push out
transitive verb phrase
1. (to remove from) 
Some people who lived nearby came to push the car out of the ditch.Unas personas que vivían cerca vinieron para sacar el carro de la cuneta a empujones.
2. (to kick out) 
a. echar 
The owner of the bar pushed him out and told him never to come back.El dueño del bar lo echó y le dijo que no volviera jamás.
3. (to coerce; used with "of") 
They didn't exactly fire him, but they did push him out of the job.No lo echaron exactamente, pero sí lo presionaron para que dejara el trabajo.
push out
transitive verb
1 (of room, house) echar a empujones
He pushed her out and slammed the door
(of car) sacar a empujones
I was pushed out of the car while it was still travelling
2 [+employee, member] echar; expulsar
You're having a bad time and now you push me out She was practically pushed out of the society for political reasons they were trying to push him out because his face didn't fit
3 [+tentacle etc] sacar; extender
4 (produce) [+information, products] producir
Computers can push out information to the external world in a variety of ways ... the shoddy culture pushed out by TV films and magazines
5 (Náut) [+boat] desatracar
[+root etc] extenderse
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