1. (visual representation) 
a. la imagen (F) 
A picture is worth a thousand words.Una imagen vale más que mil palabras.
b. la foto (F) 
I took a lot of pictures of my friends at the party.Le saqué muchas fotos a mis amigas en la fiesta.
I was admiring the pictures you took during your trip to the desert.Estuve admirando las fotografías que sacaste durante tu viaje al desierto.
d. la ilustración (F) (in books) 
My son likes books with very colorful pictures.A mi hijo le gustan los libros con ilustraciones muy coloridas.
2. (art) 
a. el cuadro (M) 
Which of the pictures in the museum is your favorite?¿Cuál de los cuadros del museo es tu favorito?
We bought a print of one of the artist's most recognized pictures.Compramos una copia de una de las pinturas más reconocidas del artista.
c. el dibujo (M) 
The street artist quickly produced a picture of the skyline.El artista callejero rápidamente produjo un dibujo del perfil de la ciudad.
It used to be customary for well-to-do individuals to have their pictures painted.Era antes la costumbre de la gente adinerada mandar a que se les pintara el retrato.
3. (situation) 
If things aren't going well at home for the president, the international picture may even be worse.Con lo mal que le van las cosas al presidente en este país, el panorama internacional puede que sea aun peor.
4. (idea) 
a. la idea (F) 
I'm trying to give you a picture if what is happening currently.Estoy intentando darte una idea de lo que está pasando actualmente.
5. (television) 
a. la imagen (F) 
The picture on the screen is fuzzy.La imagen en la pantalla se ve borrosa.
6. (film) 
If the picture has dragons, my daughter wants to see it.Si la película tiene dragones, mi hija la quiere ver.
7. (embodiment) 
a. no direct translation 
He was the very picture of happiness on his wedding day.Era la felicidad personificada el día de su boda.
My doctor told me I was the picture of health.Mi doctora me dijo que yo era la viva imagen de la salud.
8. (beautiful sight) 
a. no direct translation 
The bride and groom were a picture as they exited the chapel.La novia y el novio se veían preciosos mientras salían de la iglesia.
The sunset on the beach was an absolute picture.La puesta de sol en playa era un verdadero espectáculo.
transitive verb
9. (to imagine) 
I had never pictured her with six children.Nunca me la hubiera imaginado con seis hijos.
10. (to portray) 
The profile pictured the actor as insecure and petty.El perfil representaba el actor como una persona insegura y mezquina.
plural noun
11. (old-fashioned) (movie theater) 
a. el cine (M) 
We're going to the pictures. Want to come?Nos vamos al cine. ¿Quieres acompañarnos?
1. (painting) 
a. la cuadro m, pintura (F) 
2. (drawing) 
a. el dibujo (M) 
3. (in book) 
a. la ilustración (F) 
4. (photograph) 
a. la fotografía (F) 
5. (on tv, in mind) 
a. la imagen (F) 
he's the picture of healthes la viva imagen de la salud
his face was a picturepuso una cara digna de verse
6. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
the political/economic pictureel panorama político/económico
7. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to put somebody in the pictureponer a alguien al tanto or en situación
8. (fam fig) 
a. no direct translation 
I get the pictureya veo, ya entiendo
picture booklibro ilustrado
picture framemarco m
picture gallerypinacoteca f
picture messagingmensajería de imágenes
picture postcardpostal f
picture windowventanal m
9. (colloquial) 
a. la película (F) (film) 
to go to the picturesir al cine
transitive verb
10. (imagine) 
a. imaginarse 
I can't picture him as a teacherno me lo imagino (trabajando) de profesor
11. (represent, portray) 
a. retratar 
picture [ˈpɪktʃəʳ]
1 (Art) (print, engraving) cuadro (m); (drawing) dibujo (m); (painting) cuadro (m); pintura (f); (portrait) retrato (m)
most of my pictures are etchings, engravings, or screen prints the picture turned out to be a silkscreen worth $800 some pictures in the exhibition are being seen for the first time a picture by an Italian master went for $800,000 I used to look at all the fabulous pictures on the wall and think how boringly they were displayed a picture of Rory O'Moore hangs in the dining room at Kildangan my grandmother never liked her picture although it was very like her to [draw] a picture I asked her to draw a picture for me they also used the bark as paper, drawing pictures upon it and inscribing messages he was drawing a small picture with coloured chalks
to draw a picture (of sth/sb) hacer un dibujo (de algo/algn)
she drew a picture of a tree Dr. Siegel asks his patients to draw pictures of themselves to [paint] a picture it is the single most important picture Picasso ever painted a picture of a Spanish village, painted by my brother
to paint a picture (of sth/sb) pintar un cuadro (de algo/algn)
he painted a black picture of the future nos pintó un cuadro muy negro del porvenir; to paint sb's picture pintar un retrato de algn; pintar a algn
her book paints a vivid picture of the city he has been commissioned to paint a picture of the Queen she paints a very different picture of the situation our reporter in Tirana paints a picture of a country still steeped in propoganda eye witness accounts of the situation in Mogadishu paint a picture of anarchy her book paints a bleak picture of the problems women now face the book paints a pretty grim picture of politics in Guatemala he wanted to paint my picture not a single artist painted his picture during his lifetime
every picture tells a story detrás de cada imagen hay una historia
it's often said that every picture tells a story and that's certainly true of these family snaps - look at the way the boy seems separated from the group while the father's arm encircles the girl's shoulder
a picture is worth a thousand words una imagen vale más que mil palabras
John Bolton brandished the cover of Time magazine, bearing the ubiquitous image of the starving prisoner - "a picture is worth a thousand words," he said
2 (photo) foto (f); fotografía (f)
there was a picture of them both in the paper the Observer carries a big front-page picture of rioters in a litter-strewn street she has threatened to sue the newspaper that published the picture his stark black and white pictures captured the desperation of the Czechs I must [get] a picture of that fountain!
to take a picture of sth/sb hacer or sacar una foto a algo/algn; especially (LAm)
we all had our pictures taken todos nos hicimos or sacamos fotos; especially (LAm)
I took a good picture of him the tourists have nothing to do but take pictures of each other to [take] sb's picture
3 (illustration) (in book) ilustración (f); (in magazine) ilustración (f); foto (f)
he can't read yet but /he loves looking at the pictures/ assemble the pieces as shown in the picture on page 20 there are two parts to every patent application: the written text that describes an invention, and the images that include pictures, diagrams and formulas hunt through magazines for pictures of furniture that you like on the walls were pictures cut out of magazines
4 (personification)
he looked the picture of health era la salud personificada
her face was a picture of concentration Vidal was a picture of sophisticated detachment side by side they were sitting on a bench, the picture of dejection you're the picture [of] your mother
5 (wonderful sight)
the garden is a picture in June el jardín es una preciosidad en junio; his face was a picture ¡vaya cara que puso!; ¡vieras or hubieras visto su cara!; (LAm)
she looked a picture! she was a picture in her new dress the hedgerows are looking a picture with all the May blossom
6 (situation) panorama (m)
the overall picture is encouraging el panorama general es alentador; you have to look at the whole picture tienes que considerar la situación or el panorama en conjunto
this changes the whole picture only the people at the top knew the whole picture these figures do not represent the whole picture you're just not seeing the whole picture the economic picture is far from good these figures mask the true picture the picture elsewhere is quite different it's a similar picture across the border in Ethiopia it's a very confused picture the employment picture has been improving to [come] into the picture and that's where my plan comes into the picture I knew that long before he came into the picture
where do I come or fit into the picture? ¿qué pinto yo or dónde encajo yo en todo esto? (informal); ¿cuál es mi papel en todo esto?
to get the picture comprender
I get the picture ya comprendo; do you get the picture? ¿te enteras? (informal); ¿lo captas? (informal); he was a bit unsure in the job at first but he soon got the picture al principio no se sentía muy seguro de cómo hacer su trabajo pero pronto le cogió el truco (informal)
I get the picture - you want to keep the whole thing quiet Luke never tells you the whole story, but you always get the picture [in] the picture to [be] in the picture are you in the picture? he said that he was relieved that the secret was out, although I was completely in the picture from the beginning if there were no children in the picture, why didn't she leave him? more than 200 delegates are at stake in the Democratic contest and even Paul Tsongas might be back in the picture one of his closest advisers is back in the picture after disappearing in July your ruler, Pluto, is very much in the picture some Cambodians don't believe it will ever be safe to go home as long as the Khmer Rouge are still in the picture to [keep] sb in the picture with operation Medusa it was vital that London be kept fully in the picture
to put sb in the picture (about sth) poner a algn al corriente or al tanto (de algo)
has Inspector Fayard put you in the picture? let me put you in the picture about the situation there the [other] side of the picture to be pushed left [out] of the picture people who might have had something important to offer were left out of the picture
7 (idea)
these figures give the general picture estas cifras ofrecen una idea general or una visión de conjunto; I have a picture in my mind of how I want it to look tengo una imagen mental del aspecto que quiero que tenga
he gave us a picture of the scenes at the front line the novel is a wry picture of life in a Northern town I tried to paint a verbal picture of those feelings in my book try and present a positive picture of yourself I'll try and give you a better picture of what we do the word "cottage" hardly conveys a true picture of the house I suggested that the figures had been manipulated to supply a false picture of domestic violence these figures will give you a clearer picture of the company's financial health from the files that have now been released, a truer picture emerges /I presented an overall picture/ without going into too much detail the utility theory of value presents a picture of society as a well-ordered, natural structure I tried to put the picture from my mind get a picture in your head and describe that person to me they have in their mind a picture of what an alcoholic should look like we are just trying to get our picture of the whole afternoon straight she clung to her unrealistic pictures of motherhood, family, and Church there was something about the story that did not fit with the picture in Andrew's mind of what had happened to Mollie that morning a picture flashed through Kunta's mind of the panther springing at him I have a clear picture of him as he was when I saw him last I have no very clear picture of it a [mental] picture he tried to erase his mental picture of the dead body /we all have a mental picture of ourselves/, a curious amalgam of what we were as children and as we are as spouses, workers, church-goers or whatever I have a vivid mental picture of him sitting in the garden I had a mental picture of a race course with tall trees either side to [build] up a picture of sth/sb I had built up a picture of her from talking to Granny talk to as many girls as you can to try and build up a picture of the sort of person you want Linda has been helping police build up a picture of Clive's life and friends Randolph builds up a picture of the patient's history Amy looked back - the picture she saw was to stay with her for ever it was a picture [of] devastation
8 (TV) imagen (f)
we get a good picture here the information was obtained from satellite pictures these are the first pictures of the war zone these pictures are brought to you courtesy of NBC television the picture needs adjusting we have the sound but no picture he studied the effects of the war from the ground and from satellite pictures a picture of each dress was projected on one huge screen moving: moving pictures television: television pictures
9 especially (US) (Cine) película (f); (Britain)
the pictures el cine; to go to the pictures ir al cine
we're going to the pictures tonight I don't go to the pictures a lot what's on at the pictures? I'd rather see it at the pictures than on video her film was nominated for Best Picture Warner Communications Inc has refused to distribute the picture in the United States the first film I ever made was a picture called "monster from the ocean floor" a director of epic action pictures there's a good picture on this week she had been a star in the silent pictures to [make] a picture they made a picture about it we worked together in the last picture I made
transitive verb
1 (imagine) imaginarse
I never pictured you as a family man nunca te imaginé or te vi como hombre de familia; picture the scene figuraos la escena
picture the scene: you're on a golden sandy beach with the with the wind in the palm trees picture if you can a winkle in his mind he could still picture that look on Laura's face he pictured her with long black braided hair I never would have pictured this as her home he pictured Claire sitting out in the car, waiting for him I tried to picture the place, but could not he could picture all too easily the consequences of being caught Jennifer was beginning to picture the marriage in a new, realistic light I had pictured homelessness as old men huddled together by fires under bridges to picture [o.s.] to picture o.s. [as] sth picture yourself as a father I never pictured myself as a married man to picture o.s. [doing] sth
picture yourself lying on the beach imagínate que estás tumbado en la playa
she had pictured herself working with animals in her mind's eye she had pictured herself spreading out a splendid repast
2 (portray) (in painting, film, novel) representar; (in photograph)
his wife, pictured with him above su mujer, que figura con él en la foto de arriba; the documentary pictured the police as good-natured fools el documental pintaba a la policía como si fueran un hatajo de tontos con buen corazón; el documental representaba a la policía como un hatajo de tontos con buen corazón
the rattan chair pictured here costs £125 /he is pictured on all the front pages/, kissing his trophy as he holds it aloft rugs like the one pictured cost many hundreds of pounds a Zulu woman pictured on a British colonial postcard from South Africa Elvis's famous gold lame suit, which is pictured on the cover of the album a woman who claimed she had been pictured dancing with a celebrity in Stringfellows nightclub
picture book (n) libro (m) ilustrado
he will enjoy looking at picture books even after he can read quite well she is a writer of childrens' picture books
picture frame (n) marco (m)
he straightened a picture frame on the wall beside the window I restore picture frames for a living
picture gallery (n) (shop) galería (f) de arte; (museum) museo (m) de pintura; pinacoteca (f); (in stately home) galería (f) de cuadros
we went round the state apartments and picture gallery at Buckingham Palace the marble staircase leads up to a magnificent first-floor picture gallery
picture hat (n) pamela (f)
Princess Margaret wore a turquoise print dress and a picture hat with chiffon bows the picture hat obscured most of her face
picture house (n) cine (m)
by the turn of the century these slot machines had been replaced by small picture houses that offered visitors a thirty-minute package of projected spectacle he had memories of going to see the Hollywood greats at his local picture house
picture message (n) mensaje (m) con foto
picture messaging (n) (envío (m) de) mensajes (m) con foto
picture palace (n) cine (m)
A LOCAL picture palace in Inverness will be the unlikely setting for the world premiere of a Hollywood movie next Saturday
picture phone (n) teléfono (m) con cámara
picture postcard (n) (tarjeta (f)) postal (f)
one of those seaside picture postcards with a standard joke cartoon
picture rail (n) moldura para colgar cuadros
there were old-fashioned picture rails round the walls a couple of feet below the moulded metal ceiling the lounge boasts original Victorian fireplace, picture rails, cornices and doors with brass handles
picture tube (n) (TV) tubo (m) de imagen
the diagram is displayed on a cathode ray tube, which resembles a TV picture tube a wide variety of high-technology products have been made here, including office copiers and /picture tubes for color televisions/
picture window (n) ventanal (m)
patients eat in the large lounge with picture windows showing San Francisco Bay a large picture window framed a spectacular view of the city
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