put across
put across
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) 
It's important to put the concepts across in a concise way so that students don't get overwhelmed.Es importante hacer entender los conceptos de manera concisa para que los alumnos no se agobien.
b. comunicar 
This is important information, so we need to put it across in a way that everyone will understand.Esta es información importante, así que tenemos que comunicarla de una manera que todos comprenderán.
Do you think the editorial puts the idea across clearly?¿Crees que el editorial transmite la idea claramente?
put across
transitive verb phrase
1. (message, idea) 
a. transmitir, hacer llegar 
to p oneself across well/badlyhacerse entender bien/mal
put across
transitive verb
1 (communicate) [+idea] comunicar; [+meaning] hacer entender
he finds it hard to put his ideas across le cuesta comunicar sus ideas
your ability to put across your ideas
the play puts the message across very well la obra transmite el mensaje muy bien
he knows his stuff but he can't put it across he took out an advert in his local paper to put his point across
to put o.s. across (present o.s.) presentarse
it all depends on how you put yourself across todo depende de cómo te presentes a ti mismo; to put o.s. across well saber presentarse bien
you have to put yourself across in interviews
he puts himself across as a sympathetic, caring person da la impresión de ser una persona comprensiva, compasiva
there's no point even attending the interview if you don't know how to put yourself across
to put sth across to sb (explain) explicar algo a algn; (convey) hacer entender algo a algn
we tried to put it across to him that it wouldn't work
to put one across on sb engañar a algn
These two guys might think themselves smart, but they would have to get up very early in the morning to put one across on him
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