1. (accumulation) 
Would you please clear up the pile of toys you left in the living room?¿Podrías recoger el montón de juguetes que dejaste en la sala?
b. la pila (F) 
I have a pile of bills on my desk that I need to pay.Tengo una pila de cuentas por pagar en mi escritorio.
2. (colloquial) (large amount) 
a. el montón (M) (colloquial) 
I will have to stay up working all night to finish the pile of work I have.Tengo que trabajar toda la noche para terminar el montón de trabajo que tengo.
b. la pila (F) (colloquial) 
The teacher gave us a pile of homework to do during the holidays.El profesor nos dejó una pila de tareas para hacer durante las vacaciones.
3. (colloquial) (riches) 
Robert is so lucky; he made a pile gambling in Las Vegas.Robert es suertudo; hizo una fortuna apostando en Las Vegas.
4. (colloquial) (large building) 
a. la mole (F) 
That new office building is a pile that ruins the landscape.Ese nuevo edificio de oficinas es una mole que arruina el paisaje.
5. (construction) 
a. el pilote (M) 
They are installing huge piles for the foundation of that building.Están instalando unos pilotes inmensos para cimentar ese edificio.
b. el pilar (M) 
The cathedral ceiling is supported by very large stone piles.Grandes pilares de piedra sostienen el techo de la catedral.
6. (rug fibers) 
a. el pelo (M) 
The pile of this carpet is short and easy to care for.El pelo de esta alfombra es corto y fácil de mantener.
7. (physics) 
a. la pila (F) 
You could make a voltaic pile from two coins, paper towel, water, and salt.Podrías fabricar una pila eléctrica con dos monedas, papel toalla, agua y sal.
transitive verb
8. (to stack up) 
a. amontonar 
He piled the old newspapers in a container for recycling.Amontonó los periódicos viejos en un contenedor para reciclarlos.
b. apilar 
Please collect and pile all the cards here when you finish playing.Favor de recoger y apilar todas las cartas aquí al terminar de jugar.
intransitive verb
9. (to crowd) 
a. apiñarse 
I had to take grandma to buy socks, so the whole family had to pile into the car for the ride.Tuve que llevar a la abuela a comprar calcetines, así que toda la familia tuvo que apiñarse en el auto para el viaje.
plural noun
10. (medicine) 
Stephen used to get piles frequently in his job as a taxi driver.Stephen solía padecer de hemorroides frecuentemente en su trabajo de taxista.
Andrea sits on a special cushion at work to avoid getting piles.Andrea se sienta sobre un cojín especial en el trabajo para evitar sufrir de almorranas.
1. pila (f) montón (m) (heap)
  • to put in(to) a pile, to make a pile of apilar
  • she made her pile in property (familiar) se forró or se llenó de lana or (español de México) se llenó de guita con el negocio inmobiliario (RP)
  • to have piles of or a pile of work to do (familiar) tener un montón de trabajo que hacer
  • to be at the top/bottom of the pile (familiar sentido figurado) estar en lo más alto/bajo de la escala
2. pelo (m) (of carpet)
3. (física)
  • (atomic) pile pila (f) atómica
4. mansión (f) (building); pilar (m) (column, pillar)
transitive verb
5. amontonar, apilar
  • they piled food onto my plate me llenaron el plato de comida
intransitive verb
6. (familiar)
  • to pile into a car meterse atropelladamente en un coche or carro or (Am) auto (CSur)
plural noun
1. almorranas (f pl) (hemorrhoids)
pile [paɪl]
1 (heap) [of books, clothes] montón (m)
the clothes were folded in a neat pile sort your dirty washing into piles /the dirty plates were stacked in a pile/ on the draining board a pile of sand there's a pile of bills on my desk a little pile of crumbs he threw more wood onto the pile a pile of old tin cans the leaves had been swept into huge piles a pile of boxes we sat in Sam's study, among the piles of books he picked up one of the papers, which were now in an untidy pile I just leave one big pile of washing up, I'm afraid
to put things in a pile amontonar cosas; juntar cosas en un montón
he was putting the building bricks in little piles on the floor she put the letters in a pile
the building was reduced to a pile of rubble el edificio quedó reducido a un montón or una pila de escombros
to be at the bottom of the pile \COB2 the recession is hitting people hard, and not just those at the bottom of the pile when it comes to being offered a job, older people are at the bottom of the pile to be at the top of the pile it's been 20 years since a British player was top of the pile with the money and influential friends they had they soon got to the top of the pile people who have fought their way to the top of the human pile
2 (large amount) montón (informal) (m)
I've got piles of work to do tengo un montón or tengo montones de trabajo que hacer (informal)
we received a pile of mail he's got a pile of piles of money stashed away I've got a pile of questions afterwards for you a whole pile of disasters
3 (fortune) dineral (informal) (m); fortuna (f)
he has made a fortune, a very sizable pile, in his business to [make] a pile
he made a pile on this deal ganó un dineral or una fortuna con el trato; se hizo de oro con el trato
my brother made a pile selling videos they're the sort who'd expect a son-in-law to have made a pile for himself before requesting their daughter's hand to make [one's] pile
he made his pile in oil hizo su fortuna con el petróleo
I didn't make my pile by being taken for a fool a Scotsman who made his pile from trading with Victoria's gold miners
4 (building) mole (f) (humorous)
some stately pile in the country una mole de casa or un caserón en el campo
Badminton, the Duke of Beaufort's Palladian pile it was a huge grey pile in nineteenth-century Gothic old red brick pile of a school a 255-room pile of stone in the style of a Loire chateau the Victorian pile of the Town Hall was floodlit he lives in a big pile in West Sussex when he's not here in the City
5 (Fís) pila (f)
transitive verb
amontonar; apilar
he piled the plates onto the tray amontonó or apiló los platos en la bandeja; we piled more coal on the fire echamos más carbón al fuego
the tables were piled high with food en las mesas había montones or montañas de comida
her hair was piled high on her head llevaba el pelo recogido con un tocado alto
I piled the children into the car metí a los niños apretujados en el coche
she piled the books (up) on top of each other pile the mixture into four glasses and serve a few newspapers and magazines were piled on a table trucks piled with luggage he was piling clothes into a suitcase he piled his luggage into the back of a taxi he piled the plates into the sink they brought me a plate piled high with Italian salami
intransitive verb
1 (squeeze)
we all piled into the car nos metimos todos apretujados en el coche
we piled off the bus salimos en avalancha or en tropel del autobús
they piled onto the bus se metieron apretujados en el autobús
they piled [out] of the taxi we piled [through] the door
2 (attack)
they piled into him se abalanzaron sobre él
he gave a wild yell and then piled into his opponent
3 (crash)
his car piled into the tree su coche se estrelló contra el árbol
12 cars had piled into each other 12 coches se habían estrellado en cadena
pile [paɪl]
(Constr) pilote (m); pilar (m)
the house has to be built on piles which are sunk down through the top layer of the soil the weedy piles of the pier loomed out of the growing dark settlements of wooden houses, set on piles along the shore we stopped in the middle of a small village on piles, in the middle of the swamp
pile driver (n) martinete (m)
the clang of pile drivers rings out day and night as contractors push pilings through a thousand feet of sand
pile dwelling (n) (Hist) vivienda (f) construida sobre pilotes
pile [paɪl]
[of carpet, cloth] pelo (m)
I wanted something with a deeper/thicker pile carpet with a deep pile her feet sank into the deep pile of the lounge carpet the pile on the hall carpet was immaculately fluffed up the pile is wearing thin deep-pile fabrics, known as fun fur
piles [paɪlz]
plural noun
(Med) almorranas (f); hemorroides (f)
pile is a conjugated form of the verb pilar - View Conjugation
masculine noun
1. (architecture) 
a. pillar 
La renovación de los pilares debe preservar el estilo original del edificio. The pillar renovations must be in keeping with the original style of the building.
b. pier (of a bridge) 
El estado compró los pilares del puente a una empresa boliviana.The state bought the bridge piers from a Bolivian company.
2. (figurative) (buttress) 
a. pillar 
El reverendo Jackson es un pilar importante de nuestra comunidad.Reverend Jackson is an important pillar of our community.
b. mainstay 
La ganadería es un pilar de la economía de Nicaragua.Cattle ranching is a mainstay of the Nicaraguan economy.
1. (también fig) 
a. pillar 
1 (poste) post; pillar; (mojón) milestone; [de puente] pier;
2 pillar; mainstay
un pilar de la monarquía a mainstay of the monarchy
[de fuente] basin; bowl
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