've been accepted for the job, just 'phone and \ask what the score is\
3 (subject)
[on] that score
you've got no worries on that score en ese sentido or aspecto no tienes por qué preocuparte
she's always dieting because she thinks she's fat, but she has no worries on that score
4 (dispute)
to have a score to settle with sb tener cuentas pendientes con algn
to settle or pay off old scores (with sb) saldar las cuentas pendientes (con algn)
Saddam made clear that he had scores to settle with Kuwait John Major has a score to settle regarding the British beef crisis some people in their articles tend to settle old scores with others ethnic groups turned on each other to settle old scores, leaving millions dead He never missed an opportunity to pay off old scores, reserving his special energies for acts of revenge against the KGB
5 (Mús) partitura (f); [of show, play] música (f); [of film] banda (f) sonora (original)
He recognises enough notation to be able \to follow a score\ The dance is accompanied by \an original score\ by Henry Torgue
film score banda (f) sonora (original)
he composed the film score for the Mission classic film scores the composer of classic film scores such as West Side Story
piano score partitura para piano
vocal score partitura para voz
6 (line) (on card) raya (f); línea (f); (scratch) (on wood) marca (f); muesca (f)
the surface of the wood was covered with tiny scores as if a rough object had been placed on it fold the card along the line of the score
7 (twenty) veintena (f)
three score years and ten 70 años; scores of people montones de gente (informal); muchísima gente; bombs were falling by the score caían bombas a mansalva
there were \people by the score\ at the demonstration
transitive verb
1 (Dep) [+points] conseguir; anotarse; (LAm) apuntarse; (LAm) [+runs] hacer; [+goal, try] marcar
they went five games without scoring a point en cinco partidos no consiguieron or no se anotaron un solo punto
The first basketball player to score 100 points in a game was Wilt Chamberlain The ex-All Black union star, however, scored 11 points from five goals and a drop goal Torville and Dean repeatedly scored more points than any other pair in the ice dance championship England scored 286 runs in their first innings Against which country did Ian Wright score his first international goal? England managed to win the game without scoring a try
to score a hit (Shooting) dar en el blanco; to score a run (Baseball) hacer una carrera
2 (in exam, test, competition) [+marks, points] sacar
to score 75% in an exam sacar 75 sobre 100 en un examen; she scored well in the test sacó or obtuvo buena nota en el test; if you answered yes, score five points si contestó "sí", saca or suma cinco puntos
she scored maximum points Kelly had scored an average of 147 on three separate IQ tests Congress as an institution scores low in public opinion polls
3 [+success, victory] conseguir
In recent months the rebels have scored some significant victories to score a [hit] with sth/sb
he's certainly scored a hit with the voters/with his latest novel no cabe la menor duda de que ha impresionado a los votantes/ha tenido mucho éxito con su última novela
James Herbert has scored a real hit with his latest novel It wasn't until the release of the album Never Mind that Nirvana scored a hit with the younger generation
to score points off sb aventajarse con respecto a algn
the Prime Minister was trying to \score political points\ off his rivals they're always trying to score points off each other Why can't you just discuss things calmly, rather than trying to score points off each other? right up to the election they were constantly scoring points off the government in order to score political points with minority communities
4 (Mús) [+piece] instrumentar; orquestar
it is scored for five bassoons Strauss spent much of 1941 scoring his last opera, Capricio He mastered enough of the complexities of arrangement \to write and score a piece of music\ for a chamber music ensemble
5 (cut) [+meat] hacer unos pequeños cortes en; (mark) [+line] marcar
her face was weathered, scored with lines su rostro estaba curtido y surcado de arrugas
lightly score the meat with a sharp knife score a line down the middle of the square of card
6 [+drugs] conseguir; comprar; pillar (very_informal); (Esp)
They needed to \score some speed\ before they went to the club to score a hit of crack/speed/smack
intransitive verb
1 (Dep) marcar
no one has scored yet aún no ha marcado nadie; (in commentary) aún no se ha abierto el marcador; he has failed to score this season no ha marcado esta temporada; that's where he scores (over the others) en eso es en lo que tiene más ventaja (sobre los demás)
Cantona scored after only three minutes This was the first time they had failed to score this season the team have failed to score in eight of their last 12 outings
2 (keep score) (Dep) llevar la cuenta; (Cards) sumar los puntos
3 (buy drugs) conseguir drogas; pillar (very_informal); (Esp)
to score with sb (have sex) acostarse con algn; (get off with) ligarse a algn
score draw (n) (Ftbl) empate (m)
He correctly predicted all seven score draws in Saturday's matches it was their fourth consecutive score draw
no-score draw empate (m) a cero
we were one number away from the no-score draw which would have given us maximum points score it up to me
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