push on
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to continue) 
The explorers pushed on until they thought they would collapse.Los exploradores siguieron viaje hasta que pensaran que se desplomarían.
b. continuar 
I think we ought to push on a little longer; we don't want to be going through D.C. during rush hour.Creo que deberíamos continuar un poco más; no queremos atravesar Washington D.C durante hora pico.
transitive verb phrase
2. (to apply force against) 
a. empujar 
Suzie pushed on the door of the abandoned mansion, and it fell clear off its hinges.Suzie empujó la puerta de la mansión abandonada, que se cayó completamente de las bisagras.
3. (to foist upon) 
Franco pushed the majority of the responsibility on me, and yet we were paid the same.Franco me cargó con la mayoría de la responsabilidad, pero nos pagaron lo mismo.
My grandmother is pushing her collection of creepy antique dolls on me, but I really don't want them.Mi abuela me está presionando para que me quede con colección de escalofriantes antiguas muñecas, pero no las quiero en absoluto.
push on
intransitive verb
1. (continue) 
a. seguir, continuar 
to p on with somethingseguir adelante con algo
push on
(carry on) continuar; (on journey) seguir adelante
to push on with sth continuar con algo; we pushed on to the camp seguimos hasta el campamento; they pushed on another five km avanzaron cinco km más; it's time we were pushing on es hora de ponernos en camino
there's a lot to do, so I must push on now ... as we push on with our explanations I must push on with these enquiries as fast as I can
transitive verb
1 [+lid etc] poner a la fuerza
2 (incite, urge on) animar; alentar
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