A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
1. (value)
a. el precio
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
The price of gas keeps rising.El precio de la gasolina sigue aumentando.
2. (unwelcome consequence)
a. el precio
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
That is the price you pay for saying nothing.Ese es el precio que pagas por no decir nada.
3. (bounty)
a. el precio
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
The sheriff put a price on the bandit's head.El sheriff le puso precio a la cabeza del bandido.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
4. (to fix the price of)
a. ponerle un precio a
We decided to price the books below our main competitor.Decidimos ponerle un precio a los libros por debajo del de nuestro competidor principal.
b. etiquetear
The tickets are not correctly priced.Los boletos no están bien etiquetados.
5. (to place value on)
a. valorar
The agent priced the trip at $500.El agente valoró el viaje a $500.
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A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea (e.g. man, dog, house).
1. (general)
a. el precio
(m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol).
to rise or increase in pricesubir de precio
at any pricea toda costa
not at any pricepor nada del mundo
2. (fig)
to pay the price (for something)pagar el precio (de algo)
3. (fig)
it's too high a price (to pay)es un precio demasiado alto or caro
to put or set a price on somebody's headponer precio a la cabeza de alguien
4. (fig)
everyone has his pricetodos tenemos un precio
5. (colloquial)
what price patriotism now?¿de qué ha servido tanto patriotismo?
price cutreducción de precios
price freezecongelación de precios
price increasesubida de precios
price indexíndice de precios
price listlista de precios
price rangeescala de precios
that's outside my price rangeeso no está a mi alcance
price tagetiqueta del precio
price warguerra de precios
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
6. (decide cost of)
a. poner precio a
the toy is priced at £10el precio del juguete es de 10 libras
to price oneself out of the marketperder mercado por pedir precios demasiado elevados
price [praɪs]
1 (Comm) precio (m)
an increase in the price of petrol un aumento en el precio de la gasolina; we pay top prices for gold and silver pagamos los mejores precios por el oro y la plata; who knows what the price will be in six months quién sabe qué precio tendrá dentro de seis meses
what's the price of this? prices start at £250 for two adults washing-machines vary enormously in price machines vary enormously in price their bowls range in price from $12 to $48 ask him for a price for putting in a new window
that's my price, take it or leave it eso es lo que pido, o lo tomas o lo dejas
gourmet dishes for the same price as ordinary school dinners the price of firewood has risen steeply oil prices are stable for the first time in years if you would like to stay overnight, we have arranged a special price of £50 per person per night
you can get it at a price se puede conseguir, pero pagando
most goods are available, but at a price we obviously want to see the hostages home, but not at any price
it's not for sale at any price no está a la venta a ningún precio
she couldn't sell it at any price
their loyalty cannot be bought at any price su lealtad no tiene precio; at a reduced price a (un) precio reducido; con rebaja
at a price [of] £500
at today's prices a los precios actuales
first proposed in 1989, the Chelsea-Hackney line would cost an estimated pounds 1.8bn at today's prices
it is beyond price no tiene precio
these manuscripts are treasures beyond price they are not for sale - they are beyond price I gave that boy the gift that was beyond price - the opportunity to be a man
for a price
he'll do it for a price él lo hará, pero será caro; lo hará si le pagan; you can get anything you want for a price puedes conseguir todo lo que quieras pagando
the flat is serviced by the kitchens and staff of the Savoy (for a price, of course) for a price he was willing to let his country be used as a way station for cocaine for the price of ...
he would kill a man for the price of a packet of cigarettes mataría a un hombre por el precio de una cajetilla de tabaco; two for the price of one dos al or por el precio de uno
for the price of a meal for two you could insure yourself for the rest of your life
can you give me a price for putting in a new window? ¿cuánto me cobraría usted por colocar una ventana nueva?
to go down or come down or fall in price bajar de precio
they haven't come down in price petrol will continue to drop in price
to go up or rise in price subir de precio
gasoline has gone up in price in the last week some wines may have ceased to be available and some may have gone up in price most stocks have a pronounced tendency to go up in price over time
he got a good price for it sacó una buena suma por ello
everyone has their price todos tenemos un precio
such a man should have been easy to handle - everyone has his price to put a price on sb's [head]
he's got or there's a price on his head se ha puesto precio a su cabeza
he remains at large despite the high price put on his head by the authorities the Dalai Lama was forced to leave Tibet, with a price on his head
to name one's price fijar el precio; decir cuánto se quiere
call Marty, tell him to name his price when supplies are scarce you can name your price name your price
to put a price on sth poner precio a algo
it's such a rare painting I wouldn't feel able to put a price on it
you can't put a price on friendship la amistad no tiene precio
you can't put a price on the value of the work done by our nurses a boxer's pride is something you can't put a price on
if the price is right
he is prepared to make a comeback if the price is right está dispuesto a volver si se le paga bien; as long as the price is right, property will sell si está a un buen precio, la propiedad se vende
people buy goods if the quality, delivery time and price is right as long as the deal didn't involve drugs and the price was right, he didn't mind
what price all his promises now? ¿de qué sirven todas sus promesas ahora?
house: house price inflation
2 (Economics) (St Ex) (quotation) cotización (f)
stock prices fell again on Wall Street las cotizaciones en bolsa bajaron de nuevo en Wall Street
to [make] a price we're running the business, the market's making the price
3 (Betting) (odds) puntos (m) de ventaja
what price are they giving on Black Beauty? Campbell took a price of 2-1 about the favourite
what price ...? (what's the betting) ¿qué apuestas ...?
what price she'll change her mind? ¿qué apuestas a que cambia de opinión?; what price war? ¿qué apuestas a que estallará la guerra?
what price a glorious repeat of last week's triumph? what price prettiness when you reach the autopsy table
4 (sacrifice) precio (m)
the price of fame el precio que hay que pagar por ser famoso
that's the price we have to pay for progress that's the price of progress es el precio que tenemos que pagar por el progreso
to pay the price (for sth) cargar con or pagar las consecuencias (de algo)
he's paying the price for working his body so hard there may be a price to pay for such relentless activity, perhaps ill health or even divorce did she propose marriage as the price of her silence?
fame comes at a price la fama se paga cara
he's famous now, but at what a price! ahora es famoso, ¡pero a qué precio! or ¡pero lo ha pagado caro!
Theismann's precious information came at a price, however yes, they are free of him, but at what price to themselves, their families, those left behind?
at any price (with affirmative) a toda costa
they want peace at any price quieren la paz a toda costa
they need to win at any price if they wanted a deal at any price, they would have to face the consequences (with negative) a concert I wasn't going to miss at any price un concierto que no me iba a perder por nada del mundo
there some things you look at and you think "no no, I wouldn't have that in my house at any price"
to pay a high or heavy price for sth pagar algo muy caro
she paid a high price for her success Slovenia will have to pay a high price for independence it was certainly a victory, but I had paid a high price for it the Tories would pay a heavy price at the elections for their incompetence
that's a small price to pay for independence/for keeping him happy eso es poco sacrificio a cambio de la independencia/de tenerlo contento
that is a small price to pay for independence the subjects willingly tolerated these side effects as a small price to pay for the reported benefits to their colds
transitive verb
1 (fix price of)
retailers usually price goods by adding 100% to the wholesale price los minoristas normalmente ponen precio a sus productos añadiendo un cien por cien al precio de coste; los minoristas normalmente cargan un cien por cien al precio de coste de sus productos; tickets, priced £20, are now available las entradas ya están a la venta a un precio de 20 libras; it was priced too high/low su precio era demasiado alto/bajo
reasonably priced accommodation is available garments are priced individually, according to size
this stylish fryer, competitively priced at £29.99, can help you create new dishes por solo £29.99, esta elegante freidora puede ayudarle a crear nuevos platos
the shares are expected to be priced at about 330p analysts predict that Digital will price the new line at less than half the cost of comparable IBM mainframes
there is a very reasonably priced menu hay un menú a un precio muy razonable
to price sb out of the market hacer que algn pierda competitividad rebajando uno sus precios artificialmente; (rebajando uno sus precios artificialmente)
they're deliberately selling at a loss to price us out of the market the trades unions are pricing Britain out of the market house prices in the countryside are running at between four and five times average incomes, pricing local people out of the market the government called for a halt to high wages saying that workers are pricing German industry out of the market
the restaurant has priced itself out of the market el restaurante ha subido demasiado los precios y ha perdido su competitividad en el mercado; you'll price yourself out of a job if you go on demanding so much money como sigas exigiendo tanto dinero, pondrás en peligro tu trabajo
to price o.s. out of a [job] of existing job perder el empleo al exigir demasiado of potential job perder cualquier oportunidad de conseguir un empleo al exigir demasiado workers priced themselves out of a job through high wage demands you could end up pricing yourself out of a job if you Bob is a very fine player but at £50,000 for a season, he really is pricing himself out of the market as supermodels price themselves out of the market, actresses are open to negotiation - a far better investment she priced herself out of the market by doubling her fees
2 (label with price)
it's not priced in the window I finished pricing the tins of olives she went along the shelves pricing bottles and packets
the tins of salmon weren't clearly priced el precio de la latas de salmón no estaba claro or claramente indicado
it was priced at £15 estaba marcado a un precio de 15 libras
3 (estimate value of) calcular el valor de
it was priced at £1,000 estaba valorado en mil libras
she glanced around, mentally pricing the other woman's possessions
4 (find out price of) comprobar el precio de
you should price the fabric at several outlets before buying after pricing the wool in several catalogues, we found them here at prices 20 to 35% less
price bracket (n)
he's looking for a property in the £70,000 price bracket está buscando una vivienda que cueste alrededor de las setenta mil libras; that is the normal price bracket for one of his creations ese es el precio normal de or eso es lo que se paga normalmente por una de sus creaciones
fashionable breeds of dog often fall into the four-figure price bracket
a traditional restaurant in the middle price bracket un restaurante tradicional con precios de un nivel medio (dentro de la escala)
price control (n) control (m) de precios
he did not agree that government price control would bring down petrol prices
to impose price controls aplicar control de precios
when prices began to fluctuate wildly earlier this year, officials imposed price controls in an effort to cool things down to [lift] [end] price controls Yeltsin lifted price controls on many consumer goods Moscow's local government ended price controls today on milk and bread
price cut (n) rebaja (f)
a jump in sales as a result of a 25 per cent price cut American Petrofina announced price cuts of three to five cents a gallon the rise in profits at South Wales Electricity will mean a price cut for customers
price cutting (n) reducción (f) de precios
supermarkets began price cutting in a bid to gain customers from their rivals the supermarket price-cutting war
price-earnings ratio (n) (Economics) relación (f) precio ganancias
the average price-earnings ratio of his portfolio has been around a third below that of the general market the price-earnings ratio is the price per share over earnings per share
price fixing (n) fijación (f) de precios
to keep prices up
an investigation into alleged price fixing among companies that produce infant formula a damning report accuses many firms of price fixing, with the same car costing up to 40 per cent more in some countries the company is currently in dispute with the government over price fixing
price freeze (n) congelación (f) de precios
Brazilian authorities declared a price freeze to stop runaway inflation major US oil companies have announced price freezes in gasoline householders were offered a price freeze and a possible reduction in gas prices later this year
price increase (n) subida (f) de precio
the price increases will go into effect October 1st that's the second price rise since May this makes a price rise inevitable recent fuel price rises have influenced the retail price index Romanian workers protest at price rises producers are passing on the price increase to consumers
price index (n) (Britain) índice (m) de precios
price inflation (n) inflación (f) de los precios
all the signals pointed to price inflation slowing down the blockade has led to severe shortages and price inflation all across northern Iraq lower wage and price inflation levels are expected
price level (n) nivel (m) de precios
the rise in gold production between 1895 and 1910 was insufficient to cause any significant rise in the price level they are free to set their own price levels the company had agreed to keep price levels at five per cent below the inflation rate
price limit (n) tope (m); precio (m) tope
President Boris Yeltsin has ordered price limits on some basic items
price list (n) lista (f) de precios
for current price list send a self-addressed, stamped envelope a brochure and price lists are also available free upon request
price range (n)
there are lots of good products in all price ranges hay gran cantidad de productos de buena calidad en una amplia gama de precios; in the medium or middle price range dentro de un nivel medio de la escala de precios; the upper/lower end of the price range el nivel más alto/bajo en la escala de precios
wines at the lower end of the price range
(with)in/out of one's price range dentro de/fuera de las posibilidades de uno; the hotel was somewhat out of my price range el hotel estaba un tanto fuera de mis posibilidades
it was difficult to find something in my price range if you thought the Caribbean was out of your price range, take a look at the deals some of the holiday companies are offering
price rigging (n) fijación (f) fraudulenta de precios
investigation into allegations of price rigging between the electrical manufacturers and the powerful retailers
they were accused of price rigging se les acusó de amañar los precios
price ring (n) cártel (m) (para la fijación de precios)
illicit price rings in industry flourish because of inadequate supervision
price rise (n)
price increase See culture box in entry price.
prices and incomes policy (n) política (f) de precios y salarios; política (f) de precios y rentas
a statutory prices and incomes policy, which was soon challenged by striking miners he disagreed with Conservative prices and incomes policy
price support (n) subsidio (m) de precios
roughly two thirds of price support goes to the largest 28 per cent of Community farms the removal of price support left a bleak prospect for many agriculturalists the Senate is preparing to debate an increase in federal price support payments - that's the money the government guarantees to dairy farmers for their product no matter what the demand is in the marketplace
price tag (n) etiqueta (f) (del precio)
the price tag had come off the packet
precio (m)
it doesn't justify the price tag of £17.5 million no justifica un precio de 17,5 millones de libras
the price tag on the 34-room white Regency mansion is £17.5 million originals of her paintings have sold for more $12,000 each, a hefty price tag
price war (n) guerra (f) de precios
their loss was partly due to a vicious price war between manufacturers that has cut margins to the bone
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