1. (medicine) 
The box has 30 pills.La caja trae 30 pastillas.
You can find these pills at any pharmacy.Puedes encontrar estas píldoras en cualquier farmacia.
2. (contraceptive) 
The pill is the contraceptive that works best for me.La píldora es el anticonceptivo que mejor me funciona.
3. (colloquial) (annoying person) (United States) 
a. el pelmazo (M)la pelmaza (F) (colloquial) 
He doesn't have a lot of friends, probably because he's a pill.No tiene muchos amigos, probablemente porque es un pelmazo.
1. (general) 
a. la pastilla f, píldora (F) 
the pillla píldora
to be on the pilltomar la píldora
pill [pɪl]
1 (Med) also píldora (f); pastilla (f)
the drug comes in both capsule and pill form she took out a pill and swallowed it the doctor has prescribed some pills for it
to take a pill tomar una píldora
why do I have to take all these pills?
to sugar or sweeten the pill dorar la píldora
the government's tried to sweeten the pill by reducing personal tax the workers also have to be paid less, which perhaps sugars the pill a little for the company /he paused, thinking he had better sweeten the pill/ in case she refused to do as he asked he sweetened the pill by increasing wages, although by slightly less than he raised prices
2 (contraceptive)
the pill la píldora (anticonceptiva)
theoretically, the pill is almost 100 percent effective
to be on/take the pill tomar la píldora (anticonceptiva)
she was on the pill for ten years before deciding to have a baby it is important that, before taking the Pill you discuss your personal and family medical history three million women take the pill
to go on/come off the pill empezar a/dejar de tomar la píldora
when she went on the pill she became depressed ideally you should wait for a couple of months after coming off the pill before trying for a baby her doctor has advised her to come off the pill
birth control or contraceptive pill píldora (f) anticonceptiva
smokers over thirty-five who take birth control pills increase their risk of stroke and heart attacks a very popular brand of birth control pill use of some types of contraceptive pill may be a contributory cause
pill bottle (n) frasco (m) de pastillas
there was an impressive array of pill bottles in the bathroom several empty pill bottles were found near the body
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birth control pill
la píldora anticonceptiva
morning-after pill
la píldora del día después
take a pill
tomar una pastilla
Xanax pill
la pastilla de Xanax
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