transitive verb
1. (to give payment to) 
a. pagar 
He finally paid me the money that he owed me.Por fin me pagó el dinero que me debía.
b. abonar 
The amount specified must be paid within one month after enrollment.La cantidad indicada deberá ser abonada en el plazo de un mes después de la inscripción.
c. saldar 
With this last payment, I have paid all my debts.Con este último pago, he saldado todas mis deudas.
2. (to bestow) 
a. prestar (attention) 
If you don't pay attention in class, you won't do well on the exam.Si no prestas atención en clase, el examen no te irá bien.
b. presentar (respects) 
Before the event, we will pay our respects to the hosts.Antes del evento, presentaremos nuestros respetos a los anfitriones.
3. (to give) 
a. hacer 
He paid me what I took to be a very insincere compliment.Me hizo un cumplido que me pareció muy poco sincero.
intransitive verb
4. (to give money that is due) 
a. pagar 
Sure, I'll take a trip to Europe with you. Will you pay?Sí, claro que me voy contigo a Europa. ¿Pagas tú?
b. costar 
How much did you pay for that dress?¿Cuánto te costó ese vestido?
5. (to give what is due; often used with "for") 
a. pagar 
He paid for his crimes with prison.Pagó sus delitos con la cárcel.
6. (to compensate) 
It always pays to tell the truth.Siempre sale a cuenta decir la verdad.
Freelancing doesn't pay very well.El trabajo autónomo no es muy rentable.
7. (money received for work) 
a. la paga (F) 
They didn't offer him good pay so he respectfully declined.La paga que le ofrecieron no era buena, así que respetuosamente rechazó la oferta.
b. el sueldo (M) 
I hate my job but the pay is great.Odio mi trabajo pero el sueldo es genial.
What is a teacher's average pay?¿Cuál es el salario medio de un profesor?
1. (general) 
a. la sueldo m, paga (F) 
the pay's good/badel sueldo es bueno/malo
to be in somebody's payestar a sueldo de alguien
checkcheque del sueldo
pay packetsobre de la paga
pay phoneteléfono de monedas
pay riseaumento de sueldo
pay slipnómina f
pay talksnegociación salarial
transitive verb
2. (person, money, bill) 
a. pagar 
I paid £5 for itme costó 5 libras
to be well/badly paidestar bien/mal pagado(a)
I wouldn't do it if you paid meno lo haría ni aunque me pagaras
he insisted on paying his wayse empeñó en pagarlo de su propio dinero or costeárselo él mismo
to pay cashpagar en efectivo
3. (give) 
a. no direct translation 
to pay attentionprestar atención
to pay somebody a complimenthacerle un cumplido a alguien
to pay somebody a visithacer una visita a alguien
to pay homage to somebodyrendir homenaje a alguien
she paid her respects to the Presidentpresentó sus respetos al presidente
4. (profit) 
a. no direct translation 
it will pay you to do itte conviene hacerlo
intransitive verb
5. (give payment) 
a. pagar 
to pay for somethingpagar algo
to pay through the nosepagar un ojo de la cara or
who's paying?¿quién paga?
to pay by checkpagar con un cheque
6. (be profitable) 
a. no direct translation 
it wouldn't payno sería rentable, no merecería la pena
it pays to be honestconviene ser honrado
pay [peɪ] paid (past)
(wages) [of professional person] sueldo (m); [of worker] salario (m); sueldo (m); [of day labourer] jornal (m); (payment) paga (f)
the pay's not very good no pagan muy bien; to draw or get one's pay cobrar; to be in sb's pay estar al servicio de algn; agents in the enemy's pay agentes (m) al servicio del enemigo
the bill was sponsored by him so that policemen in his pay could plant pistols on members of his rival's gangs and cart them off ot jail the Honorable Member for Forthill South has been in the pay of the KGB since 1975
transitive verb
1 [+bill, duty, fee] pagar; [+account] liquidar; [+debt] saldar; liquidar; [+employee, worker] pagar a
to pay sb £10 pagar 10 libras a algn; how much is there to pay? ¿cuánto hay que pagar?; to pay sb to do a job pagar a algn para que haga un trabajo
paid (on receipted bill) pagado
to pay sth on account pagar algo a cuenta
a badly paid worker un obrero mal pagado
to pay cash (down) pagar al contado
I paid £5 for that record pagué 5 libras por ese disco
how much did you pay for it? ¿cuánto pagaste por él?; ¿cuánto te costó?; that's what you're paid for para eso te pagan; it's a service that has to be paid for es un servicio que hay que pagar
to be or get paid on Fridays cobrar los viernes
when do you get paid? ¿cuándo cobras?
does your current account pay interest? ¿le rinde intereses su cuenta corriente?
to pay money into an account ingresar dinero en una cuenta
to [put] paid to sth/sb
to pay one's way pagarse los gastos
2 (be profitable to)
it wouldn't pay him to do it no le compensaría hacerlo; no le valdría la pena hacerlo; but it paid him in the long run pero a la larga le fue provechoso
3 [+attention] prestar;to a; [+homage] rendir;to a; [+respects] ofrecer; presentar
to pay sb a visit or call to pay a visit to or a call on sb ir a ver a algn
intransitive verb
1 pagar
don't worry, I'll pay no te preocupes, lo pago yo
to pay in advance pagar por adelantado
can I pay by cheque? ¿puedo pagar con cheque?
to pay for sth pagar algo
they paid for her to go pagaron para que fuera
to pay in full pagarlo todo; pagar la cantidad íntegra
to pay in instalments pagar a plazos
2 [+job]
his job pays well tiene un buen sueldo; el trabajo le paga bien
3 (be profitable) [+business] rendir; ser rentable
the business doesn't pay el negocio no es rentable; it pays to advertise compensa hacer publicidad
crime doesn't pay
it pays to be courteous/tell the truth vale la pena ser cortés/decir la verdad
4 (suffer) pagar
she paid for it with her life le costó la vida; they made him pay dearly for it le hicieron pagarlo muy caro; you'll pay for this! ¡me las pagarás!
pay as you earn (Britain) retención (f) fiscal (hecha por la empresa)
pay award (n) adjudicación (f) de aumento de salarios
pay bargaining (n) negociación (f) salarial
...the dispute over how future pay bargaining should be conducted
pay bed (n) cama (f) de pago
pay cheque (n) cheque (m) de la paga; (salary) sueldo (m)
pay desk (n) caja (f)
pay dirt (n) (US) grava (f) provechosa
suddenly he struck lucky. `Not just ordinary pay dirt, but small nuggets of gold
to hit or strike pay dirt dar con un filón de oro
The first two with whom she spoke hung up on her # The third was not rude, but he refused to help her. With the fourth, she struck pay dirt All through their meal Johnson and the Robinsons worked their sources for information. Rumors were flying about the First Boston bid, although they couldn't tell what, if any, impact it had had. It was Johnson who finally hit pay dirt
pay envelope (n) (US) sobre (m) de la paga
pay increase (n) incremento (m) salarial
pay negotiations (n) negociaciones (f) salariales
pay office (n) caja (f); pagaduría (f)
pay packet (n) (Britain) sobre (m) de la paga
pay pause (n) congelación (f) de sueldos y salarios
sabotaging the Government's pay pause by backing the dockers in a pay dispute In July 1961 the government introduced a pay pause in an attempt to reduce inflation
pay phone (n) (Britain) teléfono (m) público
pay policy (n) política (f) salarial
pay round (n) serie (f) de negociaciones salariales
pay scale (n) escala (f) salarial
She had reached the top of the pay scale as a head of department in 1990 "It does not help people lower down the pay scale," she says
pay slip (n) nómina (f); hoja (f) salarial or de sueldo
pay station (n) (US) teléfono (m) público; (for parking) parquímetro (m)
pay structure (n) estructura (f) salarial
pay talks (n)
pay negotiations See culture box in entry pay.
pay television (n) televisión (f) de pago
masculine noun
1. (culinary) (Latin America) 
a. pie 
¿Qué vas a tomar de postre? - El pay de durazno.What are you going to have for dessert? - The peach pie.
(Latinoamérica) pie
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